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  1. @the girl who: Yeah. I'm a YongHa addict. LOL! He's character makes the series more interesting. Gawd he's just so great. Joong Ki! ♥ The pics are awesome! Thank you! =) Does Joong Ki have a Twitter account? If none, I HOPE he creates one!
  2. GAWDDDDDDDDDD I'm in love with Joong Ki..Just watched eps 1-16!!! I sooo love himand how he portrays his role...♥
  3. But K-dramas usually don't have second seasons. =l Let's just hope he gets a lead role in his next dramas. Finally I already have a copy of the first 16 eps of SKKS! I'm in ep 10 already and I really love Yongha and Jaeshin's friendship. =)
  4. I was watching Music Bank awhile ago with Eng Subs. I didn't read the Eng Subs I just watched Joong Ki's handsome face.♥ =D
  5. Very big Aigoo..XD Yeah let's spread Joong Ki love! I already joined the forum..the one posted in this thread. Did you guys have watched Five Senses already? I'm still DL-ing it and it takes forever! >.< Gonna watch the interview in a bit. Thanks for sharing. =) EDIT: Gosh the wink!!! *melting* About SKKS ep4: I was really pumped up when YongHa appeared in front of YunSik to help them enter the school thru the secret passage. ♥ Gu YongHa! ♥ Joong Ki ♥
  6. Joong Ki's kissing in Ogamdu was friggin' HOTTTTT!! ♥ Count me in Joong Ki's fans club!! This guy is such a cutie. I loveeee him in SKK. Hope he gets much screen time though. I'm still in episode 4..I only watch in KBS World. =D
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