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  1. u mean wait move on then move back in when S2 start? 250
  2. LiQin update her Weibo with her characters stills to promote 'The Song of Glory'
  3. douban is mainly based on users / watcher rating.....and if u want to know the airing date or how it fair whether on TV / Web rating....u need to check on Vlinkage though im pretty sure u need to check back very far to get to the rating lols infact u can also rate it to pull the rating up.....so douban is honestly base on user likes / dislike just like 'Love Designer' didnt really fair good in douban rating however it fair very good in the daily rating which still pull ppl to watch 250
  4. LiQin updated her stills in 'The Song of Glory' to promote the drama
  5. Dilreba at Mikimoto Jewelry event in Shanghai today @cenching u can relax now ahahaha....those hairs are just wig she didnt chop off her beautiful hair hahahahaha @lynne22 she is really getting to be more define and pretty
  6. very good stories.....up to episode 10 and we are still lots of martial move :D and LiQin is good real good :D
  7. wow 13 hours???? u need a break my dear 250
  8. lols i never do laundry :x False dont really like them...... Next Person is following a new C-Drama
  9. true hahahah who is not happy for friyay ya? Next person: offwork still on computer though lols
  10. hahaha i just searched around 238
  11. True Next person is watching drama as she work
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