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  1. Mi-Ri assistant is so stupid. SJ sister for the first time she does something good while she is bulldozing but SY will ruin everything as usual and cave in and let Ms. Hong getaway, SH was very rude in SJ office. Ms. Hong acting adorable burned my eyes it was cringy. I saw her with her minions and paused for a second in horror and that sound she made. Then with her son was the worst.


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  2. 6 hours ago, Pam_Van Fossen said:

    Is anyone else upset about SY's husbands ex-wife showing up and making her daughter steal SY's credit card?

    It because she is an idiot, she has a card so she could take as much money she can, rent a place move out, then send the divorce paper to her incompetent husband, who needs her but doesn't treat her well calling his thief daughter adorable for stealing and his ex deserves an alimony from his wife and she won him YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAk, then she should find any job and leave everyone behind, the man who brought her to this life because he wanted a son and cheated on his poor wife and blames her for it because he can't blame SJ for being born because his mother died to give him the son he wanted or the woman he cheated with because she killed herself, so she was the only outlet for his anger, the aunt who wants her there for her revenge and asking her to stay there and live with the disrespect and the humiliation to avenge her sister, did she stop and think for a second what will her sister want? it's your revenge and your niece is not helping you in anything, so achieve it yourself, or for the brother and the sister ho treat her casually?

    Why is she even there?

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  3. 5 hours ago, marrez1 said:

    but the collaborator in the last episode saw that SY was spilled over the drink, the camera showed us his face as it was important I wonder if there will be a point in her defense or if someone come to investigate, will be decisive, I'm wrong maybe

    Yah, I hope so not as they did with the tumbler and the note she wrote for SH when he dragged her to a hotel and the next morning she made him something for his hungover but his mom took it and threw it in her office trash pin, then they showed us the note perfectly with tumbler scene and made us assume SH gonna see it.

    SY just standing there taking all that mistreatment was disgusting, Ms. Hong is driving a wedge between them and then demands SY to take responsibility?. Bulldozer is the one running around telling everyone, then she asks them not tell! really? So the little girl is a thief.




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  4. YJ, as usual, acting up, she wants SJ to love her so she puts words in his mouth. SH asking his mother for help is like asking the devil for help. The husbands YT trying to outsmart TW and fails was nice to watch, even though TW knows nothing and YT wasted his time and money and for what for nothing. Ms. Do who is she? she is not just a maid there is a story behind her. The second daughter is the only one who needs to run so far and away very fast. It's her aunts revenge not her if she doesn't want to. Bulldozer needs to focus on her life and her family and let her dad live, she tosses people around like a crazy person

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  5. A parasite called someone a leech is funny, for 17 years you were around him and he never saw you more than a friend and a little sister and now he still sees you like that and he never proposed, but for you to think Ms. Hong is trying to ruin SJ your right on the point.



    What kind of a father sets around hears what people are saying about his daughter and doesn't defend her strongly it seems he wanted to say something but he kept quiet.



    SH and SJ are now no more brothers they are rivals in love and company, but I hope SH doesn't do what he did in episode 42 when he called YJ.


    So was that SJ sister voice acting like a teenage girl?. That was hilarious.

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  6. 4 hours ago, desertflower said:

    Kyung Ji-Yoon is the perfect second lead love interest who makes you laugh without causing any concern.

    She is a brat and not like the kind who schemes but maybe she will since it is only episode 43. Have you watched them all? if yes then proceed.


    Regarding SD they already established that she is just a surrogate and the one-night stand never happened even the stupid husband had that on his mind but he brushed it off if I remember correctly since she was living in the USA and got pregnant there.

    4 hours ago, desertflower said:

     I’m thinking Seo-Hyung didn’t provide an egg and that the baby is Mo Tae Woong’s and So-Dam’s bio baby.  So-Dam’s emotional connection to the baby speaks of the latter. 

    No, he is not if they got the DNA they will find out he is not the father and he almost made a whole fuss about it if Ms.Hong didn't come up with her crazy scheme.

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  7. Godzilla taking advantage of her hight grabbing and tossing people around as she pleased. Is very annoying but today it was funny.



    Ms. Hong if she really loved her son she wouldn't have made him into an errand boy so she could gain control and give him the company, it's hard to believe she loves him, trying to look supportive mother and then going behind his back and telling SY to break up with him even though she told her they never dated and in episode 41 SH acknowledged SY feeling towards SJ and he told her that SJ is a good guy. Ms. Hong should stay away from SH life if she really cares and willing to do anything for him.



    What SH did was out of his character he stooped so low and he tried not to, but Ms. Hong DNA is running in his veins and he ended up doing something stupid. JY has a very dirty mind.

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  8. Episode 41 was a sad episode. I

    It's sad to SJ being ignored by his brother, but at the same time knowing how SH lived his life by giving up things and living under SJ shadow because his mother told him so is understandable. Now for him to find it hard to come with terms that he has to give up SY is understandable, how can he see the woman who said she will marry him and now standing by SJ side again because of his mother but this time he has no clue, I understand his anger and his sadness. I really hope things work out between all of them and they get to be friends again.


    Mi-Ri- is very nice for the Choi family, where can you find a genuine stepmother these days in Kdrama. My high light of episode 41 was the part where Mr. Choi barged in the office and said what was on my mind since day one I saw this group.


    In the preview Ms. Hong demand towards SY is unreasonable, she told him clearly what she wants he told her SJ is great. They had a clean breakup so for him to suffer is normal what she wants more from SY?

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  9. JY not feeling that she did any wrong angered SJ more than the fact that she was aiming to hurt SY, threatening that he will tell his dad was funny. She reminded me of a video on funny notes that kids wrote where a child apologize to his classmate for throwing a scissor on him by accident because he was aiming to hit another classmate with it.



    Ms. Hong doing damage control running around it seems she is the one who is working for SY and not the other way around, bulldozer screaming and throwing a fit it seems as if she is going to turn to Godzilla, so Ms. Hong knows how to calm her down like a child who his mother knows how to make him stop before throwing a tantrum.



    SJ trying to reconcile SH and SY is mission impossible since SH mother is the person who has all control if she paid as much attention to her son actual needs instead of what she thinks he needs his life wouldn't be a mess. SJ and the Eun sister mother seems more of as friends, but as usual, his dad comes in and ruins this friendship.





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  10. 7 hours ago, Takingthehighroad said:

    Sorry to cut your post. 

    First, you cut down any post for the parts you need as you please.

    7 hours ago, Takingthehighroad said:

    a rooster is a chicken, right? Or are hens the only chickens? So when we say fried chicken does that mean fried hen or fried rooster or both?

    Second, from what I know only females chicken are eaten because their meat is not hard or thick as the meat in the male, the roosters they are kept around for breeding. 

  11. The way SY eats is annoying, she took a good bit then she started nibbling, if she doesn't want to eat just film her back, it annoys me seeing her being so cautious around food, just eat and consider it your lunch or dinner for that day. She kept on chewing the same piece like forever. That piece of chicken remains on the plat whishing if she was never been slaughtered for the sake of people who do not appreciate her sacrifice, rest in peace piece of chicken you have died in vain.


    SY said a lot of stupid things that even SJ knew she wasn't being sincere and he chose his friendship over her,  but she did the right thing asking SH to move on. Actually, I really feel sorry for SH, nothing in his life was his choice but SY. His mother planned everything for him even his friendship with SJ was his mother plan, working in the company and getting a promotion. Every aspect of his life is planned the only thing that he actually earned was SY friendship and love, that kept him going and made him happy and now he has to give her up to SJ like he always did I presume. I'm sure his mother made him a servant for SJ and not a friend, seeing him devastated like that makes me for sorry for him.


    I think he believes he lost his mother to SJ and not that his mother is trying to give him everything that belongs to SJ and she thinks what is she doing the best for her son not knowing she is actually hurting him. Ms. Hong has no right getting all worked up over her son being devastated it what she did to him made him that way, searching for real love and affection that he never got from his mother and not money and power that he never wanted. When she found out why he was like that she didn't care about his feelings, she only cares about how will he look at her if he found her truth.



    Ms. Hong wanting to know what  Ms.Ko did with her money or who she gave it to is none of her business, but for her to meet her match is a good thing, someone who hates her as much as the hate she is spreading is great, but for Ms. KO to revile herself early in the game is not great or a smart move, if she just waited a little bit it would have been better. Sk husband will regret treating her like this if her aunt gave her everything, he acts as if he is the perfect husband and all he is is a piece of garbage.




    Mi-Ri deserves better she could find someone her age or younger with money and no stupid family and who will love her, she is the whole package. SJ wouldn't mind if his remarried and Bulldozer is now all grown up and lives with her husband and child, so for her to let her dad live a lonely life is unfair.




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  12. 1 hour ago, dramaninja said:

    Can we please talk about this idiot throwing some hot soup? SJ had to to protect SY from getting burned by it. :angry:


    I don't know what degree of burn she might have caused him, but what she did should keep her away from him if she has some sense. But she will never feel any sort of guilt because her main target was SY, so it is friendly fire. life goes on.

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  13. 1 hour ago, glacee said:

    Also she is a pretty dumb character. She can do anything to help her mom.  she can stoop so low as to sell her soul to the witch lady then she could have swallowed her pride and ask to borrow money from Seo Joon.  Her pride keeps her from borrowing from Seo Joon but her pride is OK with making a deal with the devil.  LOL, makes sense.

    For her SJ never liked JY and the only reason he is getting engaged to her t because he knows how desperately YS needs this job to save her mom, 5000$ a month for her mothers treatment is not easy to come by just by doing a part-time job, she already told SJ that she wants to make drama with him and he knows money is important to her so he might not get hurt that much, SY after Ms. Hong offer is sure that she will never agree or accept her to marry SH, so taking the offer to ruin the engagement and not seducing SJ will only hurt her and SH since SJ acknowledge that SY and SH belong together. So for her to take the money will save her mothers life and that is her priority, SJ wouldn't marry JY to save her job and SH will never find out what a terrible human his mother is, she is the one who will suffer the most.

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  14. SY already told Ms. Hong she is not going to seduce him but she will stop the engagement to go through. I don't understand the secrecy of buying SY new outfits from SH if she told her son that SJ asked her to take SY shopping that will make them drift apart, what's wrong with it for her to keep a distance and for her minions to act suspicious while escorting SY will only draw attention. It stupid the whole buying cloth as stupid every piece as uglier than the one before it or after it.


    So SD finally doing something, JY is so clingy asking people if SJ likes when she actually knows he doesn't.

  15. For Ms. Hong to be choked for what YS said was like a thief reaction for being called a thief, or maybe it was because she was already hiding that side of her and to be told that was crossing the red line then she has no right since she crossed all the lines first. But now SY will never doubt who Ms. Hong is or her actual nature because she knows now what is she capable of doing to win it all, but what SY planning to do is not as bad compared to what she was asked to do.


    I was eating a crumble strawberry bun while watching the following scene I cut it to the parts that made it so sweet, watching everything from the moment SY called SH to the part Ms. Hong made the phone call was amusing especially how she was hiding like the filthy rat that she actually is.



    Mi-Ri deserves better and for the brother-in-law to use his sister-in-law crazy Godzilla mode is gonna bite him one day I hope so, she always runs off without taking a minute to think about it, her daughter is more of a handbag she needed to have and never wanted to look after or care about. Today I know for sure that SY was planning a future with SH but it wasn't clear for her. They had a lovely moment that I totally forgot that SJ only appeared at the end of the episode for one minute I just remembered while writing the last part.


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  16. Ms. Hong is running her office like a gangster group! All her minions look like thugs and act like one too, from matchmaking to tailing there is nothing they won't do, where did she find this group of misfits. All the minion act exactly like her who loves to sit on her chair and act copy her in everything she does. As if she has her own mini Hong running around.




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  17. When I watched the preview of episode 34 of Ms. Hong I was thinking to myself what a stupid move of her to drag YS and make kneel in front of SJ and then his whole family, then when I watched the episode I was starting to think what an evil woman, she wanted to play the righteous and a hero in front of them. But the way SY looked at her was like what are you doing?



    Then I started to find how things went against her plan, she wanted to get SY fired and to ruin the engagement and to keep SY away from SH and she planned that for days and then destiny had other plans since her plan backfired on her without even knowing SJ gave a call to SH to ask him to look after SY ( a lot of s-s in this show). See destiny plans smoothly it gives the chance for things to fall into its right place perfectly and without effort, while Ms. Hong plans always fails. Now SJ has to be engaged to save SY job so what did she do exactly with her minions in the war room?

    Mi-Ri oh Mi-Ri you did a good job, you deserve to get your happy ending more than anyone "You go girl". Now I really think the real plot where SY pretend to like SJ to save her mother is starting and I hate that. But SY always feels anxious in front of Ms. Hong, she is always tense but now I hope she knows for sure who is Ms. Hong for real for what she is about to ask her to do for money, Ms Hong treats SY as a gold digger even though she knows the real story, the real gold digger and the thief is no one but her.



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  18. So-Dumb needs to move on since she has no legal ground, Mi-Ri snapping off on the two adultresses was cute especially calling SY orphan candy and her manager correcting her, the Eun father is selfish good for nothing, I think his mistress had daddies issue to have an affair with someone like him!

    For SH to be insulted and humiliated like this by someone like YT is his mother fault for interfering with his job just to match SJ and SY,  for her to play the worried mother is disgusting.

    The maid is weird but what it is her agenda?.


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