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  1. BTS pics are up http://program.tving.com/ocn/voice3/8/Board/View?b_seq=25 http://program.tving.com/ocn/voice3/8/Board/View?b_seq=27 http://program.tving.com/ocn/voice3/8/Board/View?b_seq=28 http://program.tving.com/ocn/voice3/8/Board/View?b_seq=29 http://program.tving.com/ocn/voice3/8/Board/View?b_seq=30 The last link is the most interesting one. Chief Na will find KW strangling KJ and help her. There's also a clearer picture of Wire Shun and he doesn't look familiar, well at least not like any of the actors we had in mind. BTW, the rating of episode 8 is only 4.4%, a big drop...
  2. Perhaps to prove all their thoughts and claims that it was Kousuke who murdered MH. They need him to return to his supposedly actual self - Kousuke - and targeting KKJ as the guinea pig. This is just my guess, they just want to satisfy their claim when they managed to bring back "Kousuke" who is "drowning" inside DKW. Maybe daddy dearest believes that Kousuke was the one who killed his daughter. If so he might think that KW being a police officer is just him hiding his true self so maybe that's why he said that. Would be fun if so since his son is the true killer. I think @wdhoney yukers might be spot on. I also think that MH's bro must've always felt jealous of his sister because of her special ability. That game Wire Shun keeps playing with his victims trying to decipher the recording seems like something he's been doing for quite a while. What if in his childhood he played that game with MH? What if she always managed to tell him what the records were but with this specific recording she failed and lost the game so he killed her? I think that it's not just a random recording and there must be a story behind it. It would explain why he's so interested in KJ and specifically her hearing, even saying that he's a fan. @ellelyana88 I'm so glad that we have some new clues, look at how much there is to discuss my imagination is working overtime today. If this continues I might as well write my own plot with the ending being KW and KJ both going into rehab and becoming hospital buddies. @sushilicious do you still have those cookies on you? I might need one
  3. @ellelyana88 Sadly we can only guess at this point. I think the writer will surprise us even more. I do wonder why and how did MH's parents die. Even if one of the two committed suicide but happened to the other? It's suspicious that both of them ended up dead. I wouldn't be surprised if MH's bro set their house on fire or something or has something to do with their deaths.
  4. Me too, I was shocked that the ended it right at THAT scene. I was like what the heck, how are we supposed to survive till next week? BTW if the real villain is really MH's brother then we may have some hope regarding KW's involvement in MH's murder. I don't believe that the villain suddenly became a psychopath who's cutting people into parts after witnessing his sister dead. It might as well be that MH's brother was a born psychopath and maybe he was the one who killed MH and later tried to pin it all on KW. KW's dad, the poor guy, took all the blame trying to same his son when he wasn't even at fault. Now that would be a turnover. That would also explain why the guy wants it so much for KW to actually become a psychopath just like him.
  5. So do you think that the real villain is MH's brother? Sorry, I only watched some clips of today's episode. But actually, if that is true, it would really explain so much. His obsession with KW and wanting to drive him crazy and also his obsession with KJ, since she must've reminded him of his little sister. About KJ's rehab I think she really believed that she's fine and can get through it, maybe she didn't even expect to get PTSD from that accident. I do think that she didn't get any psychological help but she needs to.
  6. I excited as well. I wanna see how he'll behave when he is not triggered by blood. Ya know, like what kind of person will he be. It's not like he'll go killing random people so I'm curious if it'll be possible to talk him into working with KJ.
  7. At this point it seems like the villain is more obsessed with KJ than KW, he sure likes to play with her. Seriously what is it with all those psychos obsession with KJ? Not that I mind but damn.
  8. @ellelyana88 Yea, seems like the blond dude is MH's brother who turned up that way because of the trauma he experienced that time. But the more shocking thing that Jin found is that it might've been little Kousuke and not his dad that killed MH. Actually, I had my suspicions about that from the very beginning...
  9. I'm also planning to go to Japan next year and there's no way in hell I'm going anywhere near a ryokan alone. Nope And about those new stills... I usually love it when a male lead is passionate about kissing the female lead but here the male lead is passionate about killing the female lead, what a switch up Can't say I was unprepared for this scenario since I though it would eventually happen. I'm actually very excited for this scene, can't wait
  10. Well, that's honestly quite concerning if we consider that not even one bad guy was caught. @sushilicious @ellelyana88 don't you think we have too many bad guys to deal with, especially if we count BJS? I guess they really are going with the idea of additional seasons.
  11. Someone on dc inside managed to capture the real villain and ... he's not the blond guy
  12. Do you think we will? I mean even if she retains her hearing would they make one? Not that I'd mind I'd love to see the whole team working together some more, especially if KW stays as well.
  13. I can't wait for subs, really want to know what the doctor said about KJ's hearing. What if she loses her hearing in the end, that would be heartbreaking.
  14. Oh man, I take my words back. It's not KJ's nightmare, it's really gonna happen. Look, in both scenes KJ is wearing the same stripped shirt. I think Kousuke will come out after seeing KJ's bloody ear. I don't know about anything else, but if anyone, Kousuke or not, hurts KJ, my inner Kousuke will come out and beat the crap out of that person.
  15. Might be another one of KJ's nightmares that scares her to the point where she dismisses KW from the team.
  16. Totally agree with you that the blond hair dude is only a minion. I think he went into that club to meet with the real villain, besides he was wearing a cape and the dude with the lighter was wearing a suit. There's no way he could've changed clothes in a minute or two. I think Tomoyuki is the one. Kinda interesting how he has the same kind of aesthetic as MTG and he is a self-proclaimed fan of KJ. I wonder what is that about, to even go as far as to send her flowers. A bold move. and yes, I think it was Kousuke, who was stranging KJ, although only his back was shown in that scene, his hairstyle is quite memorable, just rewatched it. @sushilicious lol, at this point the real villain dude (not the blond hair one) gets me more excited than Kousuke. Yes, I'm that fickle, hot psycho dudes in suits are my thing, sorry, Kousuke, you better wear a suit in the next episode and I might change my mind again.
  17. @sushilicious You're right! KJ's head is all bloody and Kousuke is strangling her...No~~
  18. No, no, dear, no collaborations, they're competitors and you know what we do with them get rid of 'em. Haven't you learned nothing from Kousuke?!
  19. @sushilicious Every time I visit this thread you have a new profile pic. Guess someone just can' get enough of Kousuke BTW, what the hell happened here? Yikes!
  20. BTS from recent episodes. Poor guys had to run like crazy for so many takes
  21. @sushilicious This week is soo slow, my boss is keeping me hostage at work, I could barely skean a peek in here Since there's nothing else to do anyway and since it's too quiet here let's write down the thing we want to see in the next episodes. @msaamia and @rogueprincess51 already mentioned the first two: 1. Kang Woo saving Kwon Joo 2. A KISS or more like THE kiss Let me add 3. Kwon Joo being a bada**. 4. BJS alive and trying to kill Wire Shun 5. Kang Woo going to the doctor that KJ found for him @sushilicious and everyone else, please do join up
  22. I guess that's why we click so well I'm usually composed but there are times when I go off the grid BTW, episode 6 jumped to 5.4% in ratings. Here's what people found in the 5min. highlight video - detective Na comes there in time to stop KW/Kousuke
  23. Look who's talking. There's no one in this thread that can compare with you when it comes to inner Kousukes.
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