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  1. Last episode was amazing! Soo-yeon has finally decided to tell his secret to Yeo-reum but such an unfortunate accident! I was so worried for both of them. Well the preview eased my fears but instead now I'm worried Soo-yeon does something that may create trouble in the future... But how sweet are they together?! Their romance has developed quite nicely. And (AWW) Na Yeong-joo knew Yeo-reum was going on a date with Soo-yeon. They should hurry up and be friends already. It's my first time posting in this thread but I've been watching this drama since day 1. It's my favorite drama form the ones currently airing.
  2. I don't want Sori to leave! In any case why can't Woo-jin go with her? I really hope it's a misleading preview, this drama has been great I don't want this cliché to ruin what could be a smooth journey from start to finish I love Yang Sejong so much I want to watch anything from him!
  3. Ugh Yang Sejong cries so beautifully, I was sobbing when he said he couldn't live without Sori. It was such a heartbreaking confession but I'm glad he didn't run away, he instead found out that Sori could never hate him. I love this drama too much I don't want it to end.
  4. I hope this time Moonshik won't get fooled by his father, he's trash and should have never returned to their lives. I want to believe that even when times are rough Mr. Yang couldn't betray Mi-young this way (even before knowing she did nothing against him) and didn't change her pills. I'm dreading what could happen if she stopped taking her medication. I'm sorry I was to harsh on ET's sister she's a nice grandmother to Eun-soo, but she did really make YH suffer.
  5. I really don't like amnesia in dramas so I'm preparing myself to spend good chunk of what's left of this rolling my eyes. And before the amnesia plot kicks in, we need to: Make WAM regret ever treating Soo-ah as a golden ticket, she does not deserve a daughter. Kill this MS's dad coming back plot. I can't understand why MS would want this man back and what can come from this? HS is obviously going to suffer with MY's illness, no need for filler. Get ET's sister to get over her. Lady live your life and stop pestering your brother. A grown man having to cater to her ridiculous wishes. ET being finally a father to ES and being part of his own family with YH. I don't care about DY and JH's loveline because they're damn slow I'm giving up on their fate.
  6. I'd wish they spent more time on the other relationships rather than waste time on JH-DY-MS, the thing should have been resolved long ago. Maybe add some meat to Hyun-ha's storyline? I cannot believe My is going to give the coffee store to WAM, I hope when Sun-ha realizes what happened some good feud happens, I'm tired of WAM's greed. I hope ET returns soon, I understand his internal conflict but I think YH is going through a lot more and my heart is with her, but I'm glad she's standing strong and waiting for ET.
  7. There are two people I'm done with in this drama: Eun-tae's sister that wants to control her brother's life and is just being a hindrance. Lady get a hobby. Sun-ha's mother-in-law. Can she be any more greedy? I can't understand this lady's logic, " I didn't think she'd say yes at once" why would MY give her a coffee store in her building? and she dares to get mad that MY doesn't want to. This old woman is unbelievable, Sun-ha should just get divorced. I cannot believe they left me hanging here not knowing if ES has GVHD (I think not, but still) The good side is the love between ET and YH is strong and about to become stronger now that they can be a beautiful happy family. Yes! take away those legal rights from CSW! I'm tired of the love triangle between MS-DY-JH. Can someone tell MS whats happening behind his back? He's going to feel betrayed and ridiculous when he learns DY and JH are dating AND know about his crush on DY.
  8. This is the moment I've been waiting for! I'm sure Eun-soo doesn't have that weird illness but it sure is causing some chaos in the newly formed Jung-Park family. Sun-ha's mil is awful
  9. I love the little happy family that ET and YH make with ES. I'm bit sad for ET because ES is still not ready to accept him as her dad but he's the kindest man and I just know he's going to win her as a daughter, (real daughter if I may say I'm now a believer) besides ET's sister is about to give in and from the restaurant interaction I know she's going to love ES as much as everyones else already does, more because is her brother's baby (but I want her to love ES even before learning she's his real daughter) Two great episodes and a lot of things happened. Relationships are confusing things between ET and JH... but I'm not going to think about it today. DY's parents might not even let her date JH, so whatever by now. Moonshik crushing on Dayeon is so sad to watch, but luckily he'll have a family to cheer him up when things get ugly (I know he's breaking in) and he makes a good team with JH and HS. I'm glad SH's MIL likes her, no big conflict there and I don't know what is happening at their office but I'm glad she's happy in their house. HH and her boss, cute. We need more Hyun-ha. I just want more of ET and YH
  10. I want Moon-shik to become part of the family and against his own will. It's gonna happen! ET's sister is a snob. She wants ET to live near her and have a family and that's what he's going to do if he marries Yoo-ha but just because she's a divercee and has a child she's going to break them up? Then ET leaving, not having a family and never coming back is the better alternative? How long until she understands it? Now we have SW back! Just thinking about it my mind went WOAH! But thinking again, his reaction is not because CSW admires ET or his dad? Yoo-ha told that to ET one time.
  11. I love how nicely the romance between Eun-tae and Yoo-ha is going; sincere, adult and warm. Eun-tae is just great! He likes Yoo-ha and adores her daughter, wants to be good to her family and loves his sister and niece. Uff how can anyone resist this man? I want the full romance soon and of course I'm expecting trouble ahead but not that much, Eun-tae is in his way to fall in love hard and the way he is he's not giving up Yoo-ha because something so meaningless to him as to what other people might think of him marrying a divorcee, the only problem is his sister opposing. Also I'm so ready for Jae-hyung and Eun-tae meeting! it's time to turn the tables. "What are you ready to give up for her?!" Well he already gave her daughter his blood... About the rest, Hyo-seob and Mi-yeon: not so interesting, maybe something good will come of them living together. Kyung-soo and Su-ha: ugh she's going to suffer with her MIL and now that Hyo-seob is not marrying Mi-yeon the MIL is going to go crazy on her. Poor her, she deserves better but Kyung-soo has no backbone. Jae-hyung and Da-yeon: they're so cute I want them to start dating already I don't want Jae-hyung and Moon-shik to fight even more if Moon-shik finds out Da-yeon likes Jae-hyung, they could be good friends! Hyun-ha: is she even up to something? she's no longer a troublemaker, doesn't have a boyfriend, a crush or a job! Please do something more meaningful with her character. Moon-shik: I feel bad for him but at the same time I want to punch him in the face. Ugh and I don't understand what Mi-yeon is doing, sometimes I feel she really wants to get rid of him and his fears and bad deeds are justified but no, the boy need to see he's wrong all around.
  12. I watched the 26 episodes in three days and I feel obsessed with this drama, with Park Yoo-ha and Jung Eun-tae's romance who is at least blossoming! I adore Eun-soo, what a cute and understanding kid. I didn't like Hyun-ha's character at first but she's a nice kid, being the youngest she's the spoiled baby of her family and her attitude is a bit bratty but she as her sisters and brother has a big loving heart. I like her and I'd love for her own development. I cannot wait for next episode! I'd wish I could watch at once the romance between YH and ET
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