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  1. lols not it was a Thai Lakorn sub......to English....however usually Mandarin / Thai to English is honestly a lil bit harder...... however if it is the other way around from Thai / Korean into Mandarin it is honestly alot easier......as there are some terms that they share some similarity well im glad the subber throw the book in and decided enough is enough.....good for her i say @Sushimi yes translating it into English is alot harder....you need to re-sentence the whole thing to let it make sense and also there is a need u need to ensure that the sentence doesnt lost the actual meaning.... -2
  2. 528 drama in subbers land lols...... a subber decided to drop a project because ppl are harassing her for not subbing fast enough
  3. 500 @Ameera Ali hahaha yea we only live once ^5 @Asohib @refuse2sink
  4. actually that my main motive i dont want to have so much stress, its not doing us good.... lols thanks actually i was surprise that he said im the nice types lols..... -2
  5. 18 my sales evaluate me yesterday saying that im the nice type that try to settle or go along with stuff lols....that good or that saying im a softie lols??
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