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  1. I read on the Vietnamese news that the producer of this drama confirmed this drama will have season 2. Everything is still on plan. They said it would be hard to have the same group as season 1. I think the story of season 2 is all about XF and JM's son. I don't know how to feel about this news. Half of me feels it's a good news. Maybe they can ask Deng Lun and Yang Zi participate in this season, so there will be a chance for them to work together. But my other half doesn't have a high hope about this news. what do you think?

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  2. I really like the ending song of this drama. Her voice is so beautiful. Hearing the song so many times but I still don't understand meaning of the lyrics until I saw a post from Luo Yun Xi's fan facebook. I like to share it with you guy. I tried to translate it from Vietnamese to English, so there will be some mistakes, since English is not my first language. 

    Everybody watching the film must have heard the song "Upward to the Moon" by Sa Ding Ding presented each time an episode ended. the song is divided into six episodes, each mentions the left and right hand repeatedly. It is not difficult to recognize the left hand is in term of Xu Feng, the right hand is Yuan Yu.

    If you are Buddhist or just have the love of research, then you may know the famous story "Fingers of the moon" which is used to teach people how to look at everything in live, to understand the balance between the destination and the meaning of implementation. According to the legend, when Gautama was born, he walked in the flower garden with seven steps, step by step, the lotus was opened under the heel, he raised his hand to heaven, giving the wish of this life to free suffering. No one knows which hand the Buddha used to point. Therefore, the status of the Buddha based on the culture of each region. Indians see the right hand to represent power, sanctity. Chinese and the East Asian countries treasure left hand. However, the left or right hand is just the name, how we  can qualify its value. Doing right or wrong isn't influential by its name. People are born equally, they may be in wrong circumstance, but the opportunity to choose the personality is the same. The ability to be good, the risk of corruption as well as the opportunity to reform are all the same. In our story, our "Xu Feng and Yuan Yu", their hands have gone to different ways. They are contrasted, all encapsulated in the song.


    "Left hand of the Land, Right hand of the Heaven." 

    Both hands broke away, thunders and lightning shock were all directions. Xu Feng's future held the boundary of the Hell. Yuan Yu was the new guardian of the Heaven. The day their fraternal relationship broke also was the day their conflicts broke out, the war was unceasing and the thunders flashed everywhere.


    "Left hand picked flowers, Right hand danced sword."

    Xu Feng, Fire Ferity, was amorous and a lovebird. The God of War suddenly understood the meaning of love, even knew how to take a loving care of a fragile petal, a early dewdrop. On the contrary, Yuan Yu was greatly gentle and solitary but still hold a condemn in his heart, and grinded his sword under the moon every night.


    "Left hand put on the string, Right hand pluck off."

    One person restrained disturbance, prayed for peace for six realms. One person bearing a resentment determined to blow the Heaven.


    "Left hand upward to the moon, Right hand holds the dodder marriage tie."

    "Left hand turns into feathers, Right hand turns into fish scales."

    The greatest desire of these two brothers was revealed through this verse. Feng Hua just want to be free without any worries, hands hugging his loved ones. Fishery also just want to be a small fish from the beginning.


    Cr. @Leovnfc

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    Thank you for all the translations and photos.
















































































































































































































































































































    Best Supporting Actor in special Drama Category : Uhm Ki Joon
















    Best Actor in Special Drama Category : Lee Dong Wook
















    Best Actress in Special Drama Category : Kim Suna
















    The Best Couple Award went to the MCs and this is the most boring drama award I've ever watched.  
















    2009 award was loads more fun.































    Would you mind tell me if there's any different b/w best actor/actress award and best actor/actress in special drama? or is this just the same award with different name?
















    Jastinel - I really don't mind at all how many awards other actors/actresses have, I'm just happy that Suna and Wookie win award that recognises their acting skills.
















































    Yay, Lee Dong Wook won the daesang award for the actor category... Yoohooooooo! I think he thank the cast and crew of SOWA and named sunny... I think twice. I am a happy camper!
















    YES! Kim Suh Ah won the daesang award for the actress category. Now I am truly a happy camper..... She thank her "partner" Lee Dong Wookshiiiiii.... Double yoooohooooo..... SunWook won the most impt awards.... HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone































    OMG !!! Really .. I just went for 10mins and I missed this ...huhu...
















    But be happy for SUNWOOK couple. CONGRATULATION !!!!!!
















































































































































































































































































    It's not best actress and best actor but Netizens Popularity Award.
































































































































    Um Ki Joon won as Best Supporting Actor :w00t:































































































































































































































































    thank for correct me
































































































































    So there is still best couple award we're looking forward to, right?
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    it look like best actor is Lee Min Ho and best actress is the girl in Protect My Boss ( I don't know her name)
































































































































































































































































    Congratulation to Eum Ki Joon , he wins best supporting actor award
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    @donnapie I'm not active SunWook shipper much because of my poor english, but I followed all your posts (and all SunWook shippers posts) from SOAW thread to here even your tumblr and I love it. When I read your last post, I feel sad and I'm gonna missing you. I know you feel hurt now, just take your time but come back soon with us. I'm sure all SunWook shippers gonna miss you. Like Jastinel said a ship cannot sail without its captain.
































































































































    @Plastikstroberi Thank you for sharing your fan account and vid/gifs even though I didn't have a chance to see the vid but the gif is enough for me to squealed like a fangirl ( and this is my first ship) and I'm grateful for whatever you chose to share with us. Once again thank you

































































































































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