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  1. @libra22, thanks for the translation in the ost. It's heart breaking dialogue. But since I know they are going to have a HEA I am satisfied. Yeah, me too didn't think he sung an ost. His pronounciation and his confidence while singing is too good. When I heard it the first time itself I liked it so much and downloaded it immediately. Me too, think the same. But isn't the Chinese entertainment bigger than the Thai one. Hope he gets more project both in mainland and Thailand too after this drama. Fighting!!!! Another doubt, both the leads, did they dub their voice for this drama or is it someone else? Any idea becoz it sync's perfectly when they deliver the dialogues.
  2. Our beloved drama broke into top ten for the week starting Sep 9. C-drama Ratings and Celeb Rankings (week starting Sep 9) CSM59 ratings data are incomplete so we're only going to be looking at online rankings this week. Hey-ho! Our television dramas are on fire as most of them have ranked among the top 5 dramas online. The King of Land Battle ranks in first, ousting Arsenal Military Academy which has fallen to the 6th spot after it ended. Since its premiere, When We Are Together may not have fared that well in TV viewership compared to its competition but it sets high online as it takes the second spot. My Mowgli Boy remains glued to the 3rd spot. Flying Tiger 2 and My Girlfriend is an Alien enter in 8th and 9th respectively. Crime action series No Way For Stumer caps the list in 10th. Meanwhile, Yang Zi tops our celebrity list with Xiao Zhan following in second. The Longest Day in Chang'An starJackson Yee comes back as he takes the 9th spot while Zhao Liying takes the 10th spot. Web Rankings Top Dramas (7-Day) 1. The King of Land Battle 2. When We Are Together 3. My Mowgli Boy 4. The Legendary Tavern 5. The Moon Doesn't Understand My Heart 6. Arsenal Military Academy 7. A Little Reunion 8. Flying Tiger 2 9. My Girlfriend is an Alien 10. No Way For Stumer cr:http://www.dramapanda.com/2019/09/c-drama-ratings-and-celeb-rankings-week_16.html
  3. Actually i liked when XQ pulls his tie when she is drunk. I think its in ep.19. I find it so romantic when she pulls the tie and when he just gushes towards her. OMG!!! i am really becoming crazy watching their cheesy scenes. Awwww, thanks for the heads up. I am going to watch those episodes just now. I got distracted when i saw a video of O2O and started watching it again umpteenth time. i love YY and ZS chemistry there too. Will start watching episodes 21-24 soon.
  4. Omg!!!! @angelflower, You have the super power of lip-reading from the gifs is it??? You r like another XQ and Angel, translating all the previews for us!!! Really really love this light, fluffy drama. I love WP and BIE so much. Their chemistry is palpable and we can feel that on the screen. But I don't see much playful interactions between them in the BTS. I don't know if he is restricting himself since he is married. Me too, I also didn't know that he is an half-alien. Wow!!! Hence the sync between them!!!!! How is the drama doing in China??? Anybody know about it's douban score? I saw a lota pics of the people travelling in public transport watching this drama on their phones in weibo. Will be happy if it's doing well there. Looking forward to the episodes Tonite. Jaiyou!!!! Edit: What is this about? Is there an event on 30 sep? @angelflower, mind translating for us? Weibo cr.
  5. Official pics Shameless xiaoqi This one is picture perfect This one is yummy Cr: weibo
  6. Hello there!!!! Not really. Heard that this is good and was about to start watching, but there was a delay in the subs and got distracted to some other show. Did u watch this? How is this? Worth watching? Help me by givin some feedback.
  7. I - India too. So, I am waiting for other streaming websites to upload the episodes.
  8. Release Date: August 19, 2019 Tencent (two episodes every Monday and Tuesday at 8pm), members watch next week's episodes in advance. more info from the link below. cr:http://www.dramapanda.com/2019/08/my-girlfriend-is-alien-2019.html?m=1
  9. The ML, I feel is being type cast in the same role. I watched his last drama PERFECT CRIME and somehow he has similar role. May be I am wrong. Anybody watched the rest of the subbed episodes? How were they? Better???
  10. Video teaser is out. Omg!! What have they done to Bai Lu's hair style!!!! The wig looks awful. It looks fun, though!!! Cr: as tagged.
  11. The ML somewhat looks like Korean actor Song Jae Rim. I liked the FL in "When we were young". Got some gifs from weibo. cute!!!!! Cr:weibo
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