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  1. Mookstache said: Do guys find shy girls attractive? I get really shy and nervous sometimes, but after I get close to someone and feel more comfortable I start to open up to them and become playful and silly. I'm currently 17, turning 18 in June, so I'm a senior in high school. I always catch guys staring at me in class which is super cute! But when I find out that a guy is interested I become even more nervous around them UGH SO EMBARRASSING.  
    I go to a really small high school and no guy has ever approached me although they always look at me, and I'm wondering if my shyness contributes to this? Thanks for any help (:

  2. I'm assuming this is just in body type

    I like skinny girls that are fit. The ones where you can tell they exercise and have sliiighhhtt definition. Not like four pack abs though, that's a turn off for me. It's like seeing something barely there that lets you know they keep their bodies in shape ;3
































































































































































    I text a lot and it doesn't bother me when others don't like texting as much. If someone doesn't like texting and gives one word answers / doesn't respond half the time, I don't get irritated at them, I just accept that they're not the texting type of person and contact through facebook/phone call instead.
































































































    It's no big deal to me. I don't see why it should be because they're not ignoring you because they don't like you, they're doing it because they don't like texting. >_>
































































































































































































    I remember reading this when you first posted it, I can't believe it's already been a year haha
































































































































































































    -Funny/Good sense of humor : able to make each other laugh / laugh about stupid things
































































































































































































































































































    I'm a guy and I would never hit a girl. It's one of those morals that I would never break.

































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