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  1. I hope I'm not getting ahead of myself if SW told GH that his sister is behind it to fast forward the divorces process, I hope GH keeps her promise the more SM get involved the more GH  drags the divorce long, she used YR so she was practically asking for that, I hope is explode on her face and JH for sure will not be so fast to ask for divorce now that GH family is singing SW praises.


    A the beginning of the show I was sad, when I saw the father dressed up as a waiter my mode shifted and I laughed, then when SM got involved I got angry, and when that toyboy did something no one asked him to do " I think he told them that YR run off once when GH mother tried to send him back"  I was furious. If he put the half detection he does to ruin a child life in finding a real job, he would have been a decent human being, but he is a leech and once SM is done with him he will for sure result to blackmailing I hope he ends up homeless.

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  2. SM is not a hero or anything cleaning up your own mess that is logical thing to do that was my initial thinking but then she used her toyboy to do her dirty work, I hope she get caught by SW before GH divorces JH so GH could drag it longer, now I don't care if she stayed married to him for a year and then she kicked him to the kerb.


    GD deserves a loyal woman so the receptionist or the doctor will suite him will because they both are nice but I'm rooting for his sister friend SoRa because she is adorable and romantic, she will light his life.


    That actor is annoying he kept on pushing her to tell him and hints as if there is something more between them, he is the kind of person who starts a rumor he has a smug face that makes me angry but he got caught in the act and I hope she gets sweet revenge on him.


    Both sisters will have a hard time being with the person they like because of that person sibling, but the confession was cute with SH being tall and him crying like baby.


    When GH said " I want time to go faster", we all want the time to go faster not only you but what can we do the writers have to fill up 120 episode.

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  3. This made my heart sink, GH is great mother and not all families have two parent, YR will lose his trust on adults if he lost GH. GH is not alone she has her family to help with YR.



    SM deserves to be hit by the lightning and for anyone not to see that she is behind it deserves to get hit with her too so they could wake-up. Even her mother saw she went too far, I hope her mother comes clean about her daughter not being pregnant any more since she hates JH and his mother, this is a great opportunity not to be an in-law with them.


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  4. What happened to her was unfortunate but I couldn't feel bad or sorry for SM, it is horrible that she lost her baby. I hope what she is planning to do has nothing to do with YR, because if she did come between him and GH she will be in bad position, because GH have already told her if she intervened she will drag divorce longer, then SM will be exposed when her tummy doesn't show.


    JH had a family meeting before the divorce and he is jealous of SW having lunch with GH family. Oh really man!? . I hope he doesn't question GH about it saying "I'm still your husband" after what he did that will be low and stupid.


    I thought this drama is about new beginning but it seems is about staying in toxic marriage.



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  5. 7 hours ago, nohamahamoud2002 said:

    , I don't see her interact enough with her sister, that's why I sort of feel she is a bit selfish,


    They don't have the time for that now, before the trouble they use to meet and visit each other and so on, now that they both are busy and the sister will not go to her sister's house anymore so they only can see each other at their parent house or the salon. She cares for her sister very great deal that she threaten SM if she ever saw her again around her sister building she is going to smash her car. She just got the lead in a new drama so she leaves the house early and comeback late and GH also has a new job and YR to look after.

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  6. Kudos to GD, this brother has his sisters back, SM lost big time in front of GH. She thought :lol: she will win this round but she lost big time. GH mother is like a little kid who knows something or think they know something big and giggle, again she is getting ahead of herself.


    That spy is the worst, he is dirty so he thinks every one is tainted as him and SM, GH and SW were talking sweetly because they knew each other. I hope GH family finds out about SW before he and GH start their relationship, because I hate that dance "you're a great guy and you helped us a lot"  to  "you're our enemy and the apple doesn't fall far from the tree so I hate you now".

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  7. Good brothers like GD are very rare in K-drama like in "My healing Love" and this one, also good sisters like GJ who aren't a pain on the neck, SM now knows first hand how does it feel to be betrayed by the one person that you suppose to trust. JH romanticizing about the past he threw away is disgusting but it is weird he didn't have any altercation with SW like he always does when he gets involved with GH or YR.


    I want the three months to pass fast-forward and not to be dragged more, I want the last scene of this week episode to be GH and JH parting their way in front of the court stairway and the next week episode GH on her way to work with SW.


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  8. In the preview that guy was a creep, I always felt weird how nice he is to her from day one and it was like too much, I was watching over the assistant waiting for a look "run for you life" during the interview. I was waiting for her to talk to her in private and when she didn't I said to myslef not to suspect him, but the more I see him hovering around her the more uncomfortable I felt.:scream:

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  9. 7 hours ago, GuimHui said:

    In all of the promotional photos for this series that include YR, he is always with JH or sitting in JH's lap. Tbh, I think the bio father is actually JH. The bio mother was probably SW's ex. Sang Mi wasn't the first time he cheated on Guem Hui- first time was probably a one night stand or something  


    After you mentioned this I started to think of the worst, what if he adopted YR and after SM loses the child SM will fear he will go back to GH so she will demand that for YR to come and live with them since JH is legally his dad.


    I'm glad that GH will demand her legal rights from JH after the divorce, she thought about YR and she is entitled to everything she is asking for since she is the one who made him into the accomplished man he is today, without her he wouldn't be where he is today.


    Today I wanted so badly to break the neck of that jobless dud and strangle GH mother for intervening in GH life. if GH mother laid in her bed and tied her head I wouldn't complain like I did when GD told her he did not pass the exam and she just did that.

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  10. 6 hours ago, nohamahamoud2002 said:

    I find this a bit odd, regarding that her family were not rich initially. I remember they said they were poor, and her father was a self-made man. :blink: this means she didn't have everything she wants, except later on, when her father became a known doctor. 


    The mother comes from a rich family and married a competent poor man so SM decided why not just do the same.


    GH mother is more and more getting on my nerves but it is a good thing she finds out now in the preview, I hope she doesn't let back JH mother to her home again. I was very disgusted by her GH mother when she was asking YR and when she was happy aout the dinner and when she was nice to JH mother.


    :thumbsup:  GD is the best brother, he saw first hand how his friend suffered because of her cheating boyfriend so why will he allow his sister to go through that, just keep your creepy mother mother away from your friend, she is shooting hearts from her eyes.

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  11. I really hate how the mother wants her daughter to be with her cheating husband because her daughter is 40 years old woman, she can't get pregnant, with no job so in her eyes wining her competent husband back is way better then being single mother for life, what man will wants a woman with GH treats, she has nothing to show off for she is only a burden.


    I feel the father wants to support GH no matter what it her choice.


    GJ wants her sister not to get divorced because she thinks JH and SM do not deserve to be happy while her sister is miserable so they all should be miserable together at least JH and SM can't be together.


    GD thinks his sister should leave that intoxicated environment immediately, so he is agreeing to the divorce and thinks of GH happiness only, what a good brother.


    SM caught her lover cheating on her with his wife and now she knows how it feels whenever she was with JH and he lied to GH about being at work while he is with her and she is making fun of GH it is taste of her own medicine. But JH was stupid to lie to her did it not cross his mind she could ask her dad.


    JH won, he got everything he wanted. the money and the fame and what her never expected as a bonus a child.


    SW became a supporting actor these last couple episodes.

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