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Posts posted by angelangie

  1. 32 minutes ago, mouse007 said:

    @triplem kids and I are doing okay. Despite not having breaks, I do secretly enjoy being in lockdown with the kiddos. Lol


    Things are starting to re-open over here but we are still being careful and we are still being mostly encouraged to work from home. 

    what are you watching these days? How are you doing?






    I MISS U My Friend :) 

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  2. 4 hours ago, phikyl said:

    @angelangie We shall see. There are a lot of other sketchy things that go on around him but since I'm considered lower level management, it's not my place to bring these things up to the big bosses. Tbh, I don't think he's going to do well but I have to bear with it at least for a bit. 


    you will be find dont worry....any times u need to hear someone shout we are all here k :) 




    did add win?

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