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  1. ITS MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lols.................. i can work on the sub however it be great for a team first.....as working alone on sub is boring!!! :x
  2. i just want to slap her, her daughter will have a good marriage however because of her it will be gone....just look at the way when she introduce her daughter to her boss.....urgh............honestly....she is just the type of mother that will sell her daughter to the highest bidder .... she is also the type of mother that bring all the bad names to 'MOTHER' all she think about is herself and how she can have a better life.....has it ever trigger to her at all that her daughters happiness should mean more than monetary value that she is placing on all her daughter....she is even doing it at her own daughter expenses!! I'm glad DoRan admit that Driver Kang is her father openly though....it proof and show that she isnt ashamed of where she came from which is all that matter....most of us are worry about Driver Kang will go into hiding just to protect DoRan however I love the fact that DoRan is standing tall in this matter.....it show to us that there are some backbone to DoRan than the one that previously let ppl riding all over her and feeling low when there is nothing for her to be ashamed of.....
  3. which is why sometimes i dont read the book just to understand the drama.... i let the drama tell me the story themselves as in this way we can appreciate drama as it is.....
  4. hope to see u then....however i will not start for now....lols im going to finish at least another 2 off my hands first before i start on another but MingLan sure is on my list
  5. true this is also part of the reason why SangSang want it to be rather than pursue it further....what can they do? WGM is dead anyway
  6. they cant keep it for long....besides i rather they push things to the max now rather than drag it on and after that make the OTP reconcile right towards the end :x
  7. 358 yes it is.....i saw the video how it was like a joyous occasion turn into something bad
  8. -2 it was fast and the next thing that occur to me is no pre-warning?
  9. definitely we need to help Halmeoni she is going to need our backing too lols.... thanks alot @gerrytan8063 about times Halmeoni take a stand again EY, her color lens need to be taken out.....she is almost as bad as DoRan Witchy Mom, they never learn, they always go around and around the same circle :/
  10. -2 it all depends on my moods some times.....but i cant take too hard....as i found them noisy sometimes i prefer pop or sentimental
  11. lols cant fault it....their vocal are amazing and i even them on my playlist in my car lols....when im stuck in the traffic jam lols their songs is among those that i listen to -2
  12. lols.... i can try to help u by giving u a summary or if u have any parts that you really want to know for sure i can help with it....but i wont pick up the subbing though as subbing alone is honestly a stress for any subbers....
  13. 322 i have Davichi on my play list
  14. no date yet.....it will be in 2019....they had just wrap up filming....so there will be jobs done like dubbing / editing first... and now they need to submit for approval for airing release too
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