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  1. i never paid attention to this things to be honest lols..... maybe cause i probably thought it make sense that all......and they flow together so im happy
  2. shhhhhhh.....MSS scenes updates were updated to be my @UnniSarah i made her tell her
  3. @mouse007 @sushilicious well i did told her that we are not going to pity her any more either she do it....or she wont.....if she wont no matter how much she whine there is no point in us kept telling her....as it will be like going thru the circle again n again..... 462 so either she pull the plug and let it be over and done with....or she get sunk holding on to that particular hated anchor
  4. i did watch that....i love the story....just that i was sad it was an open ending for 'In a Good Way' and also what disappointed me was that the girl got a little too clingy :x
  5. hahaha 10AM and u walk in 11.30am my work place start 8.30am i walk in some times 8.45am max -2 @lynne22 i had train myself to stop to be annoy by ppl words....to accept their words or things at their own value....i might retort or replied straight to the point with no flowery words in between as some times ppl does need it to be up straight instead of with decorations :x
  6. 460 @sushilicious lols im not reasonable just being practical to her......no point in whining if she kept going round in the circle and if she dont do it no point in asking us for advise... @cenching hahaha 2nd in command.....no wonder u can come in 11.30am @bairama aloha
  7. 458 no i didnt talk to her....i just told her very simply.....'DO IT' lols.... to me all talk and no action is basically a waste of breath
  8. i was hesitate to watch....after they shown the conflict ..... and then when i read u guys comment on how bad the ending was....i did went to watch it myself.....just the ending....and honestly it was terrible ><" i dont understand a 2 years gap and then they had them meeting up at the very same spot they bump into each other when he teleport in.....
  9. 456 im working too lols despite having lunch.....not going out for lunch so it happen when u stay in the office during lunch times
  10. the teaser does look interesting i probably sit thru this one
  11. i dont think the red robe is FuZi, Fuzi suppose to be wearing white?
  12. Because NingFei is very talented in art and he is also what you call the way an art person will be where he is to the point of weirdness...remember the first encounter between NingFei and ZhouShi? he wanted to help ZhouShi seeing how she hunger after the paint bottle but couldnt afford it.... and the way he did it....lols had you thinking for a moment that he was interested in ZhouShi however he was not....he just wanted to help another fellow art painter.... the knot will be untied and WeiQing illness will be cure....with ZhouShi's help and slowly as WeiQing open up to ZhouShi....ZhouShi had also slowly open up to him too....after she walked out of her love for Ming Ge
  13. 456 no it wasnt a sad ending.....not overall i guess......however the ending is pretty mess up in a way
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