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  1. @ellelyana88 Oooh! Dang it, I completely forgot about him and the ear looks similar too. Now that I think about it, he totally could be Wire Shun.
  2. @ellelyana88 I've had similar thought about KJ fate. I do think she'll get kidnapped and trapped and maybe Wire Shun might try to get KW to kill KJ when Kousuke resurfaces. Pure torture for my faint heart. Also this "I think LJW hinted in an interview segment before this: this season would start and end with KKJ hearing. " makes me so very nervous.
  3. @sushilicious Houston, we have a problem On a serious note, we still don't know who that old guy was at the end of season 2, he might as well be KW dad otherwise why so much interest in KW? But yea, Wire Shun must be young to be able to kill his victims the way he does. BTW, I'm sad that KW won't be a part of the Golden Time team in the end. Since they established him as a psychopath, he definitely won't be working as a police officer any longer. I think KJ will end up actually shooting that gun at KW. Actually, I think you might be right and his right ear does look like YAI's (well at least the upper part)
  4. Ohhh~~ so KW is not cancelled just yet. From the text preview, it seems like det. Na appears just in time to stop KW from killing the guy, which then escapes. Det. Na finds out that KW is a born psychopath (I'm sorry, but that's not how psychopathy works...but ok) but he agrees to keep it a secret after KW pleads him to not tell anyone for the time being. That doesn't stop KJ from sensing that det. Na is hiding something though. Agent Jin will cooperate with Korea's best white hat hacker to speed up the investigation. I guess that's how he finds Shun's identity this fast. Plus they will have to deal with another case about revenge driving(?)
  5. @ellelyana88 They didn't show the face, actually not even his mouth in that scene. I have no idea who could it be. Is he wearing a swimming cap or something? I must say, the killers in Voice sure have an interesting taste when it comes to the tools they use. MTG used a kettlebell, BJS used hedge shears or however, those are called and then Shun uses a wire out of all the things. Those aren't the easiest things to kill with, but definitely innovative. Is it just me or does anyone else find the sound of Shun playing with his lighter familiar? I swear I heard it before somewhere, maybe a different drama... Don't remind me of that Since it's not with KJ I'll pretend as if nothing happened. I've seen nothing!
  6. I'm also very worried about her. Why doesn't she consult a doctor about her hearing? It's getting worse with every episode. @sushilicious I don't know what you had in those cookies but they definitely helped. I was as calm as a sloth.
  7. Whaaa~~ so KW's basically schizophrenic... he's having hallucinations much like MTG in the first season. KW your cancelled! So what do you guys think, will det. Na make it in time to stop KW or not? The preview's misleading.
  8. Something's happening here Squishy Kwon Joo I really liked this scene. The cinematography is on point, especially in the darker scenes.
  9. Now that I've watched ep.5, I think @sushilicious you were right, Shun might be KW's brother. BJS saying that KW knows Shun the best is quite telling and it can't be KW's dad since Shun is young. If KW really knows Shun from before then it must be from his childhood since Shun lived in Japan and KW left for Korea at a young age. I can't imagine anyone else being Shun other than his bro, who was there when MH was murdered and saw everything. If KW inherited any 'psycho genes' from his dad, then most likely his bro did too. It will be an interesting plot point if Shun is indeed KW's brother who took a completely different path from KW and decided to become even worse than his father. I don't remember if it was ever explained how KW's brother 'died' but I always found the fact suspicious. I also lost any hope for KW and think he'll end up badly. The words that he told KJ "You and I both don't have that much time" seem like a premonition of what's to come. The miscommunication that's going on between him and KJ is pissing me off so much. If they could just sit and talk for an hour the season could go down from 16 to like 12 episodes. If there's anything I've learned from watching K-dramas for years is that miscommunication is the root of all evil. BTW, doesn't it seem like we're back to square one, I mean to season 2? KW reverted to his grumpy self x10 worse, KJ is back to doubting KW x10 stronger, det. Na is back to suspecting KW x10 more, BJS is on the run etc... What was the purpose of season 2 again?
  10. The ratings dropped a bit, ep.5 gathered only 3.5%... Last Saturday it was 3.8%, hopefully, it'll rise since it's always better on Sundays. HQ BTS pictures are up on Voice 3 official website: http://program.tving.com/ocn/voice3/8/Board/View?b_seq=20 http://program.tving.com/ocn/voice3/8/Board/View?b_seq=21 http://program.tving.com/ocn/voice3/8/Board/View?b_seq=22 http://program.tving.com/ocn/voice3/8/Board/View?b_seq=23 Some more fanpics I really like where they're going with this
  11. If I heard it in real life, I'd think you're a drug dealer.
  12. I must say, KJ sure has some weird dreams...like why the hell are those bodies aligned in a heart shape with DKW in the center? KJ, what are you thinking? On a more serious note, doesn't this guy remind you of someone? If I didn't know better, I would've thought that it's Mo Tae Gu. The vibe is the same, but his side profile/his shadow looks like agent Jin, I'm shocked who is this guy?
  13. This thread will go down in history as the thread where people collectively went crazy in a span of an hour or two. No, but seriously, I've progressed a lot, in the first season I was like 'Go Kwon Joo, kick their a**es!', in the second one I was like "Nooo, KW! Are you good? Are you bad? Noooo~~!" and now I'm like "Oh BJS appeared, trying to kill KW...-Just do it, man. Wire Shun appeared... -Just do it man. Kousuke resurfaces in the preview of ep6...-Oh common, Kou.Su.Ke. How long do I have to wait? Just do it, man, go dark!" I just hope that my boss won't find me in this thread. He's already suspecting something, can't have him know what happened here. God dammit, I'm gonna sell my soul to watch THAT
  14. Too late, dear. I'm afraid you've seen too much, we can't just let you go you know the deal, what happens in this thread stays in this thread and all that jazz. We'll just convert you into one of us. Doctor @sushilicious, get us some of those shady tranquillizers, please.
  15. I know right! Ever since the first season, Voice has been serving us lots of bad guy hotness. Who can withstand it? If I don't behave, I think this cuteness will exorcise me...and you...and everyone even Mo Tae Gu Nooooo! What if those aren't tranquillizers?! They might be shady, remember how it all ended for KW in season2
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