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  1. 20 minutes ago, jacquelinetan said:

    I think it is really amazing that Miao Miao attracts people for who she is and you have the male species who see her beyond her physical self. I think You Nian does not like it when another male species see the same potential that he discovered in Miao Miao.


    He is so adorable when he is jealous.


    I am glad that He Xin being a true friend to Kai Tuo told him the truth about his father as he is now old enough the handle the truth.


    yes she is a hidden gem and YouNian discover her under all those dust that cover up her shine.... :) however slowly the dust is being taken off layer by layer :) and she is shining thru.......


    i just love it how he is being jealous and one thing i honestly like about the turn out despite KaiTuo confession is that YouNian didnt buckle under the weight of their friendship that had just been restore, instead he stood right up toward KaiTuo and express that he too like MiaoMiao.....


    Sometimes kids dont see the things their parent did out of love for them....instead of asking why....they blindly believe in what they seen instead, seeing how the mother is in the bind......KaiTuo is lucky to have a friend who are able to help him to shed some lights into why the mother asked for a divorce 

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  2. 7 hours ago, mouse007 said:


    So I guess you are watching this too! Which episode is this from? 






    of course.....loving the lead and the cast chemistry.....its on episode 25 ;) beginning part of the episode hehehehehe

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  3. 6 minutes ago, jacquelinetan said:

    I am glad that Miao Miao told Kai Tuo she did not like him and even repeated it when he was sober.


    I find You Nian's jealousy look so cute when the junior kept praising Miao Miao. You Nian said under his breath that Miao Miao's brilliance has nothing to do with him (The Junior).


    yes even when he was drunk, MiaoMiao didnt think twice and actually rejected him without second thought.


    one thing i like about the out turn of this is that, MiaoMiao trust in HeXin, how she knew she wasnt the one who posted the post to blacken her......and how the two of them made up


    YouNian while he is quite childish in certain aspect one thing i like it is that he will some times stood aside and let MiaoMiao shine on her own while standing there to support her....


    he is really one good BF materials :) 

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  4. 3 hours ago, Jafstar said:

    No, that was cute, but I think you misunderstood my question...it was the scene where she’s studying at another part of the library...YN comes up, XMM starts exuberantly praising Dao Chow for giving her those study books, and YN gets miffed since he’s the one who told DC to give her the books. I can’t clip a gif of it, but he mouths something (that’s what was untranslated), and then he leaves, but not before giving her a pack of forehead “refreshers”. lol. He still can’t stop caring about her even when he’s annoyed.


    oooo that....no words were actually utter......he was almost mifted however he didnt said anything.....

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  5. 8 minutes ago, Jafstar said:
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    Oh man...I love how he looked at her first, then stepped in front.

    He had to know that KT was gonna confess (I mean, the dudes were besties until the mess with their parents happened so he had to know what KT was thinking), that’s why he urged him to say it sober. 
    KT is just so aggressive; he comes across so strong...poor XMM, she looked so on guard. No wonder YN stepped in between. Hah.


    I can’t wait to see a jealous YN again with the new geeky kid coming to the school now. Hahah. The actor playing YN can side-talk with his mouth very well. You can barely see it.
    When XMM was praising DC (the guy who gave her all the text books due to YN’s efforts) that she thought he’d charge her money for them, but then gave them all to her for free, she said DC was soooo nice!! It made her change her mind about DC. Hahah. The translator never translated what YN said in reply, but did @angelangieor anyone else catch it?? It had to be a jealous remark, cuz he mouthed it and just glossed over when she questioned him. :D




    er u didnt catch my sentence at the bottom of the gif? :D hahahaha wait i go highlight it......

  6. 28 minutes ago, Latte_Anyday said:

    Ugh. Damn that Kai Tuo:angry: So annoying. Get a clue already, also the other 2-3 ****** females who keep comin' between You Nian & Miao2:rolleyes::P Kai Tuo's I don't allow you to transfer Grow Up:crazy: OMG again I cannot get over how swoony the way You Nian look at Miao2, I think he feels she's more adorable than the puppy ha-ha!:lol:


    well he is staring at the doggie not at MiaoMiao for sure.....so when MiaoMiao lifted up her head to look at YouNian he was like a rabbit caught in a headlight? :D 

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  7. 7 hours ago, Table122000 said:

    Do you mean her wardrobe in the drama or just the clothes in the photo here where she sitting next to Simon on a bridge overlooking the water? She is wearing the blue jeans in the photo but no tucked in shirt. Instead she wear a hoodie and green jacket. Yes, it is nice look on her and I think is more realistic to what a woman in her 20's would wear, so fit better for her character. Yes, I agree the styling of an actor/actress can help make them look younger/older. 


    her wardrobe in the drama....there are one or two scenes where she wear jeans and tuck in shirt.....dont like seeing her in those.....

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