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  1. what happen my dear? -2 Monday Blue?
  2. -2 have been good no i didnt watch it and u know why
  3. True - i love all foods Next person going to have pizza
  4. -2 i guess that what u called killing 2 birds with 1 stone
  5. Good guy....not a guy to waste food -2
  6. -2 many thing u never thought happen.....happen in that family....SH had a big fight ahead of her however she had very limited resources....it going to be satisfying when she overturn them and restore the order again
  7. well first times for me to see that they give a funeral service to a fish lols -2
  8. 536 now that reminds me....she treat her cellmates to PIZZA !!! DaeBAKKK
  9. 536 i love her she walk into the ceremony in red
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