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  1. I didn't get any replies when I posted this in the tech section so I'm hoping for better luck this time.

    Everytime I try to record something with Goldwave, my mic(headphones and mic attached) doesn't catch what I'm saying but if some sound from the computer(like music from windoes media player or AIM) comes on, it'll record that.

    I hope I made sense. -_-;;;

    Please let me know how I can fix this...or if I should just buy a new mic.










    Is clubbox working for everyone else right now?






    This has been happening since yesterday but everytime I try to download one file, it automatically pauses and won't start or when I'm trying to download multiple files at once, the pause/play button keeps flashing and won't start.



  3. This is a Goldwave question...

    When I record, I listen to the music while I sing.

    My Goldwave never used to do this but...it records the song playing...I don't know how to explain this clearly.

    Like, it only records the song [extra loud] and not my voice.

    How can I fix this?


  4. This is a Goldwave question...

    When I record, I listen to the music while I sing.

    My Goldwave never used to do this but...it records the song playing...I don't know how to explain this clearly.

    Like, it only records the song [extra loud] and not my voice.

    How can I fix this?












    1.) How am I feeling today?
















    Yessss, I miss so many things from the past.








    2.) Where will I get married?
























    3.) What is my best friend's theme song?
























    4.) What is/was highschool like?








    Ain't No Other Man








    Puahahah yes yesss none other thannn....LKH








    5.) What is the best thing about me?
















    WHAT? T_T








    6.) How is today going to be?








    어머니에게 [To My Mother]








    Hmm...I love my mom. ^^








    7.) What is in store for this weekend?
















    Love this weekend? Hahahahah. I wish. XP








    8.) What song describes my parents?.








    Far Away








    PUAHAHA, um, no. -_-








    9.) How is my life going?








    The Voice Within








    Mmmm...maybe I should listen to my heart. XP








    10.) What song will they play at my funeral?








    포엉 [Hug]








    How sweet. XD








    11.) How does the world see me?








    What's Left Of Me








    Mmm so I'm all who's left to other ppl in the world? Hahahah.








    12.) What do my friends really think of me?








    미친 사랑의 노래 [Crazy Love's Song]








    HAHAHAHAH. I'm a crazy lover, does that count? (:








    13) Do people secretly lust after me?








    1-2 Step
















    14.) How can I make myself happy?
























    15.) What should I do with my life?








    Sugar We're Going Down








    Go down?? T__T








    16.) Will I ever have children?








    You Make Me Wanna








    PUAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA. You make me wanna have babies. HAHAHAHAHA.








    17.) What is some good advice?








    사랑스러워 [Loveable]








    He's loveable. XP








    18.) What do I think my current theme song is?








    처음 부터 [From The Beginning]








    Mmmm...maybe I should've become friends with him last year....in the beginning.. XD








    19.) What does everyone else think my current theme song is?








    Too Little, Too Late








    Too little and too late. T__T








    20.) What type of men/women do you like?:








    한남자 [One Man]








    Hahaha, how fitting.








    21.) Will you get married?:








    My Heart Will Go On








    O_O What does that mean?








    22.) What should I do with my love life?








    These Are the Special Times








    Cherish them...^^








    24.) Where will you live?
















    I'll live gracefullyyyy~








    25.) What will your dying words be?
























    That was fun. XD














    I have the Korean all installed on my computer but..








    I'd like to know how to switch between English and Korean using the keyboard. I KNOW you can like...hit CTRL or ALT or something and it'll switch but...nothing like that works for me so I always have to go to the language bar and change it.












    Hee chul confessed his feelings for hyun kyung but she rejected hiim because she didnt feel a pounding in her heart when she was with him. But then later she relized that she missed him and decided to accept his feelings for her but she hasnt told him yet since, in the show, they made him have a family emergency at home and therefore having to leave for a while (they did this because he got into a car accident in real life and was hospitalized).








    Professor Park and Professor C got engaged.








    Eunah got hit by a car when she was on her way to meet ji hoo with that bracelet she got him. So she gets amnesia.















    Thank you thank you~!!








    But where's Professor C now?








    And were Eunah and jihoo going out before the accident?








    Ahhh, sorry if it's too much but...could someone please provide with the episode numbers between when the professors got engaged and episode 213?


























    I missed a few episodes and I have a few questions...
















    What happened to heechul and hyunkyung?
















    What happened to professer Park and that other guy professer?
















    And what kind of accident did Eunah go through?




























    okbin is just mean :X




















    i don't get her.. i don't really like her character anymore..




















    omfg. i loveeeee nam hyunjoon's character.




















    he's so hot in the drama it's not even funny<333




















    gawd.. when he danced for hyukjoo T___T.




















    i'm loving this drama so far.







































    Namhyunjoon? That name sounds really familiar...




















    But yeahh he's SOOO HOTTTTT. I loved it when he was dancing for hyukjoo.




















    Myy goshhh so sexyyy~
































    Oh man, in episode 5, it made me all nervous when that short gang leader guy made another appearance...T__T And how he looked at hyukjoo passing by....GAHHHH.




















    And I hate the way heesoo is so twofaced...UGHHH. How can she do that? And hyukjoo is so 순진해...being so loyal to her...no matter how mean she is to him..




















    Can't wait for HQ of episode 6!




































    I know I'm not likeeee...a "regular" in this thread but I watch RR once in a while and I drop by here sometimes and I have some NEWSSS!! I know you guys have been wondering who that smiling guy is from the coffee shop and...his name's 최원준(Choi WunJoon)...and he's a singer. I hope you didn't already have his info...then I'd be really embarrassed right now. ^^;;
























    Wow, I just went one page back and -____________________-;;;;;;;;;;;;












    I guess you guys already knew. -________-;;;;;












    I didn't watch 184/185 yet so I didn't even hear his name so I didn't know you guys probably would've found out by now. Hehe sorryyyyyy~












    So embarrassing -________-;;;;;;;;;;;;;





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