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  1. that be great as me too is a just a casual fans lols
  2. -2 @abnoch dont look back now.....just stay with your sis and keep her company, she need you now to be strong for her to pull her through.... your dad will not blame or punch you....u didnt abandon her.....it wasnt your fault....it a natural disaster where no one wishes to happen.... it will only be your faults if you knew about the warning and didnt proceed to get her out of there but still went ahead with the idea.....and it wasnt....so dont shoulder a blame that isnt yours
  3. this is also one of the parts that i love where **ahem** ZhouShi last out at the uncle!!! And when WeiQing suggested to ZhouShi to ask her to apologize she refused and best of all WeiQin didnt force her and tell the uncle 'This girl had been spoil by me' and proceeded to pick her up and walk off without so much as a 'Sorry' BRAVOOOO!!! tat was my reaction when i see this part
  4. hahaha cant fault your finding to be honest.... XuFeng pinned after her....and love her and waited for 500 years for her to be reborn again.....and what she did was wrong too.....no matter how one look at it....of course yes both party are selfish....to start war over a girl..... however if you look at it....the war between RunYu and XuFeng had been long coming.....both had more than just JinMi to fight for....and JinMi in the very bad spot became the catalyst of their war.....she became the unwanted trigger... Maybe the happy ending for you will be JinMi ended up some where else....and XuFeng & RunYu continue with the life journey all alone.....and i cant fault it either to me the happy ending? is however the story ended i take it
  5. lols have fun....i will help you when i have the times
  6. no....actually it will be more like....for the first times YHY show another sides of her that no one seen before -2
  7. -2 lols just try your best to keep your idol thread active hehehehe
  8. the kissing scenes bts at the hospital where it turn into a show for both YanSi & XiaoNuo @Jafstar u might like this BTs
  9. 60 @kokodus just try your best to keep the fans updated on their stuff....best is if u are able to update the first page with their latest information
  10. no problem if u are an avid fan and feel like you can keep up to date on most of her things i can transfer the ownership to you
  11. till now im still checking their weibo for more stills
  12. lols 64 anyway i had transfer the ownership to you.....the only person who can transfer ownership is a mod
  13. @Don Yu i have move your thread into the 'Global Entertainment' as this is where it belong instead of the section you went into....those section are purely only for Drama threads i wont say that all are exceptional or good in acting but acceptable.....as i dont know how 'exception good' do you want Thanks. if u want u can try out Ever Night....though we do complain not enough fighting scenes can be seen... The Four is not a bad series too if u want to try.
  14. 70 @kokodus the thread i promise you, let me know if u want to take over the ownership
  15. Profile: Chinese name: Yang Mi / 杨幂 English name: Mini Yang Birth Date: September, 12 1986 Nationality: Chinese Height: 166.5 cm Occupation: Actress TV Dramas:  Year English title Chinese title Role Notes 1993 Tang Ming Huang 唐明皇 young Princess Xianyi 猴娃 Nannan 2004 The Story of a Noble Family 红粉世家 Li Xiaotao 双响炮 daughter in-law 2005 Days and a Bureau 天和局 Zhu Yuqiu Strange Tales of Liaozhai 聊斋 Nie Xiaoqian 2006 The Return of the Condor Heroes 神雕侠侣 Guo Xiang 2007 Wang Zhaojun 王昭君 Wang Zhaojun Beautiful Life 笑着活下去 Cheng Xiaonuo 2008 The Prince's Education 上书房 Dun'er 2009 Dark Fragrance 暗香 Miss Xiaojin Chinese Paladin 3 仙剑奇侠传3 Tang Xuejian / Xiyao 2010 Detective Di Renjie – Prequel 神探狄仁杰前传 Ling Long Beauty's Rival in Palace 美人心計 Mo Xueyan The Dream of Red Mansions 红楼梦 Qing Wen My Bratty Bride 刁蛮新娘 Yan Xiaoman 2011 The Legend of the Twelve Chinese Zodiacs 十二生肖传奇 Qing Li We Are a Family 我们是一家人 Xia Jiajia Palace 宫 Luo Qingchuan / Hua Ying Painted Skin 画皮 Xiao Hong Judgement of Hong Wu 洪武大案 Cai Jue The Four Brothers of Peking 新京城四少 Yin Baixue Met As Strangers, Once Acquainted 相逢何必曾相识 He Meiji Expressway of First Empire 大秦直道 Princess Ling Symphony of Fate 命运交响曲 Hao Anqi Beauty World 唐宫美人天下 Qingluan 2012 Beijing Love Story 北京爱情故事 Yang Zixi Palace II 宫锁珠帘 Luo Qingchuan / Hua Ying Cameo Ru Yi 如意 Ru Yi Legend of the Military Seal 虎符传奇 Concubine Ru 2013 A Clear Midsummer Night 盛夏晚晴天 Xia Wanqing 2014 The Four Scholars in Jianghan 江南四大才子 Madame Tang Cameo Swords of Legends 古剑奇谭 Feng Qingxue V Love 微时代之恋 Luo Yi also producer 2016 The Interpreter 亲爱的翻译官 Qiao Fei 2017 Eternal Love 三生三世十里桃花 Bai Qian / Su Su / Si Yin 2018 Negotiator 谈判官 Tong Wei Legend of Fuyao 扶摇 Fuyao 2019 The Great Craftsman 巨匠 Fu Hanjun Three Lives, Three Worlds, The Pillow Book 三生三世枕上书 Bai Qian Cameo Novoland: Pearl Eclipse 九州·斛珠夫人 Hai Shi cr: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yang_Mi Additional Links Yang Mi Weibo Yang Mi Studio Weibo
  16. the drama had hit 10 billions views i guess ppl are still re-watching? or there are also ppl who binge watch it all ? XD
  17. i dont check out novel sometimes i stop it .....cause i find expectation set lower is best as then we get to enjoy when things went out of expectation for me no Liu YiFei is the one on the wheelchair.....GuiGui is the girl behind her
  18. -2 dont give up....keep talking to her....she is now found ask her to come back.... she has hang on for so long im sure she will come back to you.....if not she will not hang on for so long
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