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  1. lols i guess most of them hate WGM cause he has the easiest role.... he just need to stand there and waves his hands and all the things will come flying
  2. Chen FeiYu in Soompi article https://www.soompi.com/article/1279623wpp/2018s-top-5-hottest-rising-chinese-actors-that-you-need-to-know
  3. 500 @sushilicious i'm waiting for 'Prince of Tennis'
  4. lols found this cute so i collage them sides by sides......one is during them filming together and the other is during their prescon
  5. of all i found your thoughts pleasing and encouraging lols..... i'm dishearten with changes that will take places....however reading your is almost like a soothing balm
  6. ok i see u guys later lols....my sister is coming over to pick me up a kiss for u guys first
  7. 970 if i get the chance i will lols
  8. 964 i catch snip and shot on them....im interested to see where GR and MR will go from there too.....but i couldnt stand the Greedy Witch :/ Dumb and Dumber will only get worst from where i can see...... i love the facts that DoRan stood tall and introduce Driver Kang as her father to Greedy Witch
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