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  1. Cha Tae Hyun 차태현 Birth Date: 25th March 1976 Height: 175cm Weight: 65kg Blood Type: A Family Members: Papa, Mama and 1 Bro Favourite Food: Sashimi, Fast food Favourite Sport: Soccer, Swimming, Golf Wedding Day: 1st June 2006 Wedding Clip 1 Wedding Clip 2 Wedding Clip 3 Wedding Clip 4 Fansites: Korean Official Website Japanese Official Website CTH's Cyworld Awards: Super Talent Silver Award 1995 Baesung Newcomer Award 1999 Blue Dragon Best New Actor Award 2001 6th Maxmovie Awards Best Actor Award 2009 Drama: MBC: General Hospital 2 KBS: I Came in Search of a Flower (2007) MBC: The Prince's First Love (2004) SBS: Juliet's Man (2000) MBC: Into the Sunlight (1999) SBS: Happy Together (1999) MBC: Still Loving You (1999) MBC: Sunflower (1998) MBC: Shy Lover (1998) MBC: Ready Go (1997) KBS : First Love (1997) KBS : Majubomyun Saranghamuh (1997) KBS : Papa (1996) KBS : Julmuneeeyyangji (1996) KBS : A Sunny Place of the Young (1995) Movie: Speed Scandal (2008) Fool (2008) Masked Dalho (2007) Blue Alert (2005) Sad Movie (2005) Two Guys (2004) Windstruck (2004) [Cameo Appearance] Who's Got the Tape? (2004) [Cameo Appearance] Happy Ero Christmas (2003) Crazy First Love (2003) Lover's Concerto (2002) My Sassy Girl (2001) Hallelujah (1997) ************************************************************ Masked Dalho MV mms:// mms://mmc.daumcast.net/mmc/1/1000/0700001343101m.wmv Trailer mms://movie.film2.co.kr/movie2/trailers/T0004296.asf Blue Alert MV http://taehyun.sakura.ne.jp/movie/paranglove_mv.wmv Trailer http://taehyun.sakura.ne.jp/movie/mygirlandi_trailer.wmv Sad Movie MV http://taehyun.sakura.ne.jp/movie/taehyun_sadmovie_mv.wmv Trailer http://seojungmin.unofficial.jp/sadmovie01.wmv Two Guys MV http://taehyun.sakura.ne.jp/movie/TwoGuysMV_highwayromance.asf http://taehyun.sakura.ne.jp/movie/TwoGuysMV_Chihuahua.wmv Happy Ero Christmas MV mms:// http://www.miracletaehyun.com/movie/Wish Trailer http://miracletaehyun.com/movie/happy.wmv Crazy First Love MV http://taehyun.sakura.ne.jp/movie/LoveStoryMV.wmv Trailer http://www.miracletaehyun.com/movie/crazyfirstlove_trailer.asf Lover's Concerto MV mms:// http://puruselian.sakura.ne.jp/eunjoo/morunayo.asf Trailer http://www.miracletaehyun.com/movie/loversconcerto_tvtrailer.asf http://www.miracletaehyun.com/movie/eien_japantrailer.wmv http://www.miracletaehyun.com/movie/loversconcerto_longtrailer.asf My Sassy Girl MV mms:// http://www.miracletaehyun.com/movie/I Making Making of Terminator scene http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UACMd61hWR8 Making of Club scene http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mkEFEBIzQS4 ************************************************************ Song Albums: Accident The Bu:k 1. 별을 사랑한 어린왕자의 꿈 2. Again To Me 3. Love Story 4. 용서 (容恕) 5. 이별 뒤로 6. I Can Waiting For You 7. 고마워 그리고 행복해 8. 사랑 느낌 9. 보야 10. 사진 11. 언제나 지금처럼 12. 언제나 지금처럼 13. 용서 (Interlude) 14. 이별 뒤로 (RE-MIX) Other Songs by CTH: Lover's Concerto 05. 사진 - 차태현 08. 모르나요 - 차태현<-- Highly recommended!! Sad Movie 01. 내 손을 놓지 마요 OR 01.내 손을 놓지 마요 06 잊어요 - 차태현 OR 06 잊어요 - 차태현 Masked Dalho 01 이차선 다리 -차태현 OR 01 이차선 다리 -차태현 05 바람바람바람 -차태현 OR 05 바람바람바람 -차태현 07 이차선 다리 (ROCK) -차태현 OR 07 이차선 다리 (ROCK) -차태현 09 매일매일 기다려 -차태현 OR 09 매일매일 기다려 -차태현 13 매일매일 기다려2 -차태현 OR 13 매일매일 기다려2 -차태현 15 이차선 다리 (Trot+Rock) -차태현 OR 15 이차선 다리 (Trot+Rock) -차태현 ************************************************************ CTH's Personal MVs Go to Post 5 of this thread (in p1) or click on the link below to go to the MVs http://www.soompi.com/forums/index.php?s=&showtopic=1222&view=findpost&p=25751 ************************************************************ CFs Go to Posts 25 and 27 of this thread (in p2), or click on the respective links below to go to the CFs... http://www.soompi.com/forums/index.php?s=&showtopic=1222&view=findpost&p=93721 http://www.soompi.com/forums/index.php?s=&showtopic=1222&view=findpost&p=113414 ************************************************************ Reposted from chataehyun.co.kr
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