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  1. @packmule3 @minwooluv78 i wouldnt know either.... been really busy at work recently and on top of that i had been helping my sister maintaining and running over her house for the renovation.....so didnt spend too much times on lines browsing stuff.....hoping to have that settle soon.... im really bone tired ><" anyway back to the topic.....if they happen to find someone im happy for them....love seeing them together however i also want both of them to be happy with whatever course they are taking
  2. -2 glad to see u are back, im a bit more busy too recently lols
  3. im not a fan of either Angelababy / ZS lols but if u were to ask me i think i prefer the one in movie....the character had a lil more spunk ZS in the drama had the spunk however hers is the quiet lil type that was suppose to stood there and say it all lols
  4. -2 lols found the picture to fill your curiosity lols cr: as tagged
  5. jonker walk? that is in Malacca, not where i am.... -2
  6. thanks....i had just merged them together.....this usually happen when someone dont alert in the directory during creating the new thread.....so the directory will not be update....hence the duplicate.... thanks
  7. new stills released for Prince of Tennis with a broadcast date given hehehehe hopefully it is true..... cr: as tagged
  8. no im surprise by it myself.....she had always been there to offer a good advice or a hearing ear..... -2
  9. not now.....my mind all clamp up lols...unable to provide a proper translation.
  10. there should be some facial changes when SS grew up or turn into HaoTian probably why they have another lady in......when move into the 3rd season not sure whether the changes will be permanent....
  11. -2 @ebullient taken care of it already
  12. oooo ok....i wasnt saying guy attention on momo i was talking about girl attention on GWY instead
  13. oh well....MoMo will have another love rival upon GWY being there hahahaha
  14. i seen alot of Cdrama where their kissing scene is just a normal paste up of lips :x
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