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  1. Sorry to delete almost all your questions I left only one bcs I know the answer. In first 2 ep. it was stating that Babel bought all buildings around Geumga plaza so they need it to simply destroyed it and build something very profitable on this piece of land (mb for other proposes and I missed it). In last 4 years prices for apartments in Seoul hit the mountain high... Decent new apartment price begin from 1.5 mln dol (no I didn't exaggerate).
  2. Ok it was very predictable and actually IDK why he is wasting his time for being rookie lawyer in Babel...
  3. I need to noted that I am living in Korea for 7 years and I was in Italy when I was living in Russia and I need to say mb you saw it's harsh how Vincenzo is judging fake Italian chef but can I tell you that cheap fusion Italian Korean food is freaking AWFUL. They also add Korean mushrooms in pasta and this is just EH for Europeans T_T. And you can't find good cheese in South Korea like it's sooo hard to find good cheese here T_T. Ok toxic time is over. Sorry for nagging but this is so true how they portray Vincenzo reaction to his cooking. Yes it's harsh but saddly true xD. I suggest you
  4. Thank you. I felt sad when I read these comments bcs I loved both episodes a lot and began to think that mb smth wrong with me. I can vaguely predict what will be next but I truly enjoyed it. I didn't actually want to watch it bcs I don't quite like SJK drama choices and also tired of Taec in goofy roles (I think age wise it will be better to switch his roles with DY but mb we don't know smth). But my good friend insisted that I need to watch it so I did and really liked it. Mb bcs I'm watching kdramas for 20 years and I saw much much worse I didn't find Italian scenes cringy. A
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