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  1. -2 i know....however i do think it is times for him to rest.....he has done his due even though he didnt achieve his last wish.... however he did a lot for our country......so i guess it is times for him to rest.....
  2. er nothing....lols reading mostly -2
  3. hmmm.....suddenly air just right before airing....that is really bad
  4. -2 seems like really a lil odd that now everyone is leaning towards kdramas however when i watch kdrama sometimes i find them playing english sentimental in the bg which is to my liking lols
  5. -2 i dont mind a lil of it.....just if they circle around it.... i tends to skip @Lmangla ahjusshi is fine as long as they around Kim JaeWook styles i dont mind....a lil baddie look...isnt that nice @triplem it make me feel like cradle snatcher hahahha
  6. 694 too many oppa left n right lols
  7. yes i know what u mean....sticking to a drama that long and to have bad ending :/ is really....a downer
  8. 694 i think i know why i stop watch Kdrama lols
  9. i see i see....usually i filter and i decide which to trust myself....i connect to FB mainly because it is now one of the fastest way to gain news keep want to keep abreast
  10. 646 all she need to do is stuff herself for around 2 days and she will enlarged
  11. hahaha triplem will resize... 646
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