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  1. I also think that his other personality might be that of his father. I guess the events in his childhood were so traumatic that he developed DID. The fact that his father was a psychopath doesn't help either. This makes me think that DKW really might've been the one to cut his partner's wrist just like BJS said from the very beginning. He should've never become a policeman since that job ended up being very triggering for his DID.
  2. Yikes, I doubt anyone will talk about romance between KW and KJ anymore, because it seems like we'll get a full-blown confrontation between them. Seems like the fierce KJ from season 1 will return in season 3, which I like. Don't know how I feel about KW's DID but it should present a nice conflict, though I'd prefer to have a new "big bad" instead of KW. I must say the stylists did a perfect job to make KW look similar to his late father, now I understand the styling of LJW for this season. I don't know how you guys feel but I'm a little icky that after the first season we still don't have a full Golden Time team with KW always being shady and never really a part of it. At this point, if MJH returned it would be a blessing. KJ really is a magnet for psychopaths... Full trailer on YouTube
  3. It's D-1, guys More cute pictures LHN and LJW look so good together
  4. It's D-2! They had a press conference before the premiere. Lots of pictures and videos, lots of cute.
  5. I find it interesting that KJ is protecting KW in this short clip that OCN posted. Seems like she'll have a more active role this time. A collection of fan arts Filming pics
  6. I was hoping that DKW's character would be like this in the third season since I wanted KJ to have a normal partner but... I guess crazy KW will do.
  7. OCN just posted highlights video (basically a mini trailer). Seems like DKW is really losing his marbles, yikes.
  8. Here's a picture of the whole team. It looks like those wrap-up pictures, but I thought they were supposed to film until mid-June? And here's the BTS of the poster and teaser shoot. LHN is so cute calling LJW "oppa"
  9. Lol, I hope they will shave him in the middle of the drama. Wasn't a fan of his styling this season but I must say that he looks better in the videos. I was really mad that they gave him such a messy cut but it's less distracting on video.
  10. More character posters in better quality. LHN looks awesome, I like her styling this season.
  11. OCN released character posters of Kwon Joo and Kang Woo (low quality for now)
  12. OCN just posted LJW's interview. There's a tiny clip of the whole team working together, which I like. I got tired of this game of "Is KW the bad guy" in the last season, so hopefully they won't spend too much time on this.
  13. Our crew together (KW is nowhere to be found which is suspicious) And here's LJW's coffee truck
  14. OCN released BTS photos of the poster and teaser shoot
  15. If they really kill father Han doesn't that mean they are going for a second season? There's no way we can recover from it when there are only two episodes left.
  16. @jouleoppa Yea, Kang Woo might be a problem. I'm glad that Bang Je Soo didn't die because I thought that Kang Woo might kill him after the explosion or something. It seems like the writers have a bigger role for him this season since he has his own personal character description for season 3. BTW, from what I could gather from released character descriptions with my limited Korean is that Bang Je Soo is successfully caught and jailed but Kwon Joo suffers from the explosion that he prepared and wakes up 6 months after, having sustained significant injuries. After waking up she has problems with her special hearing ability and has to deal with the fact that Kang Woo disappeared at the day of the explosion. She urgently travels to Japan after receiving the news that Kang Woo’s belongings have been found at the crime scene of a mutilated person. Kang Woo will yet again get himself in trouble and get arrested. From his description, it seems like he does have some sort of a mental problem and will try to "awaken his murderous instincts" or whatever they might mean. That part I didn't really understand so can't say for sure, but it seems like they are calling him a psychopath much like Bang Je Soo that will take a different path or something.
  17. I think that KHW also hates KSH because DJH is his biological father but at this point, KHW is so engulfed in his revenge that he doesn't care about anyone else, not even the innocent SG who's one of the kids from the orphanage. I wouldn't be surprised if he sacrifices that double agent secretary that's working with him (still wonder what's her identity). As for KSH and LYE, I really hope both of them survive and SG and dog Grey too.
  18. Taeser 4 Character descriptions (how satisfying to see the villain from season 2 in jail )
  19. I think that man is his NIS boss, if I remember correctly, they showed him when Hae Il resigned from NIS.
  20. OCN is sure actively promoting Voice 3, about time. I guess Kwon Joo will have some trouble with her hearing.
  21. Love KJW as the main lead but his character Ryan so far is ~meh. Hopefully in the second episode I'll like him more. The friendship between Deok Mi and Sun Joo is precious.
  22. Another poster in better quality (first page has all of them in better quality)
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