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  1. False lols..... Next person going to hit the bed now @Lawyerh u have beautiful fingers
  2. how can we not love LuYi .... he know what he want and he always went for it poor XieXiao....he had never had the chance from the beginning
  3. Jackson talk about the reason he wanted to do a radio show
  4. 796 im so tired....my nephew insisted for me to play with him....he is still in my room dancing ><" how can u fight with a 5 years old kid energy??? @@ """
  5. 796 well he kiss Victoria song and he going to kiss my SongYun in Go Ahead too!!!
  6. PB on Top 2 in the Prosperity Chart for Feb/21 rating 1. Prefect Partner 2. PB 3. New World
  7. nah they will continue to dream lols i honestly dont know my dear hahahah cause i dont really follow his news **ahem** hahaha.....oh well that the life of the artist anyway....and if that is the girl he want i hope they stay on and last forever 796
  8. Both Victoria and SongWeiLong occupied 1st and 2nd for artist prosperity chart based on their latest drama together for WW 8
  9. 788 heard and rumors said he already got a gf **ahem**
  10. Xiao YuEr is cute however im having a hard times to get into Hua WuQue character
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