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  1. calling Gui Gui 4D is correct lols....her expression and the way she said stuff is just too good.....i love these way when she was talking in the back room i find it cute and pretty and so expressive :) 
    "I was actually angry when he gotten me wet"9B3C6CFD592B59877B2C1396C6cutrmvb001800671_zps11697105.png

    "Trick him with the bubble gun, and get back at him which kinda make me felt good and it balance again lols"

  2. @mikoshine
    yes you are probably right ROFL...... Verenanda Saufika said: GUYS.. I've just reliaze.. If you guys listen very carefully (using earphone if you need) at the cafe after guigui said "you very care" after taec smashing the cookie.. Taec literally said "I LIKE YOU" OMG... I didnt realize it before until my friend told me.. For God sake... [-O<8-> @verenanda
    you right it sounded different though i couldnt hear the 'you' at the back lols

  3. mikoshine



    said: BTW did you guys notice how badly mix up the scene is at the watergun part???

    first they started with them walking back to back and it was guigui wearing the cuff and taec was firing at her and she hiding then she fire back and chase after him and suddenly taec gun change to bubble gun and also he is wearing the cuff and then guigui shouted finish and taec was like agreed and they wearing the cuff and this was actually the moment where taec had his gun put down and both of them back to wearing the cuff again and guigui cheated by diverting taec's attention and then pick the gun up and chase after taec who is holding the bubble gun....


    LOL... i noticed that too... one second, he still had the watergun and then the next, he's holding the bubble gun... hahahaha


    exactly that was suppose to be the last part as shown in the picture below where he was running away with the bubble gun and cuff when he realize that guigui had trick him in putting that gun down ROFL



  4. BTW did you guys notice how badly mix up the scene is at the watergun part???
    first they started with them walking back to back and it was guigui wearing the cuff and taec was firing at her and she hiding then she fire back and chase after him and suddenly taec gun change to bubble gun and also he is wearing the cuff and then guigui shouted finish and taec was like agreed and they wearing the cuff and this was actually the moment where taec had his gun put down and both of them back to wearing the cuff again and guigui cheated by diverting taec's attention and then pick the gun up and chase after taec who is holding the bubble gun....

  5. yokalana




    unnie.... finally you came back with ur great observation and analysis!!!! Where have you been?

    Im agreed with you that Taec was actually noticed that Gui2 was trying to escape from his back hug, but it's great how gentleman he is that he choose to try to ignore it and make it focused on the shoot target in order to make the atmosphere not awkward and make Gui2 more comfortable, becos Im sure that he also noticed that Gui2 was indeed very shy whenever he comes closer to her.......


    lols im always around but we were all caught up with the voting the past couple of days lols and we were having fun despite it a hard climb upwards lols.... :)

    yes he is a thru gentlemen he like being near guigui but he wanted her to come to him most of the times but this times is the first he ever initiate it and honestly it refreshing on how he hold her down and he is not letting her escape him at all lols :)

    besides you can always pm or find me in my facebook im Phoenix Angel :) there

  6. Love love love love love….. <<<<<<<<<<<<333333333333333333 there are so many many many sweet scene in episode 13 it just overloaded!!!!!!!!!!!!

    When I thought that their episode couldn’t get any better they did!!! This times I’m not going to recap the episode but I let you guys watch it and get the feel of it urself <3

    Full episode can be watch in daily motion girls J


    Each episode they show a new side of how their relationship for each other unfold…most of us comment how Taec never initiate skin ship, he didn’t grab and hold hands with Gui Gui, and he was never touchy touchy with our darling Gui Gui and they never even kiss each other and so on…however did you guys ever notice that instead of kissing…they don’t even mind sharing the same spoon? Feeding each other…and even in episode 2 where Taec was feeding Gui Gui from his spoon too? This thing usually only happen when you are so close to the other person…or when you treated that person as part of your family

    However in episode 13 they are back in Seoul and Taec didn’t initiate the hand holding as he did when they were in Jejudo where he just grab her hands instead of what happen in Seoul where it was Gui Gui that reminded him…however honestly it expected that it happen since Korean Idol been taught by most of their agency that they had to take care of their images…it one of the most essential parts of their Idol status…lets not forget that as scripted most of us believe however in GWGM they are more themselves as they aren’t taught on how to act in front of the camera they were just told what the PD / director wants out of them and the rest is free will…

    And I love the parts where they were crossing the stones bridge where Gui Gui follow Taec right after he started crossing…lols…being the prefect husband he came back to help and when they were almost on each other…the feeling is mutual…Taec was feeling like they had become one and to Gui Gui the rest of the people and everything faded into the background and it was only her and Taec existed lols…at that particular moments…. J everything else cease to matter but only the two of them…

    Then we came to the part where they were breaking the biscuit lols…some commented that how Gui Gui was on the verge of tears but honestly it wasn’t tears I was seeing…Taec knew full well what Gui Gui meant by saying ‘I don’t like Nickhun’ ROFL he was exhilarated or should I says that he almost couldn’t contain his happiness at that lols honestly this is one of the part we can actually felt that they are being themselves and Gui Gui for the first times almost hit Taec for trolling her so bad…but Taec just couldn’t let it sit still…it was the first times he had the upper hands how can he let it go after being troll by Gui Gui all the times…ROFL…in the backroom interview we can definitely see Taec was all smiles about it despite being called ‘are you crazy!!’ by Gui Gui lols besides this…did it escape you guys notice that Taec was saying ‘In all your interview, when people asked who is your favorite member in 2pm, you always says…’


    SO???....rofl =)) =)) =))

    So girls we have our prayer don’t we? ROFL…Taec as wooden as he is does take note of his wife :D and we shouldn’t ask for more and honestly we cant help but wanted more from them lols…it what shippers does anyway hahahaha…..

    Of course another part will be how he never ever forget that she answered ‘NO’ to the 3rd questions by G.O ROFL…. =)) yes that had us questioning is it just what some predicted it all fully scripted but no I want to believe otherwise and I do believe otherwise that he care somehow someway along the way…he had learn to care for Gui Gui more than he thought was possible…I know im of no judge of how he treats his real close member but somehow I sense a closeness in between the 2 of them that is so natural it like seeing a 7 and 8 together…It a Chinese idioms where 7 and 8 are both a number that stick together all the times J

    Then we fast forward to the ‘back hug’ hahahaha….the sweetest moments…and gui gui all shy up however did it escape most of you guys eyes that gui gui will have move out if Taec didn’t close in other right sides where he holding onto the handle and he notice that he just pretend to look at the target instead to ignore the facts that Gui Gui will have move out of his embraces rofl =)) I applaud him here…here he close in on her and not letting her escape but at the same times he didn’t fully close in all, he still lets her move and didn’t caged her in and he let her run out when she finally fire the gun…as embarrass as Gui Gui is but she is happy that Taec did it!!! ROFL… =)) and honestly it about times most of us said ROFL =))

    All these body languages in between our darling TaecGui spoke a volume and girls face it…it something you will never see in the drama / movies…in drama they spoke lovingly to another person…they kiss and they hug and every single things…that will melt your heart but did it ever seen how they lean into each other or how they came to rely on each other and how they totally melted each other? In drama / movies it their job to make it realistics…

    One thing though it is genuine in this GWGM…had you guys seen that giraffe came back for Gui Gui pets??? I’m not some physiologic students or something but I do know animals and especially the wild animals had a sensitivity side of them and they can honestly sense whether a person genuinely like or love them…and here we can see how genuine Gui Gui is, the giraffe relish in Gui Gui pets…so it does really prove that they are actually more themselves than what we seen on the screen where they need to project another person…someone else other than themselves J


  7. appleblossom03


    Ki Ha said: GuiGui's FB

    會笑也會痛。 ( laughing and hurting)


    what happened to her? :(

    I think, she's happy. I met with OPPA.  :-*


    constant travelling and changing of climax can actually make your lips cracks....

    fighting GUI GUI.... she had travel to Heng Dian  yumitoots said: hi. i am new in here. and i really like taecgui.. in regards with the poll, i have nothing against khuntoria but it seems that the number of votes are a little fishy. every second there's like 250+ votes added?


    welcome abroad to the crazy pervert  shipper paradise of TaecGui lols....

    yes i know ...the polling is raking up votes like crazy lols lets just do what we can and honestly i dont mind Khuntoria win ...to me we had actually win....our CP had only air for a short duration of times but the love showered on them is no less even though we are not winning the poll but to us...they had become 1 in our eyes :)

  8. Wow i been absent from the thread like almost 1days ++ lols and there a lot of happening here....been tied up with the rest doing the voting lols....
    anyway i saw what happening and come on girls.....Taec is an artist he has to do what the director ask him to do...it a movie and a drama and he had to act his part and also to ensure and also convince the audience that he is in love with his co-lead....if not how the hell is that drama / movie going to sell??? it wont....so come on....
    besides Gui Gui is not innocent in the acting world either....she kiss and hug in the movie and drama she acted too....and when she is in the variety show she is teased and played....infact she dances with males partnerSsss .... and she been link with numerous guys artist as well and up to dates she does also maintain good relationship with the fellow artist...
    now what we really need to do....is clap for khuntoria....yup they leading but remember girls....we all have fun voting :) and that all it counts....and somehow this voting had pull all of us together....so we are the RANDOM FAMILY.....and remember we will celebrate be it win or lose.....as it does not matter whether we win or we lose....but we enjoy the process and somehow i believe this had indirectly pull all of us together to become one big shippers crazy perverted family ROFL.... =))
    yes yes i cant forget the term pervert ROFL =))
    so lets celebrates girls!!! and lets us be happy...... :)
    and another things WELCOME TO ALL NEW SHIPPERS :)

  9. ribyboowhoo said: i loveeeeeeeeeee dis couple alot or should i say i love gui gui alottttttt... other than sangchu couple..dis couple has made a place in my heart...im a big fan of Taec bt now i think i love gui gui more...my one of my fav scene is when taec buy her the caterpillar at the market sooooo cuteeeeeeee  :\">
    n i need a lil help here... where can i download making film for eps 1 other from utube (because if i download from utube the sub wont comeout after i download it teehee :D  ) tq in advance 
    go go go TaecGui  :x

    hi hi welcome
    you can try to use keepvid.com :) it works for dailymotions and also youtube :)
    and welcome in joining us :)

  10. elis luvgeunscouple said: Ki Ha said: he updated a new profile picture on twitter, it's okcat :))tomorrow (june 28), he will perform at the Beijing National Olympic StadiumGuigui, you should come there and meet him ;))
    is it the happy face?anyway..guigui is in taiwan not china..isn't beijing in china? hmm but maybe its quite close. hope she can come
    Distance from Beijing, China to Taipei, Taiwan is:

    1047.5 Miles 

    ( 1685.7 Kilometers / 909.6 Nautical Miles )

    Approximate flight duration time from Beijing to Taipei is:
    2 hrs, 20 mins


    its quite far, 2 hours flight from taiwan to beijing
    hehehe lets cut it a little shorter :P now is Heng Dian to Beijing :D

    Distance From Hengdian to Beijing

    Beijing Distance from Hengdian in Straight Line

    The distance from Hengdian to Beijing is 640 miles (1,030 kilometers) in a straight line.

    Flying from Hengdian to Beijing takes 1.17 hours (70 minutes) at a rate of 550 miles per hour in a straight line. 

    Driving from Hengdian to Beijing takes 10.67 hours (640 minutes) at a rate of 60 miles per hour in a straight line. It is a REALLY long drive to get to Beijing. It might be more worth your time and money to fly!?

    Walking from Hengdian to Beijing takes 213.30 hours (12,798 minutes) at a rate of 3 miles per hour in a straight line. Walking to Beijing from Hengdian is probably not something you'll want to do, unless you have tons of time, and really comfortable shoes!

  11. tellmewhywhy said:


    cdcotr said: For the Taecyeon fans here, it's been mentioned a few times about his heartbreak from a couple yrs back...Are any details known? What happened?
    Same for Gui Gui, that she had gone through hard stuff before though it was mentioned here before too that she was left by her mom... so it might be related to that or is it from a relationship gone wrong?  Can anyone clarify?

    Also the comeback for 2PM - why comeback? did they have a period of time when they went inactive or is it that they just didn't have a hit but were still making records?

    btw, from the photos GuiGui posted from LA, I love the one where she had a red bra (I think it's a bra) on her head.  No makeup, no fake eyelashes, just a gorgeous smile - she's so beautiful! 

    sigh...I could hate her if I didn't like her so much! LOL!

    someone tell me in which program did he mentioned about his past love~~

    2PM had some difficulty till they realeased 3rd album "grown".

    The leader was out(extracted...), again delayed because of nichkhun's car accident.

    nichkhun...T.T He is just awesome. Eventhough my favorite is Taec, Khunnie has a beautiful soul and heart that other people couldn't imitate easily. (what am I talking about now??!!) He also have amazing family!!:) 

    anyway in that period Taec had entered Korea Graduate School( Taec, why so smart!) and learned how to compose.

    About Guigui, Is that just a break up or cheatted??

    and it is okay.Gwanchana~~ love is just....like wind haha until get married.

    hi hi ....sorry for not responding to you earlier...thanks for you brief translations on the concert it is fabulous and i love it to bits :) 
    since you a korean...what is your thought of this GWGM? share with us some of your thoughts be it good or bad :) 

  12. Gui Gui will be HengDian she had already departed to HengDian for her New Series drama directed and acted by Nicky Wu :) she will be a crossover dresser in this show 'The Incisive Teacher' i believe is the title...
    by the way guys sorry for being absent from the thread for so long....anyway did you guys ever think what will happen when a serious guy a policeman as the below meet the ever mischeavous ghost?? :D hehehehe fireworks? clashes that will be nonstop???
    Is it only me but i always love to see man in uniform they just so deliciously hot ROFL1010245_519892334732996_1919293737_n_zps24230cf3.jpg

    a girl who never worry and always smiles even when the sky is crying....but is she as strong as she seems or as happy as she seems to the outer world....and what will happen when each other meet? as different as day and night that they are.......however fate had make them meet....how will their story unfold and where will it lead to?? have one ever stop to wonder?

  13. Sabrina Hue said: ardorie28 said: Sabrina Hue said: ardorie28 said: fanfromsoutheastasia said: bibidep said: WE ON THE TOP OF THE POLL NOW!!!!
    Keep voting everyday un til Sunday we may well be on the top again.
    The preview for episode 13 is out, Yeah Everland couple.

    They're really enjoying each other's company! :) The song is so addicting! TaecGui is LOVE! Omg she said ok taecyeon and taecyeon wrote a song please call my name,i can feel that song is for guigui.. When she said ok taecyeon???
    At 04 seconds hahahaaa...got it~~

    he cannot afford to have guigui called him oppa....lols cause he melt whenever guigui called him that ROFL but honestly i have play it over 100 times i heard 'OK' not Ok Taecyeon

  14. bibidep said: Wow how come I never see these pictures of Gui Gui before, click the link below because I can't copy the pictures out from there.  This is before she came to see Taec for the first time.  My gosh why did the stylish stand in the middle hahaha, let the husband and wife stand next to each other hahaha.  I don't know what the article talk about, if any one know please translate for us, thank you.

    it at the episode 1 right where they are all well before meeting up....check out the full version it had to be in there :)

  15. tellmewhywhy said: akasia said: taecguifan said: tellmewhywhy said:

    sorry. I am new here so I do not know how to reply to someone's post.( can someone teach me how to do it?)

    I heard the concert but nothing special founded.

    2PM didnt mention guigui.

    (I dont speak chinese so i am not sure if the audience shouted her name or not...)

    so just skip concert part.


    are you korean? can u translate what they are talking about in the concert to avoid confusion from taecgui shippers..thank you in advance..yeahh if you have translated version,please share...we would like to know whats the real conv during the concert. 

    yeah I am a korean. When I heard what 2pm talked in concert before, it was all about their feeling to fans and concert. It had any relations with guigui at all ^^:;;

    So I dont think you have a necessity to know about 2pm conversation.

    Anyway If I have time to hear it again, I will post about their conversation. :)


    so are you from korea???
    im not sad if 2pm didnt talk about guigui in their concert lols.........cause honestly if they did talk about guigui everything will be too obvious....
    but im curious what the receptions of TaecGui GWGM in Korea....is it well receive or Korean are oppose to it?



    anggreni Ang

    said: Hi, i am new member here but acctualy i always read this forum.  i want to support for taec gui tooo.. but i have a lttle trouble. when the first voting i can vote but nov i can't because the choice has been sleected before.  




    @anggreni Ang

    Welcome :) im glad that you can finally join...and the voting is usually you can only vote once a day....unless u use ur friends and relative a/c lols :)


    and to whoever i might miss out cause i been busy these couples of days....welcome again :) join us in regardless of which country you guys are from....you are always welcome :)


    only 1 thing that we had all agreed on is 'Peace' :)



  17. cj2057 said: OceanKarma said: Hello my fellow TaecGui Shippers :\">
    I'm just too amazed how Gui Gui handles her friendship with her Taec Oppa and GWGM promotion. She never fails to excite the viewers by being visible (updates and photos) on her Weibo and FB accounts. :x She's prepared whatever outcome the media may find out in her being bold in supporting her TAEC Oppa and GWGM. :x 
    Photo below: Seems like Gui Gui is using a visual images to convey her personal messages to her Taec Oppa especially Taec is an active internet user. Take note of the "Sheep" stuffed toy - this little thing plays a significant part of them being a couple - a special Couple gift of Kwanghee to TaecGui! U have me and I have you!!! It's like a symbol of her being True and Honest of her feelings whatever she does or wherever she maybe - he is always in her heart and mind! :x
    Telling her Taec Oppa that even she's is tired and sleepy she always think of him and only him! :x

    Telling her Taec Oppa that even she's doing an MV on this guy and they are beside each other - It's only you i think about and I want to be with! (see how she placed and hold the sheep stuffed toy on her shoulder) The sheep stuffed toy is not part of the MV and still she's bold enough to include it on this photo! hehe :x
    In case taec oppa happens to see this photos, definitely a big smile on his face! Gui Gui: I only have you Oppa!!!! :x
    photos: credit to GuiGuiForever@BS FB accnt

    :)) :))  now we know 'THE SHEEP"will travel with her wherever she goes :D
    Hmm... what abt Taec ??? =)) =))

    actually upon careful inspection you find that 2 different sheep at all....the sheep Gui Gui posted in her weibo is with brown and white horn while the one Kwanghee gave is the one with purple horn
    also the one from Kwanghee are legless ROFL =))
    this one you can see it short leg
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