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  1. u just need to update the page with info that all
  2. @tothestars past you the ownership of this thread alright?
  3. NOTICE: Posts are taken out for further review, as well aware by most Soompi is a moderated forum. The need to be review further before we are able to re-released the posts. It will be either that, or we lock the whole thread for review which is what we are are trying to avoid. Also for a reminder, pls do not post un-verify news. Regards, Angelangie, @LavelyShai @stroppyse @Lawyerh @JC's Lingxi; @youngatheart
  4. er.....its not my birthday....lols 470
  5. not too bad...... just some parts of the stories is weird like you said @Lynne
  6. 466 office hour my dear and now that im bk into office its kinda limit my freedom a lil lols
  7. i just stumble into this drama....now i cant wait to get home to start on it lols
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