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  1. agree she should just tell the husband Driver Kang is actually the father she thought dead and found alive later after they got married, I'm sure WDR will understand and stood by her sides
  2. yes that is very nice of them maybe joining them might be an idea lols....i see what i have on my plate first....my friend just rope me in to join her for a language class
  3. really season 3? well they change ppl from season 1 to 2 and then they change the lines as well?.....i dunno i guess i only focus on Tan SongYun and WuLei the rest i didnt really look into it lols
  4. i see.....okie...i didnt really notice to be honest lols cause i never watch or sit still just for a drama or an episode i multitask most of the times unless im doin recapping
  5. which is why i only said rumors lols.....i never did see any lines connecting YangMi with Nic before so it will be a bit out of scope for me to believe otherwise too
  6. yes seems so there were some catch of snips in the filming but no official announcement as yet
  7. some pictures stills released on the character together with their first airing yesterday
  8. try this one....they have it ....if im not wrong they are up to episode 3....u have to be patient with them though
  9. we dont understand another language other than English here....so if i'm not wrong you spoke in Portuguese, and this is the direct translations from Google.com Hello, can someone tell me this drama, please? I already searched everywhere and did not find Where to find this Drama Where did you watch him ???? currently no one subbing the drama as yet.......but u can find them in youtube for now.
  10. 314 @mouse007 sometimes as the saying in Malay said 'Malang Tak Berbau' where bad things happen without a twitch
  11. didnt really notice that lols.....im bad with noticing all these things sometimes unless they are very obvious
  12. i say all is speculation....im not sure about nic tse divorcing Wang Fei.....he is obsess with her
  13. 314 @triplem u do travel alot lols
  14. dont kill me i really dont know i listen it from my sister too lols what with the expression?
  15. but i guess this production were great, they produce 2 or 3 pairs of lovers from the series alone i know that ChenXiang and MaoXiaoTong had broken up though
  16. er.....i thought Yang Mi was said to be involved with Zhang DaDa who is 4 years her junior and she is pregnant which was why they need to announce the divorce?
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