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  1. I cant seem to move on. Last time i was this crazy about kdrama; is when i watched My Girl and fall hard for LDW.. and then Innocent Defendant with Ji Sung but not that severe withdrawal syndrome. Lol. KJW is my top 3 fav actor now!
  2. I was expecting some showdown between Ryan and Director Eom. Turns out it was Cindy who went against her. Totally not expected.
  3. When i watched ep 11, i notice Director Eom talked about rumor that his husband has illegitimate child. I dunno why but i immediately think that EG and cindy is half siblings. And in ep 12, EG's mom talked about one sided love. LOL. Although after that i just thought it will be silly for that type of connection in rom com.
  4. Same with me. Did not sleep last night waiting for subs, and around 230am watch it with sub.. Now its 5 am, eat (suhuur for fasting) while reading here.. tomorrow i certainly gonna get cranky since i dont catch enough sleep. I should remind myself to watch all the GIF here whenever i feel tired tomorrow so that i will smile and forget about my tiredness. LOL
  5. Cmiiw, this is not PMY's 2nd romcom. I am Sam and Sungkyunkwan Scandal falls under rom-com too right?
  6. Does anyone know the title song for this drama? It is not in OST released so far. I really like the song. Tried to search "Your Precious Little Girl" also didnt return any result.
  7. I watched PMY in Sungkyunkwan Scandal but didn't really become her fans, until i watched Busted. LOL. Really like her personality there. She's so easy going. Can't forget how she lie on the ground in the 1st ep. She's also smart. I like her since then so i watched her drama after that (WWWSK and HPL). Maybe after HPL finished i will try to watch Healer, City Hunter and Queen for 7 Days.
  8. During the picnic scene, I like when RG pulls DM clothes so that DM stay beside him and take photos with him.. eventhough they are still in "fighting phase" at that time.
  9. So happy with ep 9. I knew they won't bicker for too long. On side note, SJ and DM friendship is friendship goal! It was funny to see SJ giving the attitude to RG. Can't wait for tonight episode!
  10. Aside from the stalking, she is ok. But with all the stalking that she does following DM and RG, i hope she will roots for the couple later and help them be together. LOL
  11. Can't stop myself from rewatching the drama. And i laugh so hard in ep 6 where SA went visiting Cheum. I just realised that DM didnt have makeup when talking with RG but when SA came, she put on lipstick and earrings. LOL. I missed the details when i watched it the first time.
  12. I think DM most effected when she heard that CDI knows that they are fake dating. She seems suprised and in her mind, the only one who could told CDI is Ryan. She didnt imagine that CDI heard it from EG. So she got upset because she thinks that Ryan told CDI that they are fake dating and wants to end the fake relationship because Ryan likes CDI and dont want CDI to misunderstand, or else Ryan wouldnt told CDI that. So she thinks that Ryan did not have the same feeling as her. Thats why she wants to end it. Not because CDI likes RG. She only thinks about RG's feeling and if he didnt like her, whats the point of continuing fake dating anyway. But i agree with u, she should have listen what Ryan has to say first. I mean, even if its true that Ryan want to end the fake relationship, lets hear it from Ryan's mouth, right?
  13. Subtitle for ep 1 that i watched said "you bought a painting with lousy brushwork for that price". I dont understand hangul so i dont know it is correct translation or not.
  14. Thx u. Yes. I cant stop rewatching all episode again. LOL. How can we get through this week?
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