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  1. yes it was like......the whole drama is prefect and the ending honestly give u these goosebumps that you wanted to throw the whole production away :/ 530
  2. seeing someone u know going thru hardship and the possibilities of dying is honestly heartbreaking..... it will break u inside out
  3. -2 lols i know what u mean....my ex-boss was a banana as well.....however he was force to learn some mandarin.....it was embarrassing for him i guess as he needed one of us by his sides in conference to translate for him
  4. new stills released in conjunction of announcing the premier date Nov/15/2019
  5. 530 too many drama that i watch that came to have an ending that you want to 'GOSH THIS IS A WASTE OF TIMES!!!' @Sushimi @Lmangla
  6. Some translation on Turbo participation 'My People My Country'
  7. new stills.....i guess they change the name to 'Past Life & Life'
  8. JinHan asked QiWei how much she weigh.....honestly she weigh alot less then me
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