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  1. When I read the plot of this drama this part about SM " Meanwhile, Sang-Won (Yoon Sun-Woo) is a chef and the younger brother of Sang-Mi. Due to his painful memory of being dumped by the woman he loved, his personality seems to have become cold. He actually still has a warm heart. "


     He was never cold to anyone but more of distant, the first time he met GH at the book store he talked to her first when she commented about his book, he helped YR with a smile and he was nice to everyone and never cold. So this was a little bit disappointing I wanted to see how will GH melt his heart but it seems she did the first time they met.


    In this episode I wished if GH mother-in-law went to her GH when her mother was there instead of her parent house, at least she would have gotten some beaten and sweet YR wouldn't be disappointed.

    JH said all right things to GH to get him a divorce but GH is too smart to be played, but now that things wouldn't go his way we will see the actual face of JH.


    GJ finally got her big break, I hope she becomes a big star, we only saw SW briefly. It seems this week episodes would put the last nail in the coffin, but we worry about YR and what will happen to him, he suffered a lot and was let down a lot and when finally he found a real family with a mother and a father and grandparent he will lose all that overnight.


    I really hope is the divorce happened that GH and SW could get married first but I know it is only a dream because the evil couple has to stand on there way before they get their happy ending in the last episode.

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  2. I like the fact that GH knows everything about SW family so nothing will come as a surprise to her or make her change her mind, when she falls for SW she knows exactly who he is, the problem is with her family I don't think anyone knows about SW and SM relationship, I hope they all do before SW and GH story begins.

    I love her thug sister and her sweet brother, my favorite part of the drama today is this



    When she broke down she made me tear, she doesn't want to lose YR but if JH adopted him legally she could lose him too if they got divorced because he is in his family registry. It was a sad episode.

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  3.  Finally the leech is leeching from the people that she is supposed o leech of, but I respect the fact that she didn't go to JH but her step-son, I really love the aunt and she will be great with YR if they met, SM father is a businessman it is not about his children as he claimed. GH mother was great giving SM that envelop was hilarious even though she knows the SM comes from rich family, but SM mother was disgusting thinking money could solve anything who does she think she is Tobias from "The Amazing World of Gumball", YR future is in danger from the ending and the preview, the poor boy might be scarred for life.

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  4.  This episode was nice we saw two teams in SM family team with SM ( mom and soon dad and the uncle)) and team against SM ( SW and his sweet aunt). GH thinking of YR even in a time where she is in pain is sweet she is a true mother.


    Why wouldn't he, it is something any decent human being will feel towards a homewrecker



    I hope the next episode it would be as great as it's preview. I loved the preview especially the leech getting what she deserves.


    GH thinks exactly as I thought of JH, he wants things to work for him without actually doing anything, he wants SM to break the news to GH, he wants for GH to break the marriage and to be the guy who made a mistake and he had to let her go, him marrying SM right away after the divorce will be proof. His brother should teach him a lesson now that things are out in the open.

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  5. 1 hour ago, dramaninja said:

    1. SM mom is putting a freeze on JH work life 

    2.GH found out about the baby

    3.GH telling off SM telling her what she really like


    1- Already SM father told him he is going to ruin him so he would never show his face in the business, so it was expected and it would be turned once he bows to SM. So I couldn't care less.

    2- It was a matter of time so I kinda of expected it from yesterday preview. So it was not a big deal.

    3- I didn't see it that much of a big deal since SM hurt her more with the baby news so that was worse for GH and a big point for SM.


    But still these things were not major in my prescriptive to be a great development it just some pieces fall in their right places like for 1&2, but we see things differently. For me I want to see GH family reaction, will they tell her to get divorced or to stay with JH even with the baby, especially with GH mother story about her friend's daughter. Will she chose to save face or her daughter dignity


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  6. Nothing much developed on this episode, GH mother-in-law thinks SM could be intimidated but she is the only one who will be put on a corner and be taught a lesson how to be grateful and thankful to have someone like GH, GH family tolerate her because of JH, SM family will walk all over her since no one likes JH to begin with and they have - 0.0001 respect towards him to begin with.

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  7. Everything about GH is gentle she is the real definition of a fair lady, even the way she slaps, cries and talks, telling SW that just because SM is your sister doesn't make you the bad guy.


    I hope the writers wouldn't drag the divorce for another week, just be over with it. I hope GH demands big alimony, the apartment and thinks of YR future. Everything JH achieved was because she was his rock. He wouldn't be where he is today if wasn't for her support and hard work, I hope her relationship with her soon to be ex-brother-in-law remains the same. He is a good guy.


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  8. 1 hour ago, Ldy Gmerm said:

    The affair will come out as will the knowledge that SM is pregnant. I bet SM plans to tell his mother about the child which will prompt his mom to go and harass GH to give up JH. His mom will not hesitate to pour salt in the would about GH not being able to continue the blood line regardless of how much she loved and took care of JH and was nice to her. Both of them will want SM and what she stands for until SM starts to look down on them.  


    The leech already knows and she was acting like things is over between her son and GH when she hoped if she was nicer to the little boy, she was discussing her friend story on the episode before that her boyfriend broke up with her but she is sure it is not over between them, so what do they think of that with GH family (what a nerve), when GH sister said "maybe because she is pregnant but since she is your friend I guess that is not the case",  she called SM and she SM told her yes she is pregnant.

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  9.  I hope SM plan never come to play out and for GH to give her husband the divorce paper, they were together for 13 years and GH was by his side, so for him to cheat this easily is not a one time thing, I still believe that JH is running a con.


    I am only glad that GH knows that SW and SM are siblings, so when she falls for him she knows from the start what she is getting herself in. The stupid leech should leaf the house like a week ago.


    The end of the episode made me tear up and the preview showed GH seeking clarity and I hope she comes stronger, she is a mother now and YR needs his strong mother.

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  10. I think JH telling his brother SH that he is having an affair and he wants the fame and wealth over GH sacrifice to him that he sees it as love, telling nothing to SW mother but he will discuss it with SM and then breaks up with her and then tells the father that the rumors are true and gives his letter of resignation, it is because he is using everyone as pawns in his chess game he wants all of them to move and break him up with GH so he could say I tried to fix this marriage but it was over. SM to make sure that GH finds out about the affair and it is the reason why her husband quite and lost everything that he worked hard to achieve, his mother will tell GH to save her dear son future, GH will feel the pressure and give him a divorce because she felt betrail, in SM father and mother eyes he will be the one who tried to ended but their daughter hang on him, but SM mother knows JH is greedy so she might not believe it at all but still her daughter will get married to a great plastic surgeon.


    Just a thought do you think SW will go back into being a doctor just so JH doesn't take over the clinic?

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  11. It seems the ending is near, JH heard SM dad looking for someone to take over his clinic once he gets married to his daughter and greed will make JH leaves his wife for SM and not love, now that SW is sure that his sister is having an affair with GH husband he will try to reason with his trashy sister but trash only belong with a trash like JH and his mother the gold digger, his mother putting an act the GH is her beloved daughter in law and she just met her was disgusting.


    YR this sweet boy will blame himself for the divorce definitely, this boy was hurt numerous time and now with divorce, he would be the person the will get hurt the most, GH loves him and her family also so he will overcome the ain for sure, GH when she adopted him she adopted him for him not for the sake just to complete her family.


    GH is strong when she refused to change daycare and did not just say yes to her husband, I hope she finds out first about the divorce without anyone telling her and for her to have the time to think clearly and kick that cheating husband to the curb before he asks for divorce I really hope they give her that chance to see his truth instead of crying and trying to fix her marriage, I want her to have the attitude of " Don't let the door hit you on your way out".

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  12. Him being angry is about SW finding who his wife is and his misplaced anger toward the little child was horrible showed what a lowlife he is, I hope he doesn't use the sweet little boy as a reason for divorce, GH is mama bear and she will protect that sweet boy.

    His mother is disgusting, she was upset when her son carried the sick girl because she is planning to cut ties but she still leeching off them and got the nerves to ask GH to cook for her to distract her from the husband not being home, she finds out he is home and she is not happy with it?

    I hope SM remember what she told her brother about her love and it is her business when he falls for GH, I hope she minds her own business and doesn't do anything to ruin things for them.

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  13. 3 hours ago, Ldy Gmerm said:

     Eventually his mother will meet Sang Mi and tell how his wife has a problem conceiving. Sang Mi will this as her ticket to getting him then and will expose the affair with a "suppose" pregnancy .



    She already knows that because her father told about the wife trouble conceiving, that's why she was surprised when she found out about the little boy when she overheard one of the staff mentioning that she met the doctor and his family there

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  14. 8 hours ago, Takingthehighroad said:

    I hope this drama doesn't drag this affair thing out for 50 or so episodes


    I hope that too if the homewrecker mom and his mother know now then at least the next 5-10 episode should be more than enough, but I really hope his mother get out of the way so GH could start fresh because if she met the mistress mother she will do anything to come between GH and her new life.

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  15. 2 hours ago, Sota Baka said:

    Mrs Cheater will probably get KU by the blackmailing guy and pin it on MrCheater ... her brother will end up proving GH was fertile :)


    He is a doctor so for him not to get tested is stupid and she went through treatment to get pregnant and for her doctors to miss that is stupid too because they need to test the husband too, so the possibility for her to be infertile is high but definitely her husband is fertile or he would be the worst doctor.

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