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  1. -2 no i didnt cause i never like that period drama....
  2. 524 @mouse007 easy cause there is no restriction to any topics here......
  3. Messages from 'Awakening' team thru their Weibo saying that today is the last day of the years
  4. lols usually i dont depend on sub......and this is not a version i would watch either lols anyway i check out the sub for both you posted.....they are about the same...
  5. -2 yes i miss this girl....she is a fresh air to watch
  6. i was trying to sweep the directory to see if i miss anything being updated.....
  7. lols u beat me to it @sugarplum892 i was planning to create one these few days lols
  8. 510 lols.....i stop shipping nowadays even though i still love to see certain pairs together..... @sushilicious
  9. 512 well i cant fault your dream lols
  10. -2 bromance is nice as long as it stay bromance......i dont admire BL :x
  11. this is one of the pair in China that i really admire -2
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