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  1. -2 hehehe well it will give u goosebumps too
  2. so some fans notice this when they were running and how LuYi and JinXia need to jump from the cliff to safe themselves from the Japanese.....hehehhee cr: as tagged
  3. 764 i think the internet went on frenzy on that scenes
  4. Wang YiBo with these motor racing clothes on does look cool
  5. Something for the mass shooting victims in Thailand 3 days ago
  6. why you want to degrade yourself? just ignore them....i usually just walk away as i dont want to waste my breath on this kinds of ppl.... a person sometimes is born bad....they will always see things from their points and maybe being bad is their life after all..... -2
  7. my friend fav song whenever we used to go karaoke last times
  8. hmmmm.....what to be said?
  9. Jackson in a program with both He LaoShi and XieNa
  10. 764 are u sure all u need is a face? u need SWL flirting skill too
  11. i love the look on SongYun, she look very sassy
  12. transport restriction is being ease slowly
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