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  1. Both episodes 15 and 16 not satisfying for me. Needed closures for some issues.Should be an 18 episodes drama. Looks like at the last minute the scriptwriter changed the script for the ending. ES was supposed to die and her memorial plaque was next to her dad's, not Yoon's. Needed closures for Yoon's son, the company, sentences for evil MIL and son, the initials of the paintings. I watched Fatal Promise so l didnt rolled my eyes when ML can go inside the interrogation room ad hoc. Overall l enjoyed this drama. Acting was good esp LYR's. Good acting from the young girl too.
  2. I dont think ES was an unfaithful wife. That creepy husband was just testing her reaction by saying that. I am thinking that KHR lied that she was pregnant with the rich guy's son so he married her. She also faked the dna result if her husband had one done. Is this what Yoon meant when he said he made some digging into her? If the young secretary is the son, why havent she adopt him as a god son yet? Is already 10 years and their relationship is still status quo. I still dont get why she is hell bent in making ES's life miserable. Because her son was dead? Illicit relationship?
  3. Wasnt there a scene where ES received a call from the columbarium regarding her father's urn was shifted? This was after Yoon place the envelope there.
  4. Looks like KHR had her son killed as she suspected that he had found out she wasnt his biological mother. The other DNA test done by Yoon was a maternal test which proved she isnt the mother. ES will do DNA test using KHR's hair with WJ's to prove that KHR has a motive for the murder. Glad SM came to her senses and her make up was toned down.
  5. She is shown painting him when she is expecting guests or when in public eyes? Dunno, she seems deceitful and manipulative, deceiving people to cover her tracks.
  6. I am thinking that ES's husband is not KHR's biological son. He was heir to DO cosmetic. She decided to make ES a scapegoat by approving the marriage. Woo Joo is actually now the heir to the company. It really makes sense why she has no love for her grand daughter by wanting to kill her. She seems close to the man who killed Yoon. Perhaps her ex husband before she married the rich man.
  7. Perhaps HR was an abused wife and got away with killing her husband. Looks like ES 's prison mate will betray her later. Husband had more screen time in the latest episode. Yoon's death meant he was likely not the one who killed ES' s husband. Did he see HR in the car which caused ES's father to die? Is the murderer the new character who JM bumped into?
  8. I find the actress playing Se Mi a bit creepy after watching the drama Soul which also starred Lee Seo Jin. Her death stared eyes...... I think the murderer is the chairwoman's personal assistant. The smile....when chairwoman praised him. The husband probably found that the PA stole money or that he got the hoots for his mum. Maybe rediculed/threatened him. After Eun Soo fainted, the PA who brought him to Eun Soo house got out of the car, assessed the situation and stabbed the husband.
  9. She met her husband when doing a presentation of his company's products. He was smittened with her and mummy approved. LYR is really good. I teared a few times in ep 4. Especially that part where she showed her daughter's photo in her phone to her dad. Is so so sad.
  10. This drama is so sloppy. I cant believe that l am still watching it TI has head injury but no bandage on head. Had cardiac arrest and only 2 staff attended to him. Still lying on a pillow which is incorrect position to do CPR. Ditto for that evil man father when he collapsed. And they are not in intensive care unit. This drama is going in circles. No wonder the writer is being cursed at. Someone in youtube commented that " may this writer fail in all his/her future works"
  11. I dont think l will watch the ending episode after reading about the stupid SB. She choosed her stalker??? I have watch all the dramas of this female lead cause l like her but now l am starting to dislike her. I know l should know what is real or reel but l am so affected that l really want to xyz her. The scriptwriter too.....xyz to you. May you never have a chance to write for Korean dramas again.
  12. If you are saying about the smoking and drinking, is not this actor. Is the actor playing his classmate, the one he bashed in school.
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