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  1. I'm disappointed about it as well and I'll sound like a psychopath too but I really wanted to see how what kind of "art piece" did the murderer create with Yukiko 'cuz I want to know and see just how twisted the guy is. Recently they started blurring everything out. If I remember correctly in the second part of the first season OCN received a warning for graphic content and the director at that time decided to still go with his direction to stay true to what he wanted to show. They even changed the rating to 19+. I guess they don't want to do that now, maybe too much of a loss in ad revenue.
  2. I think it might be done by request of the family otherwise they won't do it. Especially in countries where cremation is the main way to go about dead bodies they usually won't do anything with the body. Though in Europe they kinda 'prepare' a dead body before keeping it in an open coffin just for a bit right before the burial to let the family and friends say their last goodbye to the deceased person's face. Though in Yukiko's situation her body was kept at the morgue after they've done an autopsy, so it's even weirder that they put her body parts back together before or after autopsy. BTW, this conversation just randomly took a very weird direction sorry, everyone.
  3. In case anyone wondered how Yukiko was cut up, here's one for you, don't thank me BTW, ratings: Ep.3 - 3.8% Ep.4 - 4.5%
  4. I think that this is one of KW's many nightmares. As it'll get harder to control Kousuke, KW will probably be afraid to hurt his team members. Did you spot KJ in that scene? I think she's not there, right? If so, I guess KW will have a different nightmare about her. BTW, since Kousuke's trigger is a bloody ear, I think that if ever KW sees KJ's bloody ear, he'll completely lose it. Lots of HQ BTS pictures from OCN http://program.tving.com/ocn/voice3/8/Board/View?b_seq=14 http://program.tving.com/ocn/voice3/8/Board/View?b_seq=15 http://program.tving.com/ocn/voice3/8/Board/View?b_seq=16 http://program.tving.com/ocn/voice3/8/Board/View?b_seq=17 http://program.tving.com/ocn/voice3/8/Board/View?b_seq=18 http://program.tving.com/ocn/voice3/8/Board/View?b_seq=19 Cutie KJ
  5. He might save her at some point but I think that the final showdown will be between KJ and Kousuke. They've been tiptoeing around this since the beginning of this season. It would break my heart but on the other hand this will be some awesome development from the plot's perspective. He might be a vigilante but I hope that at least he's not directly into KW too many killer-stalkers for our boy. Now that BJS is on the run there's a lot of enemies for our guys to deal with. I'm very curious about the guy that cried at the sight of Yukiko's body. Who might he be? The production keeps introducing new people and I'm getting nervous. Me too, loved that scene. At least shows that he didn't change completely from who he was in second season. Yea, I also thought that he would never commit suicide, so I was waiting for him to escape. I still don't quite get why he's so angry at KW to the point of wanting to kill him as soon as possible. Like what exactly changed, was it KW's new tatoo? I'm so curious.
  6. I hope so, otherwise it's a waste of time. Yup, I always get a bad feeling when he does that. Kinda creepy but I can't wait to see Kousuke. I wonder what it'll be like. BTW the fact that the masked killer present the victims with that recording to see if they can decipher it makes me think that KJ will face this choice as well. Would be a waste to not utilise this part for KJ especially with how BJS emphasized that KJ should worry about herself because she's so reckless. BTS pics
  7. I think in that scene it was implied that his ex girlfriend broke up with him and ES thinks it might be because of what happened to his fingers. That's what I thought as well. Honestly, he's probably having a hard time dealing with the aftermath of what happened. Imaging having been looked up to as the cool hacker guy but now everyone around him looks at him as at that guy who got his fingers cut off. He must feel very self conscious about it but I do agree with everyone that they overdid it with the close up shots, so unnecessary.
  8. They did a pretty good summary in the first ep. of season 3, but since this is a continuation of season 2 I'd advise to watch that one first. The first season was brilliant so you're missing out not watching it but the storyline is not directly connected with the next seasons so it's not mandatory to watch. Either way, welcome on board but this one's such a contrast to Fiery Priest, just saying
  9. I also don't think it's a woman. By all means, the killer is too strong. He had to hang DK on the ceiling to stage a suicide, I don't think even the strongest woman could do that. BTW, this actor was amazing. Incredibly enough, all the supporting cast in the previous seasons too were pretty impressive. This scene was heartbreaking, actually made me tear up a bit. The way the director handled this the ending of the case felt like season 1, where all of the focus shifted towards the victims, this is something that I missed in the second season Glad it's back.
  10. I noticed it too. Her intonation used to end almost in a whisper before and some people complained, so I think she worked on that and now she speaks more firmly and does whisper. Whatever she did there I quite appreciate it because now KJ sounds more fierce. Saram Entertainment posted another BTS of LHN
  11. I really liked the scene where KW finally asked how KJ was doing after the explosion. Took him long enough but at least he noticed that something was wrong. I think that working with the Golden Time team makes him calmer or something, he should stick with them.
  12. We'll finally see BJS tonight. I kinda missed him. I wonder what he'll tell them.
  13. LHN updated her instagram with a BTS picture of the forest chase scene Some more insta updates
  14. @sushilicious Yes, I was waiting for this! But why are they so cute? I mean, look at Ha Na And Jin Wook This must be my favorite BTS so far. Glad to see all of them are having a blast while filming.
  15. I know, right. They should just cast KJW, he can speak Japanese and was already casted in some Japanese movie or drama (can't remember), so he'll do fine.
  16. LHN's agency Saram Entertainment released her BTS from poster and teaser shoot. She's so charming.
  17. Oh, lol now that you mention it, eww. I would kick some a** if someone did that to me too. But incredibly enough LJW is still handsome even with blood splattered all over his face. Amen to that. I too want him to be on the side of the good guys. Really miss the tsundere KW from season 2.
  18. Lol for me the hand cutting of KW's partner in season 2 was more gruesome than the first murder of season 3, but I suspect that I might be desensitized at this point.
  19. Yup, I sure do. Did this so many times with season 1 and 2 as well. I really like to rewatch the more intense scenes as well as KJ's interactions with everyone. Besides, who doesn't like to look for clues with dramas such as Voice. I always feel that if I watch an episode once I'm missing something. BTW, LJW is doing a great job portraying a potential psychopath. I've only seen him in a couple of dramas but never thought that he could be this versatile with his expressions, like yikes I also like how KJ is behaving this season. She's not messing around, girl be like "Either we play together or you're on your own". Love her. What do you guys think about KW's room? Did he really kill or torture someone in there? There were these wires that looked just like the one the "artist" killer used right at the beginning on the first episode, but the dude was clearly not KW so... I also wonder where and when did he make that tattoo on his wrist. Did he do it willingly or did someone do it to him while he was unconscious. I'd really appreciate if the writer gave us some explanation about what kind of illness KW has because DID doesn't quite fit, maybe schizophrenia? He has empathy so he can't be a psychopath.
  20. Am i the only one that actually skipped all these, because i love this series for his bloody gruesome material. It's like medicine to me OCN is my cure. Lol, me too. I do the exact opposite of those 4. Love me some gruesome thriller.
  21. Thanks for posting the OST, I kinda like this version as it fits with the craziness surrounding KW. I really like how they keep rearranging the same song for each season. The viewers easily recognise this song as the ultimate theme song and yet don't get tired of it because each season it has a different flavour to it. EDIT: Holy-moly, episode 2 jumped up to 5% ratings! OCN posted new BTS pictures from the second episode: http://program.tving.com/ocn/voice3/8/Board/View?b_seq=9 http://program.tving.com/ocn/voice3/8/Board/View?b_seq=10 http://program.tving.com/ocn/voice3/8/Board/View?b_seq=11 http://program.tving.com/ocn/voice3/8/Board/View?b_seq=13
  22. Wow, indeed what a coincidence... do you think they actually timed it so? I think it's a coincidence. Plus the mom's daughter Mari died so to her it's really not the best day at all. Glad that the two girls both survived though.
  23. I think it's possible since the director (or was it the writer) said in an interview that they have enough material to make more seasons. God's Quiz has what... like 5 seasons, so if Voice 3 gathers good ratings I think they might do it. Though I hope that if KW remains as a police officer he first gets psychological help that he needs. It's long overdue.
  24. So we have a deadline this season as well. In the second season KJ gave 1 month for KW but this season it KW who said that he'll stay with our team for only one month. I do wonder what will happen to him when he stops taking tranquillizers. At first, I was sure that he had DID but I have never heard of anyone using tranquillizers to stop a personality switch, so I'm very curious what condition does he actually have if any. I also wonder why are the bad guys so obsessed with DKW?
  25. Spoiler picture from episode 2. KJ will be in danger today
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