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  1. He said more than that but I couldn't catch his faded words. I just add that since some of you might wonder about it. Also I didn't translate PD's last words as I don't know how to put it in English language. Okay, I just checked with my dad. Last remarks meant, "EN must be victorious". Real cool!!! Yes, just to make a really good action scene is truly a tough job especially since Director Yang Yang has such high expectation. She really gathered a great team for EN production. Been reading negative comments of how CFY got his role as Ning Que and his popularity as an idol arose due to his family connections. Sometimes I don't understand why these people do that without finding facts first. CFY has already acted in Secret Fruit movie, Ever Night drama, With You (My Best Summer) movie and was even in the midst of filming Legend of Awakening drama before he became well known ever since the broadcast of EN in late October last year. @lynne22 Seeing your NingSang banners invoke yearning affections for them. Missed them much.
  2. This is a better translation compared to the one below. The essence of the original writer's penship is in this translation. You can read this one if you can't wait for proper translation one like the above. I'm really tempted to continue to read the novel for S2 since it's really a bit tough to wait for EN S2 to begin airing for the current dramas airing do not capture my full attention. Also the new NQ does not look appealing to me so I hope I will get used to him in S2 but I will still wait for all EN fans feedback first.
  3. BTS of Ep 6 'first' Battle Scene ~ one of my favorite EN scenes >>> the comments made in this clip..... PD said this first part of filming was the most difficult one and Old Chao (AO) commented that this shoot was more difficult than he first thought. PD continued that this battle scene took 15 days to film and throughout this shoot there was constant downpour of man made rain. Old Chao said at 3° in temperature, it was extremely tough. PD then exposed that the actors were under the rain downpour for 12 hours whilst the production crew suffered more for 15 hours. Old Chao lamented that his leg hasn't fully recovered but has to endure the shooting till completion for he has no other choice but to tolerate. PD revealed that his martial arts director has choreographed the action movement techniques and put in much thoughts into it for Ning Que so that when the audience watched these action sequences they truly took noticed of his team's great efforts to be fully satisfied. Ning Que (CFY) only said, "At the starting point, he…."
  4. Sounds interesting and I like the fact it's comical too and enjoys comedy in realistic form like Ever Night not over the top type. Hope this show get to be subbed. Quite a number of good dramas were not subbed like Behind the Scenes and especially Mystery of Antiques that have Japanese dialogues.
  5. Hi Good to see some of you here. I hope this show is good enough to watch. I usually don't like to skip any episodes. If I do skip means that the series isn't worthy to watch. Hope I receive more comments from all of you who are watching. It's been sometime I can watch a period show that has good ending. So I wish this show has good ending as well. It's depressing to watch bad ending especially since the world we live in is stressful enough.
  6. First stills for Chen Feiyu’s Legend of Awakening Posted on 23 Jan 2019 by XDramasX Legend of Awakening is an upcoming fantasy drama based on Hudie Lan’s novel of the same name, and stars Chen Feiyu (Ever Night), Xiong Ziqi (One and Another Him), Cheng Xiao (Cosmic Girls) and Deng Enxi (Last Letter) as youngsters who are recruited and trained as warriors. Check out the rest at: cFensi
  7. @angelangie We are like minded in understanding what the writer tried to convey through NQ, SS and MSS relationship in an ancient world. NQ won't learnt about his true feelings that was deeply hidden within him towards SS if such situation never occur. Same with SS.
  8. I understand why the director/screenwriter made the actor portrayed the crying scene to show the audience how he felt and his thoughts over MSS. It was really a difficult decision that he had to let go of MSS when you read the novel. That was how much he really like MSS.
  9. Yes, SS's character in S1 is slightly different from the novel but from the way the aunties have shown to us in S1, I believe that they will continue to stick closely to the MC parts. The strength of this drama is bringing the core story from the novel to life. Even NQ's characterisation is different in the drama as he was not as cold blooded based on his life experience not as vicious as written in the novel.
  10. I don't agreed with you. The drama followed the novel very closely in regards to the relationship between NQ and MSS. NQ really likes MSS and have thoughts of her being his concubine which was clearly shown in both the drama and novel. But NQ realised that SS cannot accept a third party in their relationship hence his struggles over this. Also I don't think MSS screen time exceeds that of SS in the drama. She only appeared in the wilderness to Du city part which was described in the novel itself. Of all the beautiful women NQ encountered, aside from SS, he only likes MSS so don't hate MSS too much. I also like YHY more than MSS but NQ's feelings was just neutral towards her. Btw, I enjoyed reading the novel more than the drama so I won't continue to read S2 part or I might feel disappointed as I want to enjoy both drama and novel as well. It's wonderful to read the novel after completed the drama. I now can imagine how NQ looks like with CFY's face and SS (SYR). I can enjoy the best of both worlds.
  11. Thanks for sharing. He's so amusing when he said one important criteria is his main character in his novels must be handsome since he's not. Just like Chen Fei Yu's portrayal of Ning Que and the other actor (Oops, I couldn't get his name). I actually wonder whether Mao Ni was invited as well after Fighter of the Destiny drama was shown in 2017.
  12. I agreed with what @moon-flower said that Chen Yu's father most likely is the prince of first rank. For that reason the king treated him as a hostage and confined him to move about only within the city walls because his status threatened the king's position.
  13. Just wanted to drop a note to say I enjoyed this drama as well. Although ep 4 was quite boring but thankfully after that it was quite entertaining. In terms of quality it's not as good as some recent dramas shown but still okay once we got used to it. The term "Wang Ye" can be prince or duke. If it is prince then the person is related to royal family. If it is duke, then it will be officials that were bestowed to this honorable title. FYI, even though called duke, this title consists of several ranks like 1st, 2nd, 3rd in feudal China.
  14. I only watched a few eps and I could see the awkwardness between the co-stars like you said. Of course, I love the chemistry SYR with CFY. They were so perfect for each other which is why I was really surprised when I watched TTMTL, her acting wasn't on par with her role in EN. I have to drop TTMTL as the show was boring to me. I understand many people see co-stars chemistry differently. To me it has to do with their level of acting and also whether both co-stars are comfortable with each other. Sometimes, a good co-star artiste can cover for the other co-star when they act together and was assimilated by the audience. Chemistry has to be built. That's what I read from actors who mentioned this. Like, the chemistry of co-stars in Legend of Yun Xi were off the charts and I finished the show only because of their great chemistry alone. To me SYR is not a natural as she still have to work on chemistry with her co-star.
  15. Well, I watched a few eps of SYR latest drama and she don't have chemistry with her co-star so I hope she do well in EN2. @epinklyn Oh my, so many well loved cast in S1 will not be around in S2. It will be a different feel with new cast.
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