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  1. Just now, themarchioness said:


    Haha, I only learned about Yibo, Uniq, and so forth after Gank Your Heart this past summer.  :P 


    well i only start after GYA too hahahaha however then i backtrack and found him interacting with one of my fav artist and i love him even more hahaha...he is almost like a very cute Didi to me :D 

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  2. 6 minutes ago, themarchioness said:


    Yibo debuted in 2014 through Uniq, a Kpop boy band (made up of Chinese and South Korean members) formed by Yuehua Entertainment (a Chinese company). 


    Xiao Zhan debuted in 2016 through X Nine, a Chinese boy band formed through X Fire, an idol survival program. 


    ah....kk....i dont follow boy/girl bands to be honest.....sometimes it hard to separate one group from another 

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