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  1. actually i didnt dislike XiaHou....he is just protecting what belong to his and protecting who he love....it is just that he is in the opposition sides and need to make a choice to make that happen the empress also will do the same thing....for XiaHou, the sisterly and brotherly bond....is a bond real family will understand....the sacrifice that each do for one another....is what make family matter
  2. -2 im not good with K-Drama....i have been missing alot of kdrama through out the years to be honest
  3. YanSi's makeup is too thick.....definitely and sometimes i feel jealous lols....he is way too pretty for a girl lols.... XiaoNuo i didnt notice about her contacts though.....but her eyes is a lot smaller than her actual person.....i post more later when i get home lols
  4. 24 @stroppyse lols.....be a sport @sushilicious no problem....u just need to ask u didnt have to suffer for a month then
  5. @thunderman1 i finish this series....however i cant really get into the flow :x
  6. @sushilicious the thread is all yours now -2 when i see this....im reminded of my Wizard character in Cabal
  7. lols.....everyone want XuFeng for herself i do too lols hahaha but in his heart there is only JinMi ooo shoot that
  8. u love this story....acting from YanSi a bit rough on the edge on certain parts but i have no complain as his chemistry with XiaoNuo is good their reaction towards each other is really natural and i enjoy the story alot
  9. 36 i always knows.....living by the rules sucks lols im in between CDrama lols i just finish one cheesy one 'About is Love' which im still in love with
  10. 38 honestly i wish im the insane one :x
  11. ok let me get the admin to un-archived it and i will transfer the ownership to you @packmule3 i have not taken a break for a long times now.....probably didnt feel like it cause if i'm home my grandma get on my nerves lols and i didnt want to tear into her....being 1) she is my elder 2) i didnt want my mom to get caught in between....so keeping myself busy at work was the best lols..... and work....oh well....my colleagues was on urgent break suddenly this week and i'm her backup so yea things got hectic a lil out of the sudden and the worst was she was sick about 2 month ago when an urgent case fall in her acc which mean i have to stay up to 10pm in the office to get it sorted out lols -2
  12. work it out im ok with anything as long as you guys behave in the open
  13. 36 @sushilicious which idol is that? we can re-activate the thread and hand you the ownership @packmule3 yea this year is exceptionally very busy for me ><" had a last minute business travel on Dec/17 and 18......then came back and office wanted to do a last minute gathering lols.... and i be off for the whole week for a road trip next week with my family!!! so yea i had been keeping myself real busy recently
  14. 36 @packmule3 lols Merry Christmas yea & a Happy New Year
  15. yes when i saw their BTs i was like gosh they just lay there and giggle to themselves watching the shows lols....how bad of them lols.... they seems to be at ease with each other maybe that why their chemistry on screen sizzle
  16. u guys lost me half way lols....what am i suppose to translate here?
  17. Profile: Chinese name: 许晓诺 / Xu Xiao Nuo English name: Xu Xiao Nuo Birth Date: Mar, 30 1994 Nationality: Chinese Occupation: Actress TV Dramas:  2018 About is Love / 大约是爱 - Zhou Shi Long for You II / 我与你的光年距离Ⅱ - XiaXi Take My Brother Away / 快把我哥带走 - YouLe 2016 Demon Girl II / 半妖倾城第2季 - Si KongJing Additional Links Xu Xiao Nuo Weibo
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