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  1. oh thanks.... i didnt really follow Happy Camp just will only occasionally log into it if they happen to have my fav artist
  2. Mainland Chinese Webseries / Mini Series [Mainland Chinese Webseries 2017] A Love So Beautiful, 致我们单纯的小美好 [Mainland Chinese Webdrama 2018] A Step Into The Past 寻秦记 [Mainland Chinese Webseries 2016] Advance Bravery | Shi Bu Ke Dang | 盛势 | 势不可挡 [Mainland Chinese BL Webseries 2016] Against the Light 逆光源 网络剧 [Upcoming Mainland Chinese WebDrama 2020] Be With You 好想和你在一起 [Mainland Chinese Webseries 2017] Beloved Enemy, 决对争锋 [Mainland Chinese WebDrama 2019] Breaking Dawn 晨阳 [Mainland Chinese Web Drama 2016] Bu Liang Ren 画江湖之不良人 [Mainland WebDrama 2018] Candle in the Tomb: The Wrath of Time 鬼吹灯之怒晴湘西 [Mainland Chinese Webseries 2015] CounterAttack (aka Strike-Back) [Upcoming Mainland Chinese WebDrama 2019] Destiny's Love 爱上北斗星男友 [Upcoming Mainland Chinese WebDrama 2019] Dive 扑通扑通的青春 [Mainland Chinese WebDrama 2018] Dragon Day, You're Dead 2 龙日一,你死定了第二季 [Mainland Chinese Web Drama 2016] Dr. Qin Medical Examiner 法医秦明 [Mainland Chinese Mini-Drama 2017] Dream of the Red Chamber 小戏骨 - 红楼梦 [Mainland Chinese WebDrama 2019] Evil Nights 罪夜无间 [Mainland Chinese WebDrama 2018] Fighting for Love 单恋大作战 [Upcoming Mainland WebDrama 2019] Flavors it's Yours / Instead of Tipsy Why Not Get Drunk 看见味道的你 / 与其微醺何不醉 [Mainland Chinese WebDrama 2018] Flipped 喜欢你时风好甜 [Upcoming Mainland Chinese BL Web Series 2017] Fly in Shallow (aka. Turn a Corner to Love You) 拐个弯儿来爱你 网络剧 [Mainland Chinese BL Web Series 2016] Ghost Boyfriend 灵界基友 [Mainland Chinese BL Web Series 2016] Goodbye Mr. X (Season 3, Final Season) 再见X先生 网络剧/系列剧 [Mainland Chinese BL Web Movie 2016] Han Zigao, The Male Queen 韩子高 [Mainland Chinese WebDrama 2018] Hello Dear Ancestors 亲爱的活祖宗 [Mainland Chinese Webseries 2016] Heroin Web Series 上癮网络剧 [Mainland Chinese BL Webseries 2016] I like you. Do you know that? 我喜歡你 你知道嗎? [Mainland Chinese Web Drama 2017] I Love My President Though He Is A Psycho 总裁在上我在下 [Mainland Chinese WebDrama 2018] I’m A Pet at Dali Temple 我在大理寺当宠物 [Mainland Chinese WebDrama 2018] Lady Meng is Here 萌妃駕到 [Mainland Chinese Web Drama 2015-2016] Long time no see 匆匆那年:好久不见 [Mainland Chinese Webseries 2016] Love is More than a Word 识汝不识丁 网络剧/系列剧 [Mainland Chinese Webseries drama BL 2016] Men with Sword 刺客列传 [Upcoming Mainland Chinese WebDrama 2019] Miss S 爱思小姐探案集 [Mainland Chinese WebDrama 2018] My Classmate from Far, Far Away 同学两亿岁 [Mainland Chinese Webseries Drama 2017] My Huckleberry Friends 你好,旧时光 [Mainland Chinese WebDrama 2018] My Demon Master 我的恶魔少爷 [Mainland Chinese Webseries Drama 2017] Nervous, 神精学妹 [Mainland Chinese Webseries Drama 2016-2017] No.10 Skewed Tobacco Pouch Street / No.10 YanDaiXie Street / No.10 YanDai Byway / YanDai XieJie No.10 / YanDaiXieJie10Hao (Season 2) / 烟袋斜街10号 (第二季) [Mainland Chinese WebDrama 2018] Oh! My Emperor 哦!我的皇帝陛下 [Mainland Chinese Webseries Drama 2017] Psychologist, 心理师 [Mainland Chinese WebDrama 2019] Put Your Head on My Shoulder 致我们暖暖的小时光 [Mainland Chinese Webseries 2017] Rakshasa Street 镇魂街 [Mainland Chinese Webseries 2016] Season of Plastic Surgery 整容季 [Mainland Chinese Webseries Drama 2017] Schoolyard Legend: Three Lives Three Worlds Peach Blossom Destiny 学院传说之三生三世桃花缘 [Upcoming Mainland Chinese BL Web Series 2017] Scourges 祸害成患妖成灾 网络剧 [Mainland Chinese WebDrama 2018] Smiling Proud Wanderer 笑傲江湖 [Mainland Chinese Webseries 2016] SWAP 错生 [Mainland Chinese Webseries 2016] Su Ran Ran Zhui Fu Ji 蘇染染追夫記 [Mainland Chinese WebDrama 2018] Tang Dynasty Tour 唐砖 [Mainland Chinese Webseries Drama 2017] The Big Boss 班长大人 [Mainland Chinese Webseries Drama 2017] The Butterfly Lovers 梁山伯与祝英台 [Upcoming Mainland Chinese WebDrama 2019] The Chang'an Youth 长安少年行 [Mainland Chinese Webseries Drama 2017]The Eternal Love (双世宠妃) [Mainland Chinese Webseries Drama 2018] The Eternal Love 2 双世宠妃2 [Mainland Chinese Webseries Drama 2017] The Heart Painter 画心师 [Upcoming Mainland Chinese WebDrama 2019] The Killing of Three Thousands Crows 三千鸦杀 [Mainland Chinese WebDrama 2019] The Legend of Hao Lan 皓镧传 [Mainland Chinese WebDrama 2018] The Life Planner 写命师 [Mainland Chinese WebDrama 2019] The Rules of Love 人鱼恋爱法则 [Upcoming Mainland Chinese WebDrama 2019] The Sleuth of Ming Dynasty 成化十四年 [Mainland Chinese BL Series 2017] Till Death Tear Us Apart (Formerly Love is in a Blaze 1944) - 愉此一生 [Upcoming Mainland Chinese WebDrama 2019] Tomb Notes Restart (盗墓笔记重启) [Mainland Chinese Webmovie 2016] Uncontrolled Love 不可抗力 [Mainland Chinese WebDrama 2018] Visible Lie 罪案心理小组X [Mainland Chinese Webseries Drama 2016] Wind Chime 示铃录 [Mainland Chinese BL WebMovie 2016] Yi Xu Yi Nuo 意许遗诺 [Mainland Chinese WebDrama 2017] Your Highness 拜见宫主大人 [Mainland Chinese WebDrama 2019] Your Highness 2 拜见宫主大人2
  3. yes it was like......the whole drama is prefect and the ending honestly give u these goosebumps that you wanted to throw the whole production away :/ 530
  4. seeing someone u know going thru hardship and the possibilities of dying is honestly heartbreaking..... it will break u inside out
  5. -2 lols i know what u mean....my ex-boss was a banana as well.....however he was force to learn some mandarin.....it was embarrassing for him i guess as he needed one of us by his sides in conference to translate for him
  6. new stills released in conjunction of announcing the premier date Nov/15/2019
  7. 530 too many drama that i watch that came to have an ending that you want to 'GOSH THIS IS A WASTE OF TIMES!!!' @Sushimi @Lmangla
  8. Some translation on Turbo participation 'My People My Country'
  9. new stills.....i guess they change the name to 'Past Life & Life'
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