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  1. Since we, shippers, are taking over the thread I decided to feed my shipper's heart with some fan vids on YouTube and what do you know, there's tons of them. :lol: Some weeks ago there were barely any KWxKJ videos but now there's lots and lots of them. What happened? I guess everyone has starved for some romantic scenes between the too. :joy: I'm gonna leave them here in no particular order for shippers to enjoy. 












    @wdhoney yukers OMG, I found your video on YouTube, love it :kiss_wink:










    And this one is for MTG fans, awesome video of Voice 1 reminded me how much I love the first season. It was special in every way possible.





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  2. @sushilicious I'll prepare a special drink for you since you're missing Kousuke so much :mrgreen: BTW I think you don't have to wait long, there's gonna be plenty of Kousuke and other psychos in the last 4 episodes. What's with the cute KW profile pic? Are you cheating on Kousuke because he didn't pay a visit this week? :lol:


    Some goodies, since I'm here

    Yukiko's and psycho's wedding pictures

    BTS pics



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  3. 1 hour ago, Kiya Kiki said:

    9. One thing that bothering me the most since it's first revealed is the diagnosis of KW, antisocial personality disorder (ASPD). I study psychology and when I watch the episode it puzzled me so much. His showed symptom is not of ASPD (Kaneki and BJS is, even MTG is with mixed of schizophrenia).


    ASPD people tend to not have sympathy, empathy. They don't show 'true' sympathy to another. KW is. He's showing sympathy for KJ, DK, victims, etc, (people with ASPD doesn't acknowledge the sense of guilt), he truly cares for every life he saves, for KJ, for GTT, for Chief Na. People with ASPD also lack of responsibility, KW while using unusual way in solving case, clearly seen he is one with responsibility. And people with ASPD also lack of anxiety, while we all know, all episodes in this season filled with KW anxiety of what he become.


    And watching latest episode made me realize that it would be more logic if they diagnosed him with schizophrenia, hence the dreams, hallucination, and the triggering bloody ear. I have no objection yet tho in DID bcs it can explain why he doesn't remember what Kousuke did (or could be because what Kaneki gave to him).


    But please correct me if I'm wrong, I'm just a student after all. And it's just a drama after all:joy:


    Fyi: ASPD and psychopathy is someway similar but different, and from what I learn we could say that KW have psychopath traits, but I'm not sure he's one of ASPD. Not all criminals is psychopaths AND not all psychopaths is criminals.

    That god I'm not the only one. Actually, I'm kinda mad at the writer for the way she or the director are confusing the audience when talking about diagnoses. There are lots of things that just don't add up or are even misleading. When it comes to mental health it is really unfortunate when the media portrays the disorders in such a misleading way. KW doesn't fit ASPD, he's not a sociopath. He was never diagnosed properly to state that he is a psychopath yet they are treating him like one because his father might be one. If a parent was a psychopath it doesn't automatically mean that the children will be one. Yes, brain scans for some cases showed similar patterns to that of the parents but automatically diagnosing children with such a heavy diagnosis is ridiculous. I really dislike that they are still pushing this narrative because honestly, it's a dangerous statement for them to make. If you take into consideration how mental healthcare isn't the greatest in South Korea, such a narrative is unacceptable. What KW showed were symptoms of DID and some of the schizophrenia, yet the writer insists on psychopathy... :confused: KW is pitiful all around when even the writer likes to torture him. 

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  4. 5 minutes ago, sushilicious said:

    Stepping aside from laughing lol


    I wonder..Kaneki and Kousuke biting off the tattoo. Is there a certain ‘meaning’ to it? They are so similar in many ways lol.

    I really want to see Kaneki's backstory. How did he become like this? Before today's episode I found him kinda boring but know he gained my interest when they showed the extent of his craziness. 

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  5. 8 minutes ago, ellelyana88 said:


    He might be older than KW about 12-13 years old. Well, you know, people may looks younger than their real age. Haha

    I need to watch the raw to catch a glimpse on his record shown just now. Need to know how old is Kaneki exactly to theorize further. :tounge_xd:


    The site uploading the raw is behind schedule tonight. Sigh. I need to rewatch A.S.A.P. :tired:

    Hmm, I watched the RAW already, check the link that I pm'ed you, the RAW is out for quite some time.  :kiss_wink:

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  6. 8 hours ago, sushilicious said:

    @nateko too early to ask you. How you holding up? Cause I am not. Lol. Have to wait till saturday...It's just monday :confounded:ahhh i really want to watch huhuhuuu. How many cookies you have left lol.

    Incredibly enough I'm completely calm and collected :lol: it must be because we didn't get a cliffhanger as the ending. You can have my cookies, dear. I am worried and sad for KW as much as you are but I don't think the Golden Time team will hate him. From the preview, it seems like they'll fight with the other team because they badmouth KW. I appreciate the bromance between the team members. 

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  7. So I finally got to watch ep.8 and 9 with subs and I have some things to say. First of all, the case from ep.8 with the VVIP druggies, hidden cameras and girls being drugged then raped is a reflection of the recent case of Burning Sun club that surfaced at the beginning of the year. I saw so many dramas touch upon the subject but somehow didn't expect Voice to do it as well. No wonder they say that reality is scarier than fiction and that art only builds upon real life. A disgusting case. There was also a social commentary about how people will film anything nowadays in the scene where bystanders started filming and taking photos of the druggy's corpse. You'd think people would have the decency to at least not film a dead body but nope...society really did come a long way but in the wrong direction... :persevere:


      About KW and KJ being mad at each other and yelling, I actually don't mind it. They clearly had a communication problem starting from the moment they met and never really did anything about it. They are also quite similar in the sense that they both hide their struggles and try not to burden anyone. It was only a matter of time before one of them exploded and I'm happy that it was KJ. They are finally starting to talk to each other and tell about what bothers them even though they do it through yelling now. Still, I view it as a positive change and a start of them being more open. Though I did think that KW was incredibly stupid when he told chief Na that KJ probably sees him like an animal now. I mean dude, you're so hopeless (insert a facepalm smiley). She's still trying to protect him in her own way but I do think that she needs a break because her emotional state started to cloud her judgement. I really want someone to find out how serious of a problem she has with her hearing, can't stand seeing her handle it all on her own. :dissapointed_relieved:

    A lot of you are speculating about the IT guy and I think he's 100% working for the bad guys or we have a plot hole. Here's why... the scene when the team went after MH's brother to that abandoned building. The villain prepared that recording for KW but he also prepared a special scene for KJ with that toy. How would he know that she'd come there? There was absolutely no reason for her to go because both the Golden Time team and Violent Crimes unit went there. So the only way to force her to go there (or to go confront KW) was to let her see something shocking about KW and lo and behold the IT guy digs up information that incriminates KW as the killer of MH. At that very moment. Isn't it too convenient to be a coincidence? There's no way the villain would waste his time to prepare that toy for KJ if he didn't know she was coming. How did he know? Well probably the IT guy informed him that she left after seeing that document. 


    About ep.10, I only saw glimpses of it but one thing I found very interesting - that imposter doctor, when he tried to attack KW at the parking lot, had a similar hallucination to that of KW's. He also saw KW's face morph into a monstrous one. That made me question if the villain - our professor didn't somehow mess with this guy's mind as well as KW's. BTW, the way the villain flicks his lighter reminded me of older movies where hypnotist would hypnotise people using a lighter - either by focusing on the flame or by making them fall asleep and then awaken by flicking the lighter. Maybe the dude hypnotised KW? :lol: Oh, and about that tape that the villain prepared for KW, there's male and female voices. I don't know why but it made me think that it might be a voice recording of the events that happened when MH was murdered or it has something to do with the villain and his hearing problem. He did say to KJ that he also used to hear ringing in his ears and it made him very irritated. We still don't know who he is but at this point, they might as well say that he was present at the crime scene of MH's murder. :joy: Wouldn't surprise me. 

    Lastly, I'd like to say that I appreciate chief Na and the way he became a mentor for both KW and KJ. I didn't expect that after the way he behaved in season 2 but this is a change I appreciate. The commissioner is also fine, he's not corrupt and is not afraid of influential people but he does like to be careful about it. The dude is wise even if a bit strict. I liked what he said to KJ, that if she truly is a leader, she'll know when to rest for her team's sake. I hope she does get a lot of rest after everything ends. 


    Here's a cheerful photo


    Some more from Insta


    Oh, I think these pictures are from the upcoming episodes


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  8. 17 minutes ago, juju84 said:

    Why do I have the feeling that this old-new masked villian is the fiance/husband of that japanese artist:huh:

    But what are his motives that? Wasn't he the one crying over her body in morgue and vowing to avenge her death?

    Maybe he's like KW - has a dark side that takes over and kills and then the good side doesn't remember anything, hence the tattoo 'Awaken' and his interest in KW/Kousuke since they are similar in that sense. 

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  9. @rogueprincess51 Oh wow, you're right! They totally removed all the spoiler pictures, but it's too late already, we've seen them :sweat_smile:

    4 minutes ago, sushilicious said:

    Hey, the ingredients are hard to get okay. I have limited amount. I need to order some medicine from japan again. Sigh. I ate too much.

    Stop overdosing on those cookies!! :mrgreen:

    oh gosh, here's something funny, I chocked on my drink


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  10. 9 minutes ago, sushilicious said:

    :joy: alright one cookie :cookie: up till today I don’t know the recipe of @nateko‘s drinks so you can ask her to give you some haha

    @rogueprincess51, @sushilicious Yup, I'm the drink supplier here, there'll be plenty of drinks tomorrow :ph34r: the recipe is secret, you know how it works, girls :ph34r: It would be like asking the killer to reveal his own identity if I were to give out the recipe. Wire Shun wouldn't approve. :skull:

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  11. 2 hours ago, rogueprincess51 said:

    Kim Jae Wook was Mo Tae Gu in Season 1. I think there's been a mixed up. But you're right, he's really cute in Her Private Life. :D 



    It's possible that he has been brainwashed. He did say that he doesn't remember which memories are real and which ones are not. That's why there are a lot of theories right now as to how Kouseke fits in all of this. It's also confusing and makes us doubt since everyone around him is so sure to say that he murdered MH.

    I also think that he might have been brainwashed since we still don't know exactly what happened after the explosion. 

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  12. 1 hour ago, sushilicious said:

    *nate shoves cookies down sushi’s throat to quiet her down* :joy:

    I figured you might choke on those so from now on I'll supply you with some 'special' drinks :ph34r: they go well with your cookies :joy:

    Ya know how I kept myself sane this week? I imagined a very heated showdown between Kousuke and Moo Jin Hyuk :naughty: I've rewatched some fanmade vids from season 1 and remembered how MJH's temper matches Kousuke's crazy one. Daaang, I'd love to see that.

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  13. 19 minutes ago, ellelyana88 said:

    I am so torn between anticipating how the story would end and dreading that it would end so soon.  If only they make it 50 episodes! :tounge_xd:

    I won't be able to handle 50 episodes of Voice, nope, no way :joy: maybe with the help of our cookie supplier @sushilicious :ph34r: how are you surviving the week? For me, it's going so slow and there's nothing else that I want to watch. :grimace: After our theory about MH's bro died my brain was fried completely, now I can't even imagine what the writer has in mind.

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  14. BTS pics are up






    The last link is the most interesting one. Chief Na will find KW strangling KJ and help her. There's also a clearer picture of Wire Shun and he doesn't look familiar, well at least not like any of the actors we had in mind.


    BTW, the rating of episode 8 is only 4.4%, a big drop... :fearful:

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