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  1. @pad-hari are you picking this drama up? come come n join us in the crazy rides
  2. yes he doesnt sign under any other agency so he has his own manager and assistant that only work solely for him and if he does get famous maybe he will have other artist signed under him.... alot of China artist now own their own studio
  3. i finished off the books and yes we can see there are many dialogue that the drama adapted is actually from the book, they just twit a little on the setting
  4. yes this show another sides of him and make him really cool and im loving it too while i love some of the cheesy feeling in between the OTP honestly im more rooting for the siblings screen times more
  5. YangMi to cameo on tonight episode as BaiQian, maybe this will push up the rating
  6. 4 stills released based on the OTP development for this week.. 1. You really do make ppl ache for you. So pain... 2. JinXia, I rather you hate me, however pls trust me I will justify it for you 3. You always say you will marry me, how can you break your promise 4. My Lord, lets go home - En Today onward we will never be parted any more - alright
  7. HaoRan stills in 'Who is the Murderer' latest episodes so charming
  8. yes down to the dot, she is the better scene investigator and it is really refreshing to see that they given a better characteristics to a FL in the period drama i dont mind JinXia being a lil reckless however when she is serious in her job, she make us proud and that even LuYi admire that in her that he bring her along in cases as she is able to observe and tell him things he might have overlook. some of the drama that i couldnt help and dislikes was because they tends to make the female into some besotted fool that they need to wait for the ML to help them to solve it when it was pretty much simple things that can be done by themselves..... LY is the better analysis this is for sure, he is able to link 1 clue to another.....and he are able to come very close to the truth and with JinXia besides her i think there will be no stones left un-turn and they should be able to solve the cases pretty much faster and will be fear by those criminal who wanted to hide or stay hidden yes i love how open he is in his confession to JinXia to make her see her worth with him and her place in his hearts, not to mention i love how he told off the cousin that he doesnt need many woman, he only need one....and when they were talking in the 'Ting' how he said he already tried to help MinEr and how dare she actually tried to harm his ppl....which tell us what is his stance with JinXia, remember at the beginning of the series where LuYi save JinXia from an arrow, where he told off the other officials that is protecting those chests? that if anyone tried to harm his ppl then they had already cross his boundary, from the beginning he had already seen JinXia as his as much as JinXia irks him.....to him...only he can prank and bully Jinxia if it was someone else then that person bounds to get the cut for trying to trifle with JinXia hahaha totally....i have to give it to the scripwriter and also the mother who was flowing about it naturally....she couldnt believe that such a guy will love her daughter and of course the mother seen the best in her daughter as much as she complain about her being the street bully lols.... hahaha.....actually i love this one sentence from JinXia when she muttered it under her breath.... "Are we talking about marriage or taming the devil" hahahaha and yes his look not only sweetly, there is an adoring look too hahaha what a nice changed from the overbearing guy we came to know from the beginning
  9. the first one is iPartments 5 which is a comedy shows that some times doesnt make much sense... i guess they need some laughter in their life right now to lift their worries #fightingWuhan
  10. UTP maintain Top 2 for Feb/06 rating infact i wanted to say UTP had been doing great, even on days they are not airing they still managed to maintain in the Top 3 chart for so long this week is our finale.....im going to be real sad to say good bye to this series...
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