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  1. same...i cant wait to see it.....her last one is Prince of Tennis show a different side a meek and docile YiRen hahahhaa and i miss my feisty YiRen
  2. lucky fish hehehe....it get to kiss LiXian
  3. no this is not a remake....k-drama 'Who are you?' is about a detective who can see the ghost...... there is no ghost here
  4. same as me....then there is the relationship point where they have Bosco falled for the FL so fast :x
  5. YiBo will live the life of a fireman for DayDay Up
  6. im on episode 4 now finally start picking it up again....however other than bosco the girl honestly is killing the series.....she is very unprofessional... there are conflict of interest on the case from the beginning..... ><"
  7. Song Yi Ren wrapped up filming Professional Single
  8. lols......he only have 2 head....maybe 1 day 1 helmet?
  9. XiaoZhan celebrate 2 millions follower with released of new photoshoot
  10. A reporter ask how many helmets / lego Yibo have lols....seems like a lil too many if you ask me lols
  11. Turbo attending Tiffany & Co. event in Shanghai today
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