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  1. 4 hours ago, nohamahamoud2002 said:

    I am a bit surprised that Mrs Lee accepted HN before learning she is SJ.

    She accepted her because her business is now very successful and because HN told her that she found her bio mother, that's why she showed concern that HN might leave HG now that is successful and HN was telling her about how much that she (HG mother) loves money.

    I think HG mother will find out that HN is SJ when she visits her mother at the store and she calls her mom or maybe in the family meeting when both mothers come together.

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  2. 38 minutes ago, xiashenghan said:

    sure loves to blame anyone but themselves. They're psycho.

    Whenever they open their mouth they blame someone JE just kept on blaming HN and SH was like: it's YR fault she forced JE to say these things, then she blames HN and claims that HN and YR plotted to take JH money, then JH tells about the DNA, so SH again blames YR claiming that she is setting them up. She keeps on blaming YR to last moment of her conversation with her sister, she tries to shift the blame on her sister if her "pregnant" daughter collapsed but she failed. Then she blames DG for marring JE, not JE who is at fault it's DG as if he dragged JE and forced her to marry him, then she blames her husband for being incompetent and then her mother for playing favorites. Never once she said it was her mistake or JE not even with herself.

    I didn't like the way she talked about EA for being a side dish store owner who managed to raise HN (Sarang is great too not the typical bio daughter) who is a foundling child to become this great young woman that shook her daughter confidence down.


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  3. 28 minutes ago, selen4ever said:

    I think HN asks JH to forgive them.

    I was about to say really but then I remembered something I saw a few days ago a video of Oprah Talks to Maya Angelou, I couldn't find the video but I found the interview in a text.


    Oprah: I've tried to let people know, as you have taught me over the years, that when you forgive somebody, it doesn't necessarily mean you want to invite them to your table.


    Maya: Indeed not. No, no, no. I don't even want you around me. It just means I'm finished with you.



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  4. 24 minutes ago, tinkerbelle2004 said:

    I can accept the villains having more screen time than the good guys (esp.the OTP)  but for the last 3 episodes at least, let us see the good guys get their reward and the villains their dues!

    No, so you have already given up, for me I'll never accept that. When the drama is about the good guys then they should get more screen time and more wins. I really wish for once they gave us a drama where the good guy walks in and take the bad guys out at least half of the drama and not in the last few episodes.  I don't mind if the added more bad guys as long the good guys make them pay. I started to make up my own Kdrama plots in my mind just to satisfy my wishes. For example, the long-lost daughter ( the most entertaining plot) comes back as a rich successful career woman and makes sure to make things right for herself and her family before telling them it's me and before the bad guys can do anything about it, or the girl who comes back to life after being accidentally murdered by her bullies with supernatural power and with new identity. Or the girl who meets a distant relative on Facebook who looks exactly like her but 10 years older and then her relative dies and she comes to know what had happened to her. It seems I'm really looking for a strong female lead story plot, for example, Always Spring the female lead was great and fights back but bad guys got most of the wins and they were more of them. So I wish if I could watch a drama with a plot that doesn't make me wonder what it is wrong with the writers instead of what's wrong the characters.

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  5. I don't know why I'm so hung up on SH scenes that I had to break them down and comment. I loved every moment of it and I totally ignored JE because she gave up once everything was clear it was funny how she was trying to destroy the recorder after everything was out in the open, does she not know how the human hearing work?. P.S what the point of having JE rother their he was more of an extra with no lines today I didn't hear his voice after Sarang quite teaching him. Today his had one job and nothing else as if he is not SH son or JE brother.



    When JH invited her family and started to talk about her missing daughter,  SH had to ask her not to ruin their mood because they are here to celebrate and not to take about dark things. I think she is only there to eat or she expecting something good for her.



    She can't even let her sister talk or her husband to question what she meant, can't she just wait and let her finish before jumping the gun. She was trampling with fear and I was like " You're going down today"





    Her face says it all, she has no poker face that's why she is a loser.


    SH coming to her daughter defense and she is the mastermind behind everything going like "I'll save my innocent daughter from the evil queen", so she blames the one person who doesn't know the truth HN, the clueless HN.



    Then she starts to use an intimidation tactic, so she screams but her whole body is shaking like a leaf against the wind and she tries to shift the blame, demanding the truth from YR, but really? Does she think YR is April fool?


    The JH is not buying her lies and she asks her to wake up the truth is out and you got caught, but the delusional sister still believes if she kept denying then she is telling the truth, so she keeps repeating that she is not lying. If she was crazy I would have said she is believing it too.


    I thought in this scene she was possessed and she is in need for an exorcist and not a mental hospital.



    For her claiming that YR is setting them up and that mocking look that YR gave her, or her sister looking at her like "you still talking". Then she had to say I'm your little sister and in my mind " and I am only this many years". It was funny trying to win her sister affection. 


    So after her sister hits her with the DNA test SH still believes if she got angry and said no it will work out somehow, inside she is saying "I'm shameless so I'll get even louder".



    Her mother collapsed but all she can think of is herself and she believes that her sister is nice and she is family, she believes if she begged she will be forgiven because they are family, they were family when she did what she did to HN,JH and EA the woman who raised her niece or it only works that way for her benefit.


    She goes to her sister house with JE and the father go with her too, she is now on the outside and I remember the time JH and her husband came to visit and she asked to go back as if she is the queen of this kingdom and when YR laughed at her for calling it her house. She has no class screaming like that outside, then for the first time her husband act like he supposed to and asks her to have some shame and stop.


    She has the victim mentality and still blaming others, she claims her only mistake that she embezzled money because she was threatened by YR who is in parol and with one phone call could go to prison, make up a better lie.


    "Own up to your mistake and go to jail" it is all that her sister is asking her to do, she thinks just because she went down on her knees and said she deserves to be killed and punished that her sister will break down in tears and say that what I was waiting for you to say! I forgave you dream crazy lady.


    SH dare to ask her sister not to be harsh on them, SH doesn't give up yet she thinks to herself "I didn't lose yet I still have one last move", but JH hit her with the fact that JE doesn't deserve to be a mother so dream.


    The moment she realized it is over and there is nothing could move her sister's heart.



    Then she blames DJ because JE married to him, even if he didn't JH was already living under the same roof as HN, the only reason her sister met with DG dad was her, she is the one who introduced them so after all it's not everyone else's fault. It is hers.



    Her conclusion is that she and JE are victims of their circumstances, she married an incompetent man that's why she did what she did. What about JH, she made herself by herself she didn't sit around and blamed her luck, her life was not affected by losing her child and her husband, it pushed her to move forward and to fight so she could reunite with her daughter. Even after she thought she had lost her she didn't lose hope.










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  6. 2 minutes ago, stroppyse said:

    DG: Remove your filthy hands. (leaves)

    :joy: , He did great. If he was enough for her should have come clean to him and asked him for help instead of doing more bad things, but she only loves herself and the idea of DG loving her, living with the mentality of the 6 years old girl even after 20 and with the all the love she received from her family, it was not about SJ it was about her being a pure evil.

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  7. I really hoped for a bigger reveal, for JH to tell HN beforehand that she is her mother and about everything SH and JE did, instead of EA dragging her to her mother house and for her to be the last person to find out about the truth, then invite her to the family gathering and then to tell her family she has big news, then HN knocks at the door and she enters and then her mother introduced her to the family as SJ and then she expose her sister and niece. It is really unfair for HN to be clueless to the last moment and maybe she will find out too late about her aunt and cousin evil deeds. What if one of them did something out of despite now that they lost everything.

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  8. 8 minutes ago, stroppyse said:

    I don't see why JH doesn't just reveal it. Especially since she's seen for herself how JE and SH harass HN.

    I love to see JH toying with SH and JE before she cast them away from the family and expose them.  Where is the fun in revealing the truth is both of them feel no remorse or even sorry, they keep taking out their anger on HN even though they are the ones at fault? So as long they are not coming clean or at least ashamed of what they did or doing, then JH has to make them dig their own graves even deeper. So as long JH knows that HN is SJ I'm willing to wait just to see the mother and daughter signing their own death certificate.

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  9. Are they for real?, after everything they have done to a family member and worst thing ever, JE dares to ask this question? and her mother sighs and wonder what can she do she has to worry about herself. What about her family? your sister and your niece and your mother and EA who you hurt badly. They are concerned about the one person no one cares about and we hope she gets more punishment for what she did to EA and HN. But it seems "birds of a feather flock together".



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  10. 28 minutes ago, selen4ever said:

    - HN asks her about it. JE tells her it is non of her business. 

    When will she learn to stay out of JE business does she need JE to school her on that.

    28 minutes ago, selen4ever said:

    But she reassures her and her husband that she knows what she is doing.

    SH is funny

    28 minutes ago, selen4ever said:

    SH accuses her of things but HN will not give the building back. SH slaps HN and JH sees it.

    Does HN know something we don't?

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