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  1. I agreed with you at the beginning but after watching todays episode 18 Raw, I think she has the right to misunderstand him, he brought trouble and more complications to her life. Whenever he gets involved things get worse for her so he has to deal with it if he is going to insert himself into her life
  2. What is SoDam story? and Why Se-Hyun only appears like Batman and not like Bruce Wayne?. But he seems to be the kind of a person who holds a grudge for long!. Ms.Choi is he really running the company or he just hangs around?. Yoon-Tae the son-in-law is stupid, his assistant tried to record so he placed the phone in front of him and he asked him about his remarks so it could be used as a reference, the way Yoon-Tae acted made me wonder if he is dumb couldn't he just hit the pause instead of acting up like I don't know what to do. My favorite scenes from today episode are all Ms.Hong, she spent the day worrying and running and acting as a refined woman and she is nothing more than a thug and low class. It was great seeing her getting some exercise done today instead of planning how to stab her boss in the back.
  3. He is not only innocent but very involved in her life way too fast, him waving happily like that makes you wonder if he that pure or he is just deeply in love. Since the day she dragged SoYu in one hand and carried her stuff in the other hand, I started calling her the hooligan whenever I see her. She shows her horror and then her hooligan intimidate her and then she acts all nice, You know what to do wink wink. The father is torn between two women but he will never hesitate to choose MiRa. SoDam what did you do exactly? The preview was a great one can't wait for few hours to see it without a sub. Neeeeehahahaha. Ms. Hong taking an extreme measurement to explain to her son WoW.
  4. This little angel deserves better, both her parent is over 30 I presume so for them to act like a couple of teenagers, where one of them is doing nothing but posting his Instagram pictures and the other one is making a living and then never holds the child and then they both run around trying to figure things out is dump. "I'm saying this innocently and there nothing behind it face", Ms. Hong always makes that face when she wants to act as if she just mentioning something that is a common knowledge and the tone of her voice changes with that face, she has many tones of voice that she use it with people, She talks respectfully with Ms. .Choi (and the people in higher up) and acts as if she is his right hand, one she uses to take to her son and the people she wants to win over like Seo-Joon and the announcer Ji-Yoon, one for her enemies and the people she looks down upon and the last one is for her people the minions and the hooligans. Doing this is unfair and I don't like it, when there is something so weird and I can't put my finger on it I hate it, what is going on?
  5. I think Ms. Hong never met the Eun sister before because her son was staying with his grandmother when they met. She hates the So-Yoo because she thinks her son deserves better, so instead of coming off as a bad person she makes So-Yoo into a golddigger, so her son wouldn't look at her and she wouldn't lose him. Ms. Hong is not the kind of a person feels shame at all, she is a snake that puts out her poison and just wait for the result. But I do think that So-Dam likes Se-Hyun because her no is for someone who has hopes and not someone who knows the misdeed of Ms. Hong.
  6. I mean the 2nd lead Hong and not the idol that is normal for girls to have a crush on an idol, but the question was about the second lead
  7. What a hooligan minion that Ms. Hong have and orders around. and the best father award goes to, oh yah no one in this show deserves the award, but the worst father award goes to definitely to Mr.Choi, for acting all cute and sweet and nice toward everyone but his daughters. If his father saw this he will drop dead on the spot.
  8. Do you mean her half-sister? SeoHyung? She has a crush on him I think. Sometimes it makes me wonder if it's her child and they adopted her, but they would have adopted a boy because of the Mr.Choi who seems to care only for his son. I started to get more suspicious especially after the aunt was asking about her food whether she is breastfed or a formula, but again how come no one in her family knows that she was pregnant or breastfeeding if she was. But maybe they used her egg to have the baby or it might be just that she really is attached and love the baby.
  9. Director. Choi trust her and believes in her blindly and that is weird, he cares more about the company and his only son, so he will do anything for both but nothing for his daughters
  10. Who?? I agree the way her dad treats her is disgusting, telling her to stop pretending that she is busy when she is holding a sick crying child was nasty.
  11. This idiot SeoJun is again writing a novel and Ms.Hong is planning big and no one is there to stop her and SoYu fearing her for no reason is stupid. I found this part funny
  12. The Eun sister dad, what a loser, I really expected from him as much as the best friend but noooooooooooooooooooooo, it was the cost of a meal in a restaurant I presume. What a loser Even though it was by accident but her plan backed fired on her I couldn't stop smiling, the all mighty Ms. Hong lost this round and by accident. It serves her right. Now it is her sons future at the stake, but then she comes back?. I'm really hatting her Even more. The Choi-SH I don't get her does she love her brother or it is about keeping appearance. I want her to make this face in every episode. .
  13. One of two: His wife trust him so much or she knows he wouldn't dare to cheat. or who lets her husband with a much an attractive young woman alone? I know now why the 2nd daughter was treated like trash by her own father no wonder her husband is like this to her. Both Choi husbands are idiots especially the idol he is so stupid, he just got himself in trouble. They can't give us one decent rich family if the husband is good his wife is awful if he is bad he is either bad as him or insecure whether he is a father or a brother/*in-law. I think only in poor families they both will be decent! The actress is immature but I will love it if Mi-Ri was actually really in love with Mr.Choi and she helped him to change into a human being and not only to be nice to his son. The Eun sisters dad is a trash and he deserves to be hit by a lightning every day, the ending was weird
  14. The Choi father is a big-time idiot!. Can't he read people and he has been doing business Is he the same boy from "What happned to secretary Kim" and "The beauty inside"?
  15. The father is a weird one, he has two daughters that he treats badly, a girlfriend that he hides and he is so sad for losing a woman who wants to steal his company and he trusts her so much that he breaks down over her. We feel awful over little things and people like Ms.Hongs plan to swallow a company that it doesn't belong to her?. If she so talented she should have started her own company! I'm still not a big fan of the plot. The family eating together was nice but I wonder if it was because of the announcer being their guest so they had to keep appearance. Seo Jun will end up writing his own novel about So Yu hard life "The tale of the luggage girl misery", I really thought he will imagen weird things like her in a club and being pulled by the hand by an old man offering her a drink, or being on a table waiting for her organ to be harvest but they didn't do that. I don't mind evil characters when they are openly evil, the ones I can't stand are the ones that even their own family are tricked by them, they pretend to be good until they gain the upper hand, that's when they show their true color. His mather told him to love but she will intervene behind the curtain, Seo Jun is really getting ahead of himself. I'm really enjoying the drama it feels fresh and new, I wonder if there is a hidden birth secret?
  16. SJ is weird is he planning to drag SY back to work for his awful sister SH again?. The brother-in-law YT is scared of his father-in-law yet he treats his wife like a dirt no wonder after the way her father is treating her like daughter-in-law he hates I really thought she was his daughter-in-law and not his daughter up until episode 5. I really thought that SY and SeHy were dating when she said he asked her not to tell his mother, SoDam has a one-sided love. SJ is stupid and he is bored as SY said.
  17. I'm I imagining things or does he make this face whenever he is planning trouble. That woman Hong is manipulative and the son-in-law is stupid he should have gone straight to his father-in-law instead of blackmailing her. I really like the lead girl but the plot is making me hate her because she will pretend to love him before actually loving him. The second lead guy is more of the additional cast than a second lead he only appears when there is trouble. If he didn't appear it wouldn't affect the drama like the second lead girl she didn't appear so it wasn't important.
  18. I think they will be for now from what I saw + the lead father girlfriend the actress but she was not added yet to the cast on the wiki
  19. So he by himself makes his own sting operation and then when his job is done and he wants to leave, then police actually do their job and they ask him to come by but he never goes there, she is not allowed to leave until he comes but he never does but then she leaves with no explanation how she could leave without filling a report against her or what happened on the next day or her mother, I find this show confusing how it is blackmailing if she asks for compensation because he gave away things that she is responsible for. This show has a lot of idiots and immature and cunning people. The 2lead mother is acting in front of everyone but the ones who work in the dark for her.
  20. Is he an idiot? how will she take the pictures if she was never there, to begin with?
  21. I was watching this part where he let go the Jack Sparrow look, things were serious until it took a funny turn for me.
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