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  1. I can't wait to see the subbed episodes. It's like waiting forever. I've been like searching everywhere to see if the subs were completed but nada! I feel empty and seems I can't move on. I keep repeating the earlier episodes when XF and XW/LCY were happy together. I need another drama lol. Wish to hear more about these two.
  2. Wow! Just watching bits and pieces from here and there since there is no English sub in Viki yet. The acting of CXX & PXR are superb. I can't believe Chinese dramas are addicting as well. I would be looking forward for these two to take big roles in the future and be recognized in this specific drama that they portrayed. Thank you chingus for sharing videos and updates...
  3. Agree! I even googled him and checked his dramas. he's pretty new and very good looking young man. I got over with Deng Lun just as fast lol. And he knows how to act...
  4. @nuttyz Thanks for sharing... very informative Where can I find the english version of the novel?
  5. This is just too sad. LCY's actions are unredeemable. Probably he was remorseful in some ways but the fact that he destroyed many people just for his own interests. And his ambition over his love for XF... What a pity for these couple. But at the end of every episode, I'm still rooting for them to have a happy ending to heal my broken heart at least...
  6. Since I haven't read the novel, please enlighten me... so XF died with the sword of Adu and not from fall? LCY memories came back after the second fall or when XF cut her throat with Adu's sword?
  7. Hello everyone! I am so glad I found this thread. This is actually my second Chinese Drama after Ashes of Love. I'm a Kdrama addict but a friend of mine introduced me to fantasy, romance in Chinese drama and I loved it. Thank you for those who keeps on bringing updated episodes with translations. And for answering questions that enlightens some viewers who somehow wasn't able to read the novel... and for feeding us with so many infos... I read somewhere that GMP may have a second ending. I just hope the writer could pull it off nicely until the end and tie all loose ends. For me a happy ending is what I want for LCY and XF...
  8. Hi there... my first time to visit this thread. I usually visit and ship Korean celebrities but since I watched AOL with DL and YZ in it. I just can't get over it. It has been filmed years ago and yet I keep on following them and their future dramas. Also my first time to be in love in fantasy Chinese drama. That's so nice that they gifted each other on their birthdays...And good to hear that they have good relationship and even their dads are close. So that means they are just really good friends and nothing more. But their BTS and interviews since I can't understand a bit, it seems they could be more than that if they are willing to push it harder. Just rooting so much for these couple.
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