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  1. He already paid and double, but after he heard the people talk about "pitiful" Gae Ttong. Before that he didn't even think in what situation he left Gae Ttong, if not for Hoon the girl would be an outcast and very soon a dead body.
  2. Headstrong girl Gae Ttong is more amazing every day how could anyone dislike her? I love her and Hoon together, they're too cute! I hope we could get a lot more romance between them now that the cat is out of the bag, even when I'm feeling rather sad that Soo had to witness that beautiful love confession :/ About him, I never thought kind, naive Soo could go dark this easily but after thinking about it, it was not sudden; he's been lied to, manipulated, betrayed but he was still fighting fueled by his love for Gae Ttong. Discovering her only friend in the palace was killed, the same day he learns his beloved is in love with someone else --someone he trusted-- and possibly learning this someone is the son of his main antagonist. This surely can make kind Soo snap. Still I'd wish for Soo and Hoon to clear things up ;_; for Gae Ttong-ie The only one I can't like is Kang Ji-hwa, she supposedly is not evil like Hoon's father but I hate her for how awful she is to Gae Ttong... and to everyone else! she's awful, to me she's not forgiven for how she's falling in love with Do Joon because she treats him like trash every chance she gets. She's awful. I'm loving this drama, Kim Min-jae is gloriously adorable. I fell in love with you Matchmaker Ma <3
  3. Last episode was amazing! Soo-yeon has finally decided to tell his secret to Yeo-reum but such an unfortunate accident! I was so worried for both of them. Well the preview eased my fears but instead now I'm worried Soo-yeon does something that may create trouble in the future... But how sweet are they together?! Their romance has developed quite nicely. And (AWW) Na Yeong-joo knew Yeo-reum was going on a date with Soo-yeon. They should hurry up and be friends already. It's my first time posting in this thread but I've been watching this drama since day 1. It's my favorite drama form the ones currently airing.
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