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    I just came back from the midnight screening in my country. Cried so much when it ended ):
















































































































    The movie is beyond amazing <3
































































































































































    if i had to choose, definitely eyeliner for me~

















  3. I'm getting so mixed up between these 4:

    어디서, 어딨어, 어디에요, 어디예요

    Pretty sure some of them are typed out wrongly but i don't know exactly which is right and wrong.

    Can someone please correct me and also explain the usage difference thank you! <3
















































































































































    Omg this is so freaky.
















































































































    All of mine were true except for the songs part.
















































































































    But still, wow.
































































































































































    I definitely can finish a foot long sandwich :\ Especially when i'm really really hungry~
































































































































































    I just got mine yesterday~ lovin the colours of the pictures! but the films are so expensive D:
































































































































































































































































































































































































    Just finished watching the last episode today..
















































































































    My favourite song has to be "True Colours" <3 and i love Sue's "and that's how sue Cs it" line haha~
















































































































    Gah i wan't S2 nao T_T

















  8. Hi xmichellee ! :)

    예요is used after a vowel and 이에요after a consonant .

    for example :

    몇 살이에요? :How old are you ?

    그것은 사과예요 : This is an apple .

    so we use 이에요 in the first example because 살 ends with a consonant (ᄅ) , but we use 예요 after 사과 because it ends with a vowel (와) .

    Hope this will help you.

    I'm still a learner too ^^ . So please ,correct me if i'm wrong =)

    Annyeong ! :)

    thanks (: but one question. you know how super junior always go like "superjunioyeyo" right? how come it's "슈퍼주니어요" instead of "슈퍼주니어요" since 어 is a vowel?

  9. i just finished watching today's perf and omg i love taemin's hair<3

    I died when i saw taemin during rocka rocka part. I swear there's something different about taemin today!! Anyone agrees with me ???

    i knowww~ he was adjusting his mic before and then started smiling ~

    lol i like how at some parts he looks fierce and then he becomes all happy and smiley later XD

    and jonghyun's jacket was so bright haha

    *off to watch in HD*
































































































































































































































































    if anyone has 2 extra tickets for the smtown concert 2009 (any area will do),
















































































































    please pm or email me (:
































































































































































































































    the tickets were sold out so quickly D:
















































































    omg that's A LOT of food.. yumm
































































    i wonder how much all those cost o_o

















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