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    If I get the 7s with 20 sheets of film for $100, is that a pretty good deal? Or are there better prices than that?
































































    Also, should I get the 7s now, or wait for Polaroid to come back out this year? >< can't decide..








































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I really can't decide between the mini 7 and the mini 25.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I've seen the comparison of the two posted several pages back but... it doesn't seem like they have THAT much of a big difference... What do you guys recommend?
























































































































































    I have a question about my dog's weird behavior these days. It's nothing big but a little annoying. --;








































































    I have an eight year old Westie and I usually take her around this one lake. The walk is usually 3/4 of a mile. But these days, she's been tugging on her leash to make me go to all these different routes that we usually never take. I used to be able to walk her on the main path very easily, but now she'll resist and try to go on other paths. It's so weird! Can anyone explain this?
































































































    I'm having a problem with clubbox these days and i'm not sure if it's because it's gonna shut down soon or something.








































































    When I try to download something, I click download and the box closes like normal, right? But then the window that shows the progress won't come up at all, and when I do open it, the thing I just tried to download isn't there. Is there anything I can do to fix this? Thank you.









































































    are you sure it's not on Repeat 1?

    On your music player screen, tap the middle of the screen
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    You should see the time bar thingy and under it on the left theres a Cycle icon.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    If you see the number 1 on the icon, then click on it.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Hope thats the answer you're looking for
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    You can double click your menu button and a screen should pop up with the Back,Next,Pause.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Or you can get these babies, unless you dont want to replace your current earphones http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.14472
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    They have a mic + remote. (1 click pause, 2 click next, 3 clicks back.)
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    You have too many processes running in the background which causes your apps to overload and crash.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    It's a common problem. Just turn it off then on to clear all the processes.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Also if you jailbreak'd it, you can download Kill processes which is a nice app that shows which processes are running and you can close them.































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Hmmm... No, that wasn't it. :(
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    But thanks for your help!
































































































































































    Can someone help me? I have a 2G itouch and whenever i try to play this one song, it makes all the other songs not play later on. For example, I'll be able to listen to all my other songs, but when I try to play this song, it won't play, and the other songs afterward won't play, either. I hope I'm making sense. All help appreciated!
























































































    So I watched so 49 and 50 thinking those would be the last ones but they weren't... Then I watched this weeks episodes thinking they would be the last.. But these weren't the last ones either... So now I'm super confused... How many episodes are left?

























    Easy 4 step process

















































    3:Reinstall using this link http://clubbox.co.kr/neo.fld/ClubboxSetup.exe
















































    the error usually means something is preventing Clubbox from updating correctly so in that case it is easier just to start from zero rather then try find what the problem is considering the vastly large numbers of different computer configurations out there.
























    Ok i'll answer both questions in one medium gulp
























    Green files is the new clubbox initiative that provides for a way to purchase and download content legally off the clubbox site. If you have ever user the Itunes store to buy music, its the same concept except you purchase Korean media (ive used this itunes example too many times now :sweatingbullets: )
























    files must be purchased using real money and there is no mileage to cash conversion currently.
























    unfortunately i can't answer the question regarding if its possible to redownload as i haven't actually tried the service yet.
























    However once you download the file, its a completely normal file and can be used however you please. There is no restrictions on copying or playing the file.
























    Green Files can simply be thought of as paying EXTRA on top of the quick download option so you get the nice warm fuzzy feeling that you are now considered a lovely paying customer rather then one of those evil people that copyright holders hate with a passion :D















































    Thank you for your thorough explanation. One thing I'm still not clear of is if this new program applies for all clubbox files now. I don't have a credit card so does that mean I won't be able to use clubbox anymore? Thanks again. :]
























































    I tried to use this tutorial: http://www.apple.com/quicktime/tutorials/creatingvideo.html to put a movie file on my ipod. When I get to the third step and I open the file on QuickTime, it doesn't actually play... It's just a blank white screen and I can't select "Export" on the file menu, either. Can someone help me?
































    Also, is this the only way to take my .avi movies from my computer and put them on my ipod?
































    Thank you.
















































    Just double checking...
























    There were no new episodes this past week, right?
























    The next new episode is this coming monday?























































































    I have so many questions cuz I'm new to all this..just got a touch. (:






























































































    1. How do I rename the files on my itunes? In my general music folder [not on itunes], all my files are named the way I want. On itunes, some of the files have weird things in the file names like the site where I downloaded from, weird spellings, etc. I don't want them to show up like that on my ipod.






























































































    2. Because I set all my settings on my PC to Korean so that my song titles will show up properly, my whole ipod just went korean. The time, the calendar, etc. is all in Korean on my touch. All I want is for my song titles to show up properly, not my whole ipod to have everything in Korean.






























































































    3. Some of my albums come out twice on the ipod. For example, one song from Wonder Girls will be in one folder, then another song from that same album will be in another folder.






























































































    Please and thank you for the answers. <3
















































    Hmmm... does anyone know where the thread is for his new show with the high school girls?
















































    This is interestinggg.
























    Does anyone know a clubbox i could download these episodes from?
























    I want higher quality than youtube. (:















    I'm having some technical problems with my DS lite.





    The touch screen on the bottom is always blank/white but everythigs else works. The top screen works, the sound works, and i can still press things on the touch screen. The problem is that I can't see anything. How can I fix this? Do I need to take it to a game shop and try to get it fixed? Please and thank you~








    I love this topic...The posts are so cute and make me smile. XD





    I'd like to get a fish but I don't know anything about them.





    I just want one fish in one of those classic glass bowls. Maybe even something like this:










    The thing is, I don't know anything about fish. :(





    I would really like a low-maintenance one... What kind should I get and how would I take care of it?





    Thank youuu!





    (I hope it's okay for me to post this picture since it's an example of something and not really my pet...)








    what happened?





    i wish we could be friends again.





    but weirdly, i think this is it.





    i don't think we have another chance.





    at first i was angry, but now i think i'm a little sad.





    maybe that's the word.





    i'm glad i don't have to deal with you anymore, though.





    having to put up with getting my feelings hurt almost every single day from you.





    but i miss how we were best friends before all this.





    we won't ever have that again.





    you know i actually had a dream about you.





    i was really happy in the dream because we made up.





    i woke up wishing that's what really happened.





    i could just go to you and say sorry and live happily ever after.





    but when i think about it, i feel like i have nothing to be sorry for.





    you hurt me.





    it's not one thing that you did.





    it's all the little things.





    and those little things built up over time.





    i really dislike you right now, but i still secretly care.





    does that make sense?


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