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  1. Taeser 4 Character descriptions (how satisfying to see the villain from season 2 in jail )
  2. I think that man is his NIS boss, if I remember correctly, they showed him when Hae Il resigned from NIS.
  3. OCN is sure actively promoting Voice 3, about time. I guess Kwon Joo will have some trouble with her hearing.
  4. Love KJW as the main lead but his character Ryan so far is ~meh. Hopefully in the second episode I'll like him more. The friendship between Deok Mi and Sun Joo is precious.
  5. Another poster in better quality (first page has all of them in better quality)
  6. First posters are out (low quality for now) and I'm not sure how I feel about them. The first one's my favorite
  7. Ok, so I was kinda surprised that DHJ's adoptive mom actually knows full well that her real daughter is dead. It's quite messed up - she's basically playing house with a replacement of her daughter. I finally understood the whole thing about adoption within that orphanage. So basically those scientists needed an orphanage to disguise their shady biological experiments, so they kept normal orphans there in case anyone where to check. They treated them like slaves and LYE was one of them. It also explains why none of them got adopted since they were needed there as a disguise. Then those shady people also raised kids that were born from artificial insemination to act as future donors for high profile people. So theoretically these high profile people are biological fathers of these kids, since they need a perfect donor. Later on they adopt these kids and here's why the adoption is necessary - in Korea you either wait in line for a donor or you need a person who's legally your family member, then you can use him as a donor right away if he/she is fit for it. This might be why SH was there with the real DHJ - he must've been adopted by DHJ's dad so that he can be used as a donor for DHJ but she ended up dying before they could do anything. Since SH wasn't needed anymore and they needed to get rid of all the numbered kids to hide their wrongdoings, DHJ's dad ordered to kill SH. Here's where the whole "your father was the one who ordered to kill you" talk comes from, since real DHJ's dad is biologically SH's father as well. I guess they also couldn't just kill SH like the others because he was legally adopted by DHJ's dad so that's why they tried to make it look like a DUI. I still don't quite get SG's story. So she is one of the numbered kids as well but did her grandfather know it, as in was she supposed to be his future donor as well or not? She seemed to have a good relationship with him so I don't know. And how did the bad guys know that SH is still alive? Seems like Pavel didn't do a good job covering up the fact that he spared SH. Here's a cute BTS
  8. BTS pictures from latest episodes
  9. I guess Hae Il will have to train our team since there's no way he can fight those ex-NIS agents all alone. Hwang will probably want to join because those guys are in the way. Can't wait for that, but was surprised that SS lost. They all definitely need some NIS training from Hae Il to match up to the bad guys.
  10. This makes so much more sense, thank you.
  11. Kwon Joo's pictures from the teaser More in the video
  12. LHN's DC gallery fans bought her a coffee truck. Lots of cute pictures below
  13. LHN is super cute I'm guessing the fan club members that organized the coffee truck had a little chat with her Lots of pictures of LHN and her coffee truck (all belong to LHN's DC gallery page - https://gall.dcinside.com/board/lists/?id=hana)
  14. Don't know how I feel about this. Three seasons seem enough, but I guess if there's more story to explore and the quality doesn't suffer, then I'm in. Still, it's pretty difficult to collect all the actors for 3 season let alone 4 or 5.
  15. I thought that they used a stunt actor for this scene but no, JKY did it himself. Major props to him, if I had to do something like that with my fear of heights, I'd lose consciousness
  16. Dang it, why are all of the OSTs so sad so far. The seconds one is even worse in that regard
  17. I wonder what kind of connection SH has to the adopted family of HJ/LYU. I get that both HJ and SH were originally from the same orphanage, but in the old photos with the real HJ there’s also SH. How did he end up there? Was he adopted by that family (what’s with all this talk that SH’s father ordered to kill him) or was he brought there to play with the real HJ? By the way, how did real HJ die? In almost all the photos she is wearing a hat and is in a wheelchair. Could it be that she was terminally ill and the dad DJH was conducting some experiments of his own on the kids of the orphanage to maybe find a cure for his daughter? But then again when HJ/LYU was brought in as a replacement DJH didn’t really seem all that heartbroken about his real daughter’s death which seems odd to me. In that orphanage all the kids had numbers attached to them, I do wonder if HJ/LYU was experimented on as well.
  18. Preview for episode 5: Translation from a king soul on youtube: P: - Lee Young Eun? The paper plane girl? It'll be difficult to find her if she changed her name after being adopted. HJ: - A friend that I've always wanted to meet. That friend was also good at folding paper planes. SH: - I have to find out who wanted to kill me, and what look that person will have when he/she sees me. P: - I know what that paper plane means to you, but the important thing is that Lee Young Eun is the cop chasing after you. SH: - If she's my enemy as you say, then I'll keep her next to me. Right next to me. BTS pictures from episodes 3-4: Ratings got better, for episode 4 it's 2.8
  19. Another picture of the team. What happened with LJW's hair? I liked his look from Voice 2 better, oh well... And here's April Fools from OCN
  20. @bebebisous33 Well honestly, I don’t have a negative opinion about Kill it, I don’t really have a problem with it at all. I’ll even go as far as to say that I thoroughly enjoy it. The first two episodes were good enough to hook me in and I was waiting for this week’s episodes quite impatiently. Let me tell you eps. 3-4 did not disappoint. They picked up the pace significantly and the fact that this is a 12 episode drama makes me think that the pace won’t slow down. So far, I’m pretty satisfied with what I saw. The drama doesn’t try to be something that it’s not and stays true to what was originally advertised – “a story of a killer and a detective whose fates are intertwined in an unimaginable way, a fate that they cannot escape even if they try” (or something along the lines that was advertised in all articles in Korea). It has everything that you would normally expect from OCN, it’s not too dark like Bad Guys or even Voice but it’s significantly better than OCN’s previous drama Priest (and heck I really tried to like that one but alas). Kill it has a different charm and you do get a thriller but with a hint of romance here and there. I think a lot of people might have a problem with that, thinking that if there is romance then it’s too fluffy to be a gritting thriller. I don’t agree with it because OCN knows how to balance these things in their thrillers. Personally, I’m a big fan of romance in thrillers when it’s well executed, doesn’t deter from the main storyline and only adds to the overall quality, but here the main story IS about the main leads and their connection (I mean that’s the whole point). Kill it spends more time on its characters and their relationships instead of only focusing on one case/one villain per episode. The romance part in here (which is still pretty subtle at this point) doesn’t even distract me or seem out of place, if anything I actually find it pretty organic and that’s why it works for me perfectly. I love both main leads and dare I say they look absolutely fantastic together, whoever casted them lucked out big time. The acting is also ok, haven’t seen Nana in much but she is good here. The signature OCN feels and visuals are up there, the lighting they use reminds me of the one in Voice (it really seems like the lighting director might be the same and he’s really good). The plot has potential but the directing sometimes is lacking. They definitely have things to polish and some scenes are a bit cheesy, but it doesn’t bother my overall viewing experience (negative comments do, I’ll be honest, and they almost stopped me from watching the drama). To summarize, if you pick apart Kill It and analyze plot, characters, pace, directing etc. separately, you’ll find faults, but if you view it as a whole entity, I say it’s pretty good. Voice is one of my favourite dramas of all time but if I were to pick it apart - it has lots of faults as well, but it didn’t affect my overall impression. In that regard, Kill it is similar. I definitely recommend watching the first two episodes before making any judgement, if anything they won’t be a complete waste of your time.
  21. After today's episode, I don't think KSH was the one who killed her boyfriend. Seul Gi had a flashback where she saw a man wearing a green coat next to the body of DHJ's boyfriend and then sometime later KSH found her, but he was wearing a black leather coat, so there were at least two people at the crime scene that day.
  22. You're definitely not the only one. Actually, from what I've seen, there are far more people who don't like it that those who do. I get where they are coming from, the criticism is valid. I agree with all the points you've stated about the predictable plot but there's little that can be done here at this point. I'm just glad that I'm so busy with real life that I'm being blissfully ignorant to what I'm watching right now, otherwise, I'd be criticising this drama with the rest of you. OCN's dramas were pretty hit-or-miss this year. Priest was a let down after the success of The guest but Kill it seems like an improvement, so I'm hopeful. I don't think the main leads will have a happy ending even if they'll fall in love. Just don't see how this relationship could possibly work. Yes, he might be hot but who knows how many people he killed and how many of them were simply witnesses and not drug lords. She's a police officer + he might've killed her boyfriend, so I have no idea how they can possibly have even a semi-happy ending. We should make a bet about who will make it out alive between the two. I think he'll die in the end.
  23. Just gonna leave this awesome fan video here (someone really knows what they are doing, an awesome edit) As for the drama...well, I like it so far and I guess it all comes down to the fact that I didn't have any expectations, so my disappointment is also close to zero. The drama is sleek and the visuals are on point, count me in.
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