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  1. heheheh ask me ask me i remember his actual wording.... 'Because it you'
  2. so far i havent seen any with English Sub yet.....i will let you know if i see one
  3. 198 @kokodus lols i did notice it....i just didnt mention it lols
  4. not having intimacy means breaking up? oh well if i'm you i will just tell you 'There's the door'
  5. Since he is being so agreeable now and nice now.....if you love him enough....give him a chance..... what his friends said doesnt really matter....as long as he is the one....that caring for you... however I'm confuse....why are you earning money and not him? both of you are student or just him being a student? are you paying him for his schooling fees and living hood?
  6. 208 well i did have a food poisoning only just beginning last year.....had both end coming out :x ... it was so bad that i went home just 1 hour into work....i have never ever had food poisoning before......that i ended draped on my work table....never did that before in my life.....
  7. if you read the book there is a point toward the ending that SangSang had stop caring for about everything and let everything just revolve around her un-caring.... just like letting times flow....as if it had nothing to do with her.....the develop in S1 is mainly on NingQue and not on SangSang....however YHY definitely pull in favor in her plight for being stronger....here we can see a fight in her that we can't seems to find in NingQue or SangSang much..... NingQue still have some good fighting scenes while in SangSang was just her finger became ET?
  8. hahhaa thanks my dear....i catch like this and the rest i wasnt sure any more...... thanks for confirming my understanding that asides im glad this is out in the open.....glad they didnt drag on long.....now i want to see how WDR react with DoRan open up to him about how Driver Kang being her dad......
  9. 212 i never have bad memories with foods i guess.....so far.....just some bad prepared food yes that make me caution in taking them again.....does that contribute to bad memories?
  10. this havent finish filming yet.....i just went to their weibo....there is no mention on wrap up as yet.....but there were mention about how they need to start work after Jan/01 and all the crying expression of holiday being over
  11. @Jafstar looks i just found some behind the scenes stills where they were drinking something hot together after filming in the mud even their expressions look the same
  12. 220 which episode was that? lols why did he tried to catch her? is the emperor falling for Sunny finally?
  13. 224 @Lmangla cause i just saw a funny clip in youtube lols.....
  14. 232 someone care to tell me why is this the funny scene instead? lols
  15. Released some new posters for I Will Never Let You Go in times for there released tonight
  16. unfortunately no one ever translated the novel....i only have the mandarin version and to translate it will take alot of jobs lols....as it consist total of 730 pages according to my ipad lols however if you are interested in the Mandarin Version then you can proceed here same goes to you @Jafstar Chinese Version - 大约是爱 eBook
  17. 236 @Lmangla are you still watching The Last Empress?
  18. so did DoRan finally tell WDR? cause i seems to catch the last sentence with WDR kept asking 'Why Why?' and DoRan finally gave in and said 'dad'? calling @stroppyse can you help to translate the preview? hahahaha sorry but you are the only one that i knew who understand Korean that i kept in touch with hehehehe
  19. Gordon Chan always supports all the artist he work with one of the main reason i like him is that he took GuiGui under his wings when he knew she was jobless and found her a little role as DingDang in his 'The Four' trilogies
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