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  1. Let's stick to English title of Me and My Motherland ie My People, My Country.  The movie introduced the English title at the beginning.  Me and My Motherland is the direct translation from Chinese title.  Did Arthur really reject My People My Country directed by his father?  His father is wholly in charge of this movie as chief director.

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  2. @tothestars  I fully agreed with you that the degree of hardships differs not only from each production but also what is expected from the play.  If its sports or period plays that requires martial arts with huge amount of body work, the hardships of actors will increase as compared to plays say from modern romance genre.  That's why, the requests from director of actors willingness to go to far places to film like Ever Night, Legend of Awakening or My People My Country is required from Arthur and the rest of the actors.  It was revealed before that there are actors from Mainland China who aren't willing to pay such price just to act, for comfort comes first.  They don't want to experience this kind of hardships.  Everything bores down to your attitude towards your profession.


    1 hour ago, tothestars said:

    Ah i never know about he desired Yu Huai's role, s happy that he got the roles he wanted and thankful he did cherish them and giving the most of him for the roles and yeah he was rewarded very well in the end! That is what we call hard work never betray the result! Standing applause to our hard working boy!


    I watched one Arthur's interview which mentioned he was very fortunate to encounter 2 roles he desires to act as.  I know the first one is Ning Que.  Recently, I watched another clip that seemingly imply the second one is Yu Huai.  Anyway, it's either Yu Huai or Lu Ping. :D


    Yeeaahhh!!! Applause!!!!

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  3. 2 hours ago, tothestars said:

    Insightful story about Arthur's experience in Ever Night shooting.






    Not every viewer will understand what Arthur went through whilst he was shooting for EN1.  I came across one comment from 1st viewer who gave negative comments about him and another viewer who replied this person about the hardships that he went through shooting EN1 who again responded to 2nd viewer that every actor will go through similar hardships like Arthur went through whenever they film a drama.  If that is true, why would there be such differences when it comes to high production with amazing cinematography and those that are average or low production without good cinematography?  It's so easy for viewers to discard an actor's hard work with great endurance just like that.  I'm now wondering if Dylan Wang went through the similar situation as Arthur. :unsure:


    From Arthur's interview, he shared that he has to motivate himself time and time again so that he could finish filming well amidst his injuries that he has to bear silently then.  I suspect the reasons that made him persevere on is due to his love for this Ning Que role and in acting.  He said there were 2 roles he desires very much to play - one is Ning Que and the other should be Yu Huai.  I'm so happy that all his efforts was rewarded in the end. :smiley::heart::heart:


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  4. 8 hours ago, caranita said:

    About experience, my take on whatever you could get from his interview is that his seniors told him that he must accumulate experiences (including his own) to enrich his acting. I think it doesn't mean just acting experience but also life experience?


    Yes, his teachers and seniors most probably revealed that to enrich his acting capabilities, he needs to gain more experience so he needed both acting and life experiences, in order that each role he plays will not come in conflict with his own personality in other words he's still a greenhorn at present.

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  5. On 6/9/2020 at 12:57 PM, tothestars said:


    Compilation from news and interviews clip from uploader Translation


    This video clip is about Chen Fei Yu clarification that he's still single

    • Yes, Chen Fei Yu noticed that friends around him have girlfriends except ~ (He uses his cute action to indicate he doesn't have.) 
    • Regarding the rumors about him and Ouyang Nana whether it's true or not, he responded that in regards to boy-girl relationship he hasn't given any thoughts, for his focus right now is on his education and studies on acting. 
    • Having a relationship is a fate thing so right now he doesn't have. 
    • About CP, he said its not created by him.




    I just randomly translate.  I have watched Ouyang Nana and Arthur's interviews too.  From what I could see, they aren't in a relationship at all.  Any CP fans of theirs only comes from their passions and imaginations that they fully wished both Arthur and Quyang Nana will become real in their relationship in real life.  But the fact is he's still not in any relationship.  He also mentioned this in one of the LOA clips I have watched.  Based on my experience of CP fans in the past, they really could convinced you even though in reality it isn't true.

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  6. On 6/7/2020 at 10:22 PM, tothestars said:


    Part 2 Translation (only Arthur Chen's portion minus promoting the product)

    • Chen Fei Yu is happy to hear this question in which he replied that he did consider this lately when he began to love acting, most likely since he was young.  He revealed although he is ? but also quite a mischievous kid so he will be a nuisance to people around him like his family or buddies or someone whom he likes.  Furthermore, a good actor must be quite observant so having observation as a strong point is very important. Since young, he really likes to observe people such as his friends, parents, brother, grandmother, etc.  Thus, liking for acting grows since young till he enters the entertainment circle then experiences the reality of what a performer is all about; how you treat the role and how to take responsibility so this is what lately, he considers of within his thoughts of why and how he loves acting.
    • Actually, he didn't go to that many places but he's been to very far places to film like the first TV drama was filmed at Xinjiang.  He was there for almost 3 months, he was only age 17 and acting wise, he wasn't able to understand much for he is a rookie so being there for such lengthy time was part of training and lesson that to him is a process he needs to take.  Also previous year around April he also went to Dunhuang, an extraordinary place, exceptionally scenic.  If you are an actor who has this opportunity in this lifetime to film in this kind of place whether the duration is long or short is a marvellous experience.  He feels that going outstation to film can help an actor to immerse himself into his character for the surrounding is well-suited for it.
    • In Hao Yi Xing, he and other actors got quite a number of things they can play together.  They can chat without any reservations and the roles they played complement each other (I think) as they all created their characters development together as their interactions between each person in the show is quite complex and personalities played out are more so as such during shooting time they will have a lot of discussions regarding their roles to minute details but mainly talked about the show.
    • Everyone is good in singing which this group is pretty special in that sense.  For him, his singing is just okay but for some of them, their singing are really good.  They will sing each other's songs so when together they will feel happy, have discussions on their own specialty whereby some of them know how to cook, like yesterday one actor cooked barbecue noodles which is so delicious that he feels that person should change profession as cooking barbecue noodles is delayed for being an actor, he jokingly said.  They as a group have tacit understanding so when filming can cooperate well with each other.  An actor should cultivate (nurture) tacit understanding with conviction.
    • His hobbies is playing guitar for when he's with the group will treat them as family and be comfortable listening to music more so to discuss the script as the dialogues in this show are just too many and everyday there is the never ending dialogues, yup regarding hobbies, sing songs, play guitar, chat together, do some cooking and there are times a mini group of them will go out for steamboat (hotpot).
    • What he normally shared in his interviews is, the reason he is a performer is due to acting and give the national and international viewers worldwide (I gather) presenting a better product with diversified roles.  So the current role he's doing is highly challenging, with honor and passionate for that role, etc, to be able to act in this show and destined to do this character that he chanced upon that is quite complex, which has conflicts with his own personality.  For he feels that his own life experience is of utmost importance so half or many of his seniors and teachers told him that he's still young so he hasn't reach ??? (I'm lost) so whatever he heard they said of, are reasonable and very right as our experience cannot be taken away and whatever he experiences will be shown in his work thus his work experiences need to be accumulated.
    • Lastly, he talked about the most memorable underwater scene 2 years ago.  After he shot this scene, when he thought of it afterwards, he finds it a bit scary.

    Disclaimer:  I only listen once so if there's any mistaken translation or translations whatsoever so far, please forgive me for any wrong interpretations that is purely unintentional.




    Looks like Arthur is very serious about acting well and wishes to be an outstanding actor.  Also it seems that opportunities were given to him to act or he will source for opportunity himself just like Ning Que role based on what he has shared so far.




    When he's not acting, he looks young and boyish like this. :wub:

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  7. 14 hours ago, tothestars said:

    And there will be haters for every superstars, like what happened recently to YangZi and Kris Wu Hair Pin... I absolutely confused for it, the actor just want to do their job peacefully, do what they love to do, why in earth those crazy people send harsh comments even before the drama aired? Sigh... Big mouth no brain no ethics!


    Yeah, I read about this.  I like Yang Zi as an actress but her reputation is not as good based on what I have read others are saying.  Although, we don't know the truth and who stir the fire but it does mar my impression on her character somewhat.


    5 hours ago, caranita said:

    I beg to differ, on the basis of subjectivity :). People are entitled to their own opinion, even if they're in the minority LOL. I'm pretty sure though that the majority share our view about his acting progress. On the other hand, there ARE people who refuse to acknowledge his progress just because they have personal grudge on Arthur. (I need not name names, but if you followed discussions on Legend of Awakening you can spot them). But let's do it Arthur's way: focus on what we like (which is him, hahahahah!), celebrate his accomplishment, enjoy his works, and let the detractors cry in their sad corner LOL. 


    (PS. but I still can't feel his online chemistry with Cheng Xiao... sorry :lol:).


    Actually, when I talked about co-stars chemistry, it's not about Cheng Xiao but generally what I have encountered with others. :) I will see a couple in drama who I find have chemistry but someone else will find the same couple with no chemistry at all.  So till now I still don't understand how do they interpret that so I'm really confused. :wacko: About Cheng Xiao's chemistry with Arthur, I'm with you.  She got better with him towards the end though with Arthur's help.


    Yes, for shows, our preferences will differ.  Still, when it comes to acting, it's all been fully displayed right before our eyes,  yet opinions could be as diverse as say light from darkness.  Right interpretation is important imo otherwise whatever we do resulted in consequence of wrong interpretations and falsehood.  Although in the drama world the costs outcome is much lower than real life but like you said, others might hold grudges or offences against Arthur thus project him negatively so I'm no longer that puzzled about this. -_-  Thanks for your enlightenment.


    6 hours ago, tothestars said:

    Naughty boy


    :lol::lol::lol: He's a cutie!!!

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  8. 4 hours ago, caranita said:

    As for the next half of this year -- does he mean he doesn't have another film/drama project? He'll probably be doing the promotion for CKG movie, as well as some varieties. 


    2 hours ago, tothestars said:

    Yeah i am also curious about this, but maybe like you said, since Immortality is 5 months shooting from March to August, and the rest 4 months is for resting and doing promotion for CKG movie, as well as some commercial and varieties..


    Hey, what about school?  Both of you forgot Arthur still have to attend school as he hasn't graduate. :sweatingbullets:

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  9. @tothestars  Most likely how he should positioned himself and act and emote at the same moment.  Regarding the poster, sorry unable to help you.


    @caranita & @tothestars, Thanks for all the updates with complimentary and insightful remarks. :heart:


    12 hours ago, mei2018 said:

    Good news!

    Arthur,s followers on weibo are now 9 mil! :blush:


    Hoooraayyyyy!!!!  At such a short time too. :lol: :kiss_closed:


    On 6/8/2020 at 3:48 AM, caranita said:

    Me too! With more people getting to know him, it will allow them to see him in clearer picture and not just the bad images shaped by nasty rumors.  It helps us as well, for we've been getting translation of interviews and whatnot,  even old pictures that we may have missed before. There are even twitter accounts in Japanese and Korean dedicated to Arthur, and Ever Night 1! (I think the Japanese account is named the Chicken Soup Note lol). 


    Wow!  I didn't know he has Japanese fans as well.  Good for him! :w00t:


    On 6/8/2020 at 10:24 AM, tothestars said:

    Yeap 100 for you!


    Thanks for clarifying! :love:


    On 6/8/2020 at 10:24 AM, tothestars said:

    Yes, i really love when he mentioned this! It was like an announcement or clarification for people out there who comment "after two years, his acting is still inconsistent", nailed on their head!


    I always wonder why different viewers watched the same drama and yet give different views about Arthur's acting.  I don't understand the logic why they couldn't see the differences in his acting from EN1 to LOA.  Same results when talked about chemistry with co-stars as well.  Like what Arthur said about cultivation.  They need to cultivate what good, mediocre and bad acting are all about and its differences, at the very least, a basic knowledge before making wrongful comments. :angry:

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  10. On 6/7/2020 at 10:22 PM, tothestars said:


    Part 1 Translation


    Chen Fei Yu promoting the Omo products, particularly the 3 different colours vials with different active ingredients to wash clothes clean effectively, etc, etc...

    • He will go out with colleagues for steamboat food but not with filming actors* due to pretty tight schedule so will have anxiety as there are quite a big number of scenes to be shot thus only do so during his resting period.
    • Shooting is very smooth for this TV series.  He really like this character and leisurely enjoys this progression (development) although he encounters a bit of hardship but he has enough good rest.

    (At the same time he's promoting this limited edition Omo detergent throughout.)

    • He felt he doesn't deserve to be called house chores worker no 1 but he does quite like to do house chores.  To him its pretty normal to switch on the washing machine frequently for his mom or when she's not around to gather clothes to put into the machine as part of his house chores.
    • 2 days ago he injured his thigh due to shooting a segment he didn't do well that he was in a dilemma with but now he has recovered a lot and thanked those who are concerned.  He was advised by spokesperson to take care of his body health, with that he responded he will.
    • He likes to take pictures that is thought provoking to give everyone space to think through.
    • The next half of the year plan there is nothing much for him, just do well in shooting the show, with only a few projects but mainly just plain filming.  His filming is real tight thus have time only for resting.

    * Include both genders

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  11. 21 hours ago, caranita said:

    I've. known Kara Wai for long, but unfortunately am not really familiar with her movies/dramas... She's now one of the most active HK actresses in the Mainland no? In addition to Charmaine Sheh. 


    Actually quite a number of famous HK actors/actresses are working in Mainland China but the works they got may not be ones that international viewers are interested in.  It's up to their international fans to bring their dramas to international viewers' attention and usually these dramas will not have English subtitles even if available to international viewers.


    20 hours ago, tothestars said:

    Hmmm lost track for them both for mainland dramas, last time i watched charmaine sheh a long long time ago when TVB dramas were still a hit. For Kara Wai, last time i saw her in HK detective drama The Defected on Chinese TV Cable, maybe last year. I recognize Kara Wai since my parents always watch Celestial Movie Classic (which only show HK movies 70s era) on cable, her movies are so many in there LOL.

    19 hours ago, caranita said:

    Charmaine has been quite active in Mainland since Yanxi Palace. She's also in Winter Begonia. Must give prop to her agency -- she's been in critically acclaimed dramas!


    I watched Kara Wai in My People My Country aka I and My Motherland movie with Simon Yam and of course in My Best Summer movie with Arthur Chen.  So Charmaine Sheh is in this year's Winter Begonia as well.  That's good for her.


    19 hours ago, caranita said:

    Haha... neither do I! I'll DM the poster and suggest this to him/her.


    That would be great @caranita.

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  12. 22 hours ago, tothestars said:

    I think mostly people thought Legend of Awakening is when Arthur reach 20 y.o, since the timeline is all correct but the LoA. And more over his appearance as Lu Ping is so mature and grown up, unlike Ning Que, still in boyish look. 


    Oh my!  I was so busy trying to identify what movies/dramas he was at, at the timeline that I didn't know LOA was omitted. :P


    I really missed Arthur's boyish look in EN1.  He looked adorable then.


    21 hours ago, caranita said:

    You nail it on the head. People don't know, or forget, that he was still 18 when filming LoA. I think it would be more interesting to note that in 2018 he portrayed 2 different personalities (Yu Huai and Lu Ping), and then proceeded to Immortality in 2020 showing the leaked pictures :sweatingbullets:.


    His character as Lu Ping is totally not like Yu Huai at all and both filmed one after another.  My Best Summer was filmed first then LOA, right?  And he was filming LOA while EN1 was airing.  EN2 began filming after EN1 finished its airing, right?


    20 hours ago, tothestars said:

    Maybe we should make the revised one, no? But i dont have creativity for photoshoping a poster sigh..


    It will be good to do that and that will be perfect. :D


    18 hours ago, mei2018 said:

    It has  a mistake, as LOA was filmed before I and my mother land . So He played Lu Ping at age of 18 not 20.


    Exactly!  Arthur mentioned in one of his interviews that he was aged 18 then.  At that age, his acting has improved so much from EN1 and that to me is amazing. :w00t:

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  13. 21 hours ago, tothestars said:


    About Who has Great Potential Translation


    Wai Ying Hung did met a person she came across recently whom she has a good impression of.  He is the 2nd generation celebrity.  Yes, he is Chen Kai Ge's son and yes, that is Chen Fei Yu.  When she first know that she will collaborate with a famous director's son, on her first filming with him where she has yet to meet him, in her heart she thought then he was 19 years of age, must be someone who is snobbish, pampered type but once met, realized that her impression was totally wrong.  He is very polite and … … then discovered that he's well educated, knows music and his expectation in acting also exceptionally high.  She has also worked with the director (of the movie) before so when talked about Chen Fei Yu expressed that he's really awesome, very … that gave her a really deep impression of him.  And he acts very well too.





    Wai Ying Hung has impressed me with her acting since HSDS 2000 and especially so in The Glamorous Imperial Concubine so her impression of Arthur on his potential as a senior in showbiz should be well taken note of.

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  14. Just realized yesterday that Arthur actually recorded OST for both of his movies, Secret Fruit and My Best Summer.  The duet song entitled Secret Words he sang with Ouyang Nana is quite meaningful.  The song Best of Us is touchingly sad in reminiscent of the past.  He does has a nice soothing voice.  I thought he only sings as a hobby.


    @angelangie  Sorry I am not reading any webnovels at the moment.  Currently, I have many dramas on my watchlist to finish.

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  15. 2 hours ago, tothestars said:

    Really love to hear such an in depth thought of him, a wise young man with a great mind. So he has realized about the jealousy about his background yeah? Poor him, but very happy that he knows how to respond.


    Thx again dejun! Happy to have you here, really!


    Hahahah...  You're welcome @tothestars.  I really want to know what he said about jealousy but the music is too loud and other words I miss out.... can't help that.


    Arthur really works hard so he could become a good actor.  I like his attitude and is an actor who deserves my admiration.  I look forward to his future development with much anticipation.


    @angelangie  I do start reading webnovels quite recently when my interest in dramas waned and usually choose those with good ratings only. :D  Like I watched Story of Ming Lan drama after I read the webnovel still ongoing to date (the translation work for this is excellent).  I won't read it if I realized it's not a completed novel, sighhh.

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  16. On 6/3/2020 at 11:26 PM, tothestars said:

    This is a compilation of Arthur's works with his voice when doing monolog and interviews in the background.




    What Arthur said in the background...


    Currently what Arthur wants to do is to act well  in shows and be a good actor.  As an actor he has the interest so he spends a lot of time using his own experiences and inspirations to do what he feels right, to do it well.  Everyone also has one lifetime to do something important and for him there are many important things which materialized for him to complete in his life.  Every role given to him is an experience.  Every role given to gain experience would be opportunities given for one to do; able to experience different roles as every opportunity is not easily obtainable…..  He put his thoughts into it….…..  He wants to present what he loved most and excel (before everyone)………. There are many...  Maybe in this world there is jealousy but if you……..  A person is not able to choose which family to be born into but able to choose what you want in the future with your own efforts to pick……..so long you understand is enough…..an actor will encounter hardships so when you know that will cherish that role….Director wants him to……….

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  17. 7 hours ago, caranita said:

    Thank you for this! The other drama titles don't ring a bell to me -- they sound like modern dramas? 


    Yes The Wife's Lies, Happy Noodle and A Perfect Husband were modern dramas except for Chang'an Youth and Pretty Maid.  He's not the main director for Pretty Maid as he does collaborate with other directors on period or republican dramas.


    7 hours ago, tothestars said:

    The whole world questioning his post LOL


    This boy loves riddles. :D


    6 hours ago, tothestars said:

    Lol if someone from the fandom read your comment abou "tie the knot", they will respond more krezilyyyyy LOL


    :lol: I also guess that the answer is same as yours.


    Just completed 2 eps of TROTAR.  Better than ATWIL imo and worth watching.


    @caranita Yup, our boy wants to be a good actor.  He wants to gain more experience as an actor and train himself up to be a better actor.  That's his goal.

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  18. 11 hours ago, tothestars said:

    Actually honestly, i am starting to get bored watching ATWIL started on ep 9-10, let see for the rest. But i really like yunxi's acting, he nailed it. Meanwhile i am starting to feel Yukee's acting is monoton.


    I'm already bored at ep 3.  The story is not refreshing enough.  I dislike the CGI.  Hope the directors will not use the same for Arthur's drama.


    I have read about a quarter of Heaven Awakening Path.  Frankly, the LOA screenwriter did a good job for the drama by taking the arcs of the novel with the main characters well written as they turned out to be more fascinating.  I don't really like the way the author is writing his story so I have stopped reading at the Soul Combat Convention arc but the soul power forces are really interesting to know.  I hope the screenwriter who is writing Immortality is doing a good job too.  That, we have to trust Arthur on this.  I suspect they didn't disclose who the screenwriter is to protect any backlash from fans of the novel.


    14 hours ago, caranita said:

    As for Zhou Jiawen, I just checked his other works. He's pretty new? Douban only list 2 dramas he had directed: the Chang An Youth, and Wife's Lies. Haven't seen Chang An Youth, and only saw some random episodes of Wife's Lies. I remember I checked on Wife's Lies because I liked Jia Qing (the FL), and at that time Wife's Lies was quite popular. But I dropped it because I got bored, and in general I prefer wuxia/historical than modern Cdramas anyway.


    Apart from Chang'an Youth (2020) and The Wife's Lies (2015), he is also the director for Happy Noodle (2013), A Perfect Husband (2011), Pretty Maid (2010) among other projects.


    I found out that this time Arthur is working with experienced main cast be it Luo Yun Xi, Chen Yao or Zhou Qi .  He's surrounded by actors whose track record are longer than his. :D


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  19. Last week accumulated top Chinese dramas ratings and celebrities top rankings from 25-31 May 2020:


    1.   Love Designer

    2.   Autumn Cicada

    3.   And The Winner is Love

    4.   Get Married or Not

    5.   The Romance of Tiger and Rose

    6.   Serenade of Peaceful Joy

    7.   Legend of Awakening

    8.   Fake Princess

    9.   My Dear Destiny

    10. Mr Fox and Miss Rose


    For celebrities top 10:


    1.   Dilraba Dilmurat
    2.   Allen Ren Jialun
    3.   Zhao Lusi
    4.   Xiao Zhan
    5.   Wang Yibo
    6.   Johnny Huang Jingyu
    7.   Jackson Yee 
    8.   Arthur Chen Feiyu
    9.   Zhu Yilong 
    10. Zhuang Dafei


    Credit: Dramapanda


    Arthur's LOA real sustaining power is no joke for except for Serenade of Peaceful Joy, the rest could be considered as new dramas.  Lovely to see Arthur's name still within Top 10 last week. :D

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  20. I agreed with both @caranita's with @mei2018's comments on Arthur's popularity and his mature fans.  I've noticed from @tothestars's posts that when Arthur's name touched Top 10 in popularity, Cheng Xiao's name was in Top 20 for a few weeks before her name was dropped out whilst Arthur's remain in Top 10 position.  That already showed that majority of viewers like his work in LOA a lot and he is "carrying the show" the way one viewer described it despite backlash from others.  Even Dylan Xiong's name did not appear in Top 20 which saddens me a bit as he's the 2nd main lead in the show.  Still, I'm happy to see Arthur's performance being taken into account and appreciated.


    As @mei2018 mentioned, I too believed that Arthur has quite a number of male fans after EN1.  Am sure that they too will check out his next drama as well like we do.  Delighted to see his steady growing popularity so I hope that he remains in showbiz for 10 years at least before he makes another decision to change his profession.

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  21. On 6/1/2020 at 2:36 AM, caranita said:

    Forgot to address this. I didn't watch EN2, but yeah those are the issues raised in comments. I think @Lbpg discussed it a few times. Objectively, like you said, it has better production values than LoA. At the same time it suffered from expectation from those coming from EN1.


    Yeah, you're right.  I don't have any expectations from both dramas so the way I see it was that LOA certainly won my heart on the way the story was directed although it has flaws.  My only wish was LOA director should have made better usage of Arthur in action scenes.


    On 6/1/2020 at 1:18 PM, caranita said:

    The show's lasting power is pretty amazing!


    I'm astonished at the sustaining power of LOA too. :open_mouth: The top 3 dramas are all new ones.  It must be Arthur's power! :lol:



    Am now quite deeply buried in Heaven Awakening Path novel (not bad).

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  22. 9 hours ago, caranita said:

    Well, I am sure how I feel about Arthur taking in support roles, I can't tell what's in the mind of investors and production houses:). Arthur's fanbase prior to HYX is not that big and loud, and from what I've seen they're pretty tame LOL. They could be defensive, but it's understandable considering the kind and degree of personal attacks Arthur receives. It's not even about his acting, but his private life AND his family. For instance, he was attacked for taking part in My People My Country, said that he had no business in that movie since he's an American citizen. His father got harsh message on his weibo from another actor's fans due to unsubstantiated rumors. And so on. I think his fans have been showing great restraint by not initiating/engaging in fanwars afterwards. Based on that, I have high hope that they will still give him support should he get a non-leading role, provided that it's a well-written character.


    Sounds like Arthur gains the good type of fans who uses their brains.  That's really good for him for this type of fans will boost him up.  I would prefer him taking support roles in movies to gain more experience and for that I think his fans wouldn't mind that much.  A well written character is a must and I trust that he will pick those.  In My People My Country, his role was a Mongolian descent so what has that got to do with his citizenship?  Looks like his citizenship issue won't go away as looking at current political scenario with US the next few years will worsen due to Covid19 issue.  Already this pandemic has created racial dissensions with Asians in several countries ever since it appeared from Mainland China.  Jealousy seem to cause those unproven rumors ie there were too many good things that happened to Arthur publicly along with those resulted from his personal relationships with others but these people won't know his sufferings he has to endure himself as only he would know for outsiders won't know what's the true picture.


    In fact I have a feeling we might not see the kid in our boy any longer as he's been in showbiz for 3 years plus having experienced a lot in these 3 short years.

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  23. On 5/28/2020 at 10:28 PM, tothestars said:

    Enjoy your eyes ladies! Enjoy the deep eyes that he never admit


    On 5/29/2020 at 7:02 AM, caranita said:

    Awesome. I concur, he has the face that looks like stepping straight out of anime :). His intent gaze can be really heart melting. However, I agree with him that he flashes those "deep eyes" when he's in a role. I notice he often looks blank when speaking on camera for non-movies/dramas, like advertisements :lol::lol::lol:. You know I love our boy, but he does need to look a little more animated in those ads :D. That's okay, like @dejun says, he's still young and he's been improving himself.


    :lol: I adore 'his deep eyes' below: :heart:






    Pardon me @tothestars, I took your stills from LOA thread. :P



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  24. 21 hours ago, tothestars said:

    Okay i just watched "and the winner is love" up to ep 8, and quite interesting, it is more like jinyong style wuxia like Heavenly Sword or Swordman, which has sects like Hua Shan, E Mei, and other small sects, and they are also divided into Evil Sects and so called Righteous sects. Love LYX and Yukee's acting n chemistry, in here LYX's character is called as no. 1 flirting man LOL. I know why so many girls and man (perhaps) love him, he has the aura prince charming but both female and male, his line face and jaw is soft like a woman, dont know how to describe it though.


    That is why in HYX BL fandom, our boy will become the male, and lyx become the female...oh well...


    Hahahaaah.... I understand totally what you're talking about in regards to "soft like a woman".  I've watched him in Princess Silver.  His face does have a slight feminine feature.  Different vibes from our boy who has a distinct heartthrob look. :wub:  I just hope BL thingy will be extremely subtle otherwise I will goosebumps, yikes!


    For ATWIL I will check it out as I really like Jin Yong's works so this show might interest me.  Thanks for your feedback.


    6 hours ago, caranita said:

    @dejun Perhaps what you meant is Arthur isn't suitable for doing commercials? Because I think his photo modelling -- particularly magazines -- is pretty good. His eyes are a lot more expressive in the magazine covers/pages than TVCs. But I quite like that robot vacuum ad. 


    Regarding supporting roles, I honestly have no problem, given the character is interesting and has good writing. But I can understand if people can't see him in a side/supporting role, because of his strong screen presence and his physique.


    Yep, that's what I meant.  His commercials can be spot on and off at times.  Being a good model also requires experience and depends on whether he's keen or not.


    Are you very sure about this on Arthur being in support roles?  I can already imagine that fans of his will have many complaints if he's not regularly onscreen.  I remember of one cp I admired a lot in the past who acted as main leads in one drama but their onscreen time were less than the supporting actors.  Their fans were truly enraged because of that.  Besides, I don't think anyone will choose him to do support roles when as lead roles he already gain popularity with many viewers and any production will not want to incur wrath of his fans unnecessarily.  He still can do cameo roles if he's interested in it.


    6 hours ago, caranita said:

    I've watched several episodes of both Romance of Tiger & Rose, as well as And The Winner Is Love. I don't think we can compare them because they're in different genres, but at this point I'm liking ATWIL more! ROTR is fun & fluffy, but for some inexplicable reason I can't get into the OTP. I'm the only person in this world who sort of has second lead syndromme, LOL. Probably I'm just not in the mood for fluffy romcom, because not even the cheeky dialogues and plots manage to pull me in. ATWIL works for me because I like the wuxia vibe, and the fighting scenes IMO are pretty well done. @tothestars I read your comments in ATWIL thread, and I think I overlooked all those aspects you find fault at. Don't get me wrong, I also read the comments in some discord forums, your concerns are also voiced there, even harsher :D. Yukee is heavily criticized on MDL, and I can partially agree with them, but so far I don't find her portrayal annoying. At the moment I think she was better in HSDS 2019, but it's still early to tell. I'm enjoying the show so far and mainly because of the fighting scenes. But I'm not invested in the show enough to take part in the discussion. (PS: sorry for hijacking Arthur's thread! :sweat_smile:)


    You're definitely right about moods we have when watching a show. :sweatingbullets:  Still, to me I will still make comparison regardless what genre it is.  What is good can never be bad but we still got to watch out if we have the mood when it comes to different genres or we might not enjoy the show as much.  I will check out both first then.  Regarding Yukee, I'm not surprised at all the criticism.  I thought she was good in AOL, still she was only part of main cast then but in HSDS 2019, her acting failed to impress me as main female lead.  Even so, based on both your views, I will still watch ATWIL to find out. :)


    :lol: So long you write anything about Arthur, you are certainly not off topic. :P


    6 hours ago, caranita said:

    I'm happy to see that! They've always been close, and I hope Alex's presence will provide Arthur some peace in such pressing environment (not the shooting, but the intruding paps). A couple of people uploaded a small clip on twitter showing a papparazzi shouting curses to Arthur (according to the posters), and I can only imagine how bad it is having to endure such thing every day. Arthur has been having to deal with prejudices and labels since he started his career, a lot more than his peers of the same age. How he handles it with calmness and maturity has been amazing so far.


    What's wrong with these people! :angry:  Isn't immerse into acting a character role already hard to do yet they want to increase the pressure in his life that could negatively affect him mentally?  Poor young Arthur. :tears:  Why he has to endure these prejudices? :phew:  So thankful that Alex went to visit our boy.  He really needs his support in person, a family whom he can lean on always.

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