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Posts posted by angelangie

  1. 26 minutes ago, stroppyse said:


    3 hours ago, mirmz said:

    haha u dont know how many times people have said that to me.... usually @phikyl or @stroppyse



    So true! Seeing your DP will ALWAYS make me hungry!

    and I was staring at it for quite some times then I say okie no it’s late night....diet pls



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  2. 29 minutes ago, Alice Wonderland said:



    32 minutes ago, h0jipoji said:

    how do i join it?

    You need to buy the tickets for 500 points. But dunno if the registration is due or not yet. Ask @angelangie 


    Registration  close d

    24 minutes ago, triplem said:

    @angelangie my LD feels still there.... aahahahah

    can see that



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  3. 23 minutes ago, triplem said:

    Ye - line!!!!! I tell you I was close to being in a shipping war

    tsk tsk mods in shipping wars hahahahah



    9 minutes ago, Alice Wonderland said:

    Yaaa.. that's too short. So what after friday? It'll be locked? 


    I need to get the +/- badge and all! And I need the earn 2x event is reactivated. 



    lols no I means it will be released into the members shop in stages..... by Friday everything should be in the store

    374 corrected

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  4. 3 minutes ago, staygold said:


    Have no points to buy anything! :ph34r: The badge I made showed up under my profile somehow.



    cause all participants will get the badge they designed as their rewards ... all the badges will be released in stages till Friday 



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  5. 6 minutes ago, staygold said:

    @angelangie Also one doubt, for notifications, do I need to click on the hamburger icon (collapsed menu) every time? There is no other place it shows up right?



    huh hamburger icon? U are using light mode is it?

    u can leave the side bar on if u don’t want to toggle it 



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  6. 396

    2 minutes ago, h0jipoji said:

    and yes , i've been here before, not many people know me because i joined the forum this year and went on a loooooong hiatus after a month.

    Its never Too late to come bk so welcome bk....now we have the badges system lols

    5 minutes ago, staygold said:

    posting to check on promotion points. I am lost with the new navigation/look!


    I dont remember how many points I had before. But hey I have a badge now! 




    we have check the participation points have not been rewarded we will get it done soon

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  7. 3 hours ago, JC's Lingxi said:



    @triplem actually you are correct....6 of them are hard core LMH fans... no doubt he manages to make his fans earn highest points even when he is not doing any project.... 


    U like lmh I’m sure u can find something mix with them.... hehehe


    26 minutes ago, Alice Wonderland said:

    shippers thread. And our chaebol boss @angelangie is the top place. Daebak! 


    lols.....where got u see my points so lil only



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