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    From these new pictures, Seo JiHye may not be the adoring fan that she claimed she is. Fany had caused the accident that left her grandma like that. :o















































































    GASPPPPP~! :o
















    From the last set of pictures, it seems like he's showing kindness to that grandma so the public will think he's truly sorry, etc. etc. He probably really isn't though. :fury:




























    AHHHHHHHHHHHHLDKJFKLSDJFLKDSJFLKDSJFLKDSJF I just finished watching episode 2. OOOOOMYYYGOSHHH I feel like slapping the crap out of Rex (even though I'm a huge fan of FTTS and I know hwanhee's not like that in real life XD). He's so cocky and selfish and arrogant and UGHHHHHH. That kiss scene between kimokbin and hyukjoo was hotness. <333 Weeeee, I'm so happy he's finally out of that gang, too. ^____^ I was dying when they were beating him up. T__T Sighhhh...at least it's all over now. From the previews though, I saw rex shedding some tears and okbin behind him looking at him with pity. Gahhhh oh nooo. >.<




























    Wooahhhh so excited for episode 2~!
















    Ji Hyunwoo's starting to grow on me now...when I first saw him on that come to play show, I didn't think he was like...drop dead gorgeous but yeahh. =] Kim Okbin's so prettyyy~
















    OMGosh but Ji Hyunwoo being in that gang makes me so nervous...sheeshhhh. Gangs in dramas are so scaryyy. T___T
































    Yousendit link for ep.1 LQ:
































    And megaupload is still in progress..
















    -EDIT 2-
















    Oh yeah, I forgot to add that while I was watching this, I kept thinking Ji Hyunwoo looked like Bi and Kim Okbin looked like Park Shiyeon. Sheeshhh so weird.
















    -EDIT 3-
















    Megaupload link:






























    Hehh, he made me this jar full of paper stars and cranes, right?






    Him: "Don't open it."






    Me: "Why?"






    Him: "Because the love will run out."












    I love him. =]












    KJK leaving is so sad..I never expected him to shed tears..:[






    I hope Junjin takes good care of them. :]






    Does anyone know where I can download that Shootdori theme song? I've never used Windows Movie Maker before but I was thinking of making a tribute video while fiddling with everything.






    this is what im talking about too....



    i downloaded something just an hour ago and now its not working :(



    so i cant download my drama



    ahhh i hope itll work tomorrow >_____<



    please help us!





    OMG!! That was happening to me too! And I thought it was only my computer...Well. it's working for me now after a BUNCH of tries...So i guess just, try again?






    After i download subtitles and the movie/drama w/e, how do i play it WITH the subtitles? I have GOM player and Windows Media player if that makes any difference...:) And is there a way i can burn the drama with the subtitles onto a disc to give to my friend? I don't need subtitles myself, but I'm trying to get my PHILIPINO friend into korean dramas. xD LOL


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