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  1. ShenYue had been getting alot of hate ever since the weibo incident where her ex-schoolmates claims that she deleted them off the list after being famous.....
  2. there are some....unless you remember the person username you can try to search them thru there.....u might have a hit....
  3. -2 when you are an artist your private life is out in the open and every move you made, it will hit the news and everyone will knows....however some of them rarely talk about it...they just smiles n move on.....
  4. yes he always help to promote others drama i dont have much times yet....as i'm just back from holiday so i need to follow up on stuff for now....will try to spend more times later
  5. -2 exactly and she seldom talk about her private life to be honest
  6. yes most of her artist are salable.... the best one will be Dilreba up to date
  7. well he need to provide you with something to kill the times right? -2
  8. -2 yes....YangMi is very warm with Dilreba and if i'm not wrong.....YangMi treat Dilreba real good....maybe because Dilreba is like her golden trophy right now....among the rest of her artist
  9. -2 well Lau Dan will be the one bringing up the child more it seems than the husband or wife.... maybe given his age he will be a better person to really bring up the child and he is not as active in the entertainment circle any more
  10. im one who never really ever enjoy palace stories lols..... as they all seems to fight over just 1 guy?
  11. i dunno about this lols.....as we cannot never tell whether they took on too much or not....some ppl love to fill their times with things to feel important in life.....while some prefer a laid back life....... who are we to judge as we are not them and it is really they themselves that had the right to choose how they want to live -2
  12. -2 im glad that you are back......now it is your turn to be there for your brother.....he is probably blaming himself for what happen to you... **hugss** i hope he come to terms with his feeling soon..... anyway i'm really glad you are back amidst some scars to show your battle for life but you are back and that is all that matters
  13. -2 hmmmm yea BaiQian is very her......while she love the kid as we can see but sometimes she does seems very detached from stuff ....that the impression she gave me just by looking at her.... however when i see her with Dilreba i feel that she was very warm with her though.....thoughts?
  14. i must have been very outdated then lols.....
  15. -2 from what we can see so far, YangMi career are more establish and she was almost always busy.....that why ppl were speculating that she hardly spend enough times with the kid herself....
  16. 310 well their news was all over in the public....u dont really have to follow them to get it....it just happen to be there for a read
  17. look interesting....didnt Go Ara just finish a drama?
  18. yup she is....and she just finish and wrapped up another drama which was kept under wrap till now.....so maybe with this wrap up she will proceed to Ever Night 2?
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