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  1. lols ...oh well at least most get the ending the seems to be on the book?
  2. -2 we can now even create group or club
  3. hey guys we now have a club function and i thought to open one for us all who love to read webnovel Chinese one thats its a pretty new functions so we probably couldnt create thread yet
  4. 674 more things happening for 2D1N
  5. i know how guys feeling.....u can rant to me in private if you want... my mom is also ranting to me in private....
  6. i know what you mean...im very tempted to watch it myself....however im holding off on it...and listen to something else to ease the temptation for now i guess all the gif is spoiling me for now.....and i dont mind the spoiler
  7. -2 lols im not...im also learning....my writing skills is honestly kindergarten lvl too lols i know but im tempted to watch the part where KJR gave Mr Stalker the punch lols i know about the weather ><" it is honestly very bad but but i havent watch the break up episode so im allowed to drink first
  8. yea i havent watch it either....pictures wise is pretty much good
  9. -2 love to have that if u put ice cube pls....the weather is too hot here for hot drink ><
  10. -2 oooo i never went to balik pulau lols
  11. lols....okie their amusement park ride is honestly almost like seeing Goblin in the cinema again Stalkerman is really really sick....he need to get a doctor.....i guess seeing his temper is pretty normal since most stalkerman have that so in the next episode we have stalkerman stay away..... cant wait to see Mr Smooth going for Ms Dan
  12. i had been looking at those clips lols.... and also at the part where the guy is jealous because the girl was married to another person lols
  13. 608 i used to learn to read too....till im bored....as no one to accompany me lols
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